Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cat

Cat trees have been a part of any cat owner’s indoors for decades. Most cat owners recognize the importance of this cat furniture. However, due to some strange reason, some people think that cat trees are a gimmick. In this article I will bust this myth. If you choose the right cat tree for your felines, then their lives will be greatly improved.

Some cat owners who don’t have lots of experience owning cats buy their cat trees from the local pet store. That is a big mistake. Usually, those stores don’t have a variety of products that will comfortably accommodate your big cats. They are usually built from a cheap cat tree material, don’t offer enough sturdiness and the carpet looks pretty ugly.

It is the reason why the majority of cat owners who decide to buy their cat furniture from these non-supplied stores, decide to set up their trees in any room other than the living room. That is a huge mistake. Felines love to “show off” their jumping, climbing or even scratching skills in front of people and your pets at home. What would the point of placing the cat tree in the bedroom be?

First of all, your cats will reject using it. Then they will continue to scratch and destroy your luxurious rugs and curtains. After that, you’ll bring them to the veterinarian because you think they have some severe behavioral issues. All of that could be solved just by purchasing the adequate cat tree for the needs of the felines, and placing it in the living room.

The importance of a cat tree is utmost. It can mean the difference between cats given up to adoption, to feline family that lives in harmony. Let me bring up the top 5 reasons why you should purchase a cat tree for your cats.

Reason 1 : Cat Tree Satisfies Cat’s Their Primal Instincts

Cat Tree Satisfies Cat's Their Primal Instincts

Back in the days, cats weren’t meant to be domestic creatures. They were surviving and thriving in the wild. It was up to them whether they would survive, or die. The cat’s evolutionary process takes millions of years before there would be some noticing differences.

So, the cats we love and shelter today, still have their feral instincts in them. If they don’t jump, climb, scratch or hunt, then they won’t feel completely full and satisfied.

This is something that cat owners simply don’t understand. They think that every time their cat scratches on the wall, there is a big behavioral issue concerning it. The sad thing here is that it the number one factor they are betrayed by their owners and given to adoption.

But, beneath the surface it is their owner’s problem for not knowing the simple thing that every domestic cat feels the urge to perform it’s primal instincts on daily basis.

A simple cat tree that has a scratching post, big perches, wide platforms, hanging toy mice and stable platform is everything a cat needs!

They don’t need anything deluxe or fancy. They will be able to jump on the platforms, climb up the perches, scrape on the sisal rope scratching posts, and “hunt” the hanging toy mice. This is how important an affordable cat tree really is.

Reason 2 : Cats Need Vertical Territory Too

kitten in tree

Cats aren’t creatures that can thrive and constantly live on the ground. Back in time, feral cats climbed natural and real trees. Up there, they could hunt some birds, eat worms or sleep on the cozy branches.

However, the most important thing is that they feel much safer and comfortable on an elevated position. Felines can sleep comfortably there without worrying about whether they will be a target of another predator. It greatly reduces their stress and makes them live much longer.

A simple indoor, wooden cat tree that is 4ft +, can do the trick. It represents a real tree, and cats don’t really notice any difference. Keep in mind that the taller the tree, the more your cats will have opportunities to explore, climb and relax on. A branched cat tree is also recommended.

Reason 3 : Satisfies The Needs Of Multiple Cats

If your feline family counts more than one cat, then the right tree will be the answer to territorial conflicts, over the top hanging spots. Most of the times, especially if the cat tree is short, cats will have trouble sharing a window ledge without any issues.

Sometimes, even fights may break out. That is something you must avoid at all costs. It can be done by investing in the best cat tree for multiple cats. So, you have to look for certain criteria in a cat tree for numerous cats.

First of all, the tree must be high and spacious. But, that doesn’t mean that it will be enough for the needs of two cats or more. It has to offer great number of platforms, perches, scratching posts, sisal ropes to play with, condos etc. If that is satisfied, then felines will most likely share a big and adequate tree without any problem. Kitten can wind down from a long day on different platforms and perches.

Then, you must get a tree that is sturdy and tough enough to handle the weight of the cats. For that you need to look for a tree that has a wide and long base, preferably weighted.

Then, it must be constructed by high quality wood material with lots of posts. If a tree is still shaky when numerous cats jump on it, then you can support it next to the wall. If all of this is followed, then a cat tree will definitely satisfy the needs of large number of cats at the same time!

Reason 4 : It Will Be An Excellent Way To Keep Them Amused

Unique-Cat Tree

The more features a certain cat tree has, the better. So, if a tree has lots of scratching posts, amusing cylinders, IQ-boxes, hanging sisal ropes and toys, good amount of elevated cat tree hammocks or houses, then your cats will forget what boredom is. It will serve as a cat jungle that will keep your felines active the whole time.

That will keep them healthy and fit. Look at a cat tree the same as a weightlifting gym. Cats will keep their bodies strong and fit, their nails sharp and their mind clear while they are performing large amount of activities on their favorite cat tree.

If you carefully read all of these reasons, then you’ll understand why a cat tree is a must in every household that has cats in it. If you still don’t have a tree, keep this phrase in mind “Every moment waited, is a moment wasted”. While you are considering whether you should or shouldn’t get a cat tree for your felines, they will ruin your indoors and nerves.

If you ask me, it would be better to get the right type of tree, assemble it, put it in the living room, and live in harmony with your cats, creating all kinds of beautiful memories together. If the price is a problem, modern cat tree companies like ArmarKat, BestPet, Go Pet Club etc, have cat trees under $30, trees underneath $50, or trees below $100.

Also, there are extremely cheap cat trees for large cats. Not having the adequate budget is not an excuse for you to ignore all the reasons why a tree is a must for your lovely furry buddies that you share your life with.

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