Cat Tree With Ramp

Cat Tree With Ramp

Modern cat tree companies nowadays build products with wide spectrum of features. One of them are cat trees with ramp. Some cat owners criticize those type of trees mercilessly. They think that the ramp or ladder is completely useless and the felines won’t use it at all costs. I partly agree with them. Some cat trees with ramp are completely useless. The ramp isn’t placed strategically to serve a function. They are set in place mainly for decorative purposes.

To be pretty honest with you, some of the cat trees with ladders aren’t attractive at all. What would the point of placing a ramp be, if it doesn’t work like it is meant to? However, if used properly, the cat trees with ramps work great. They are mostly preferred by elderly cats, small kitten, cats with Arthritis and injured cats. It is a cat’s biological instinct to constantly jump, scratch, climb and exercise on the cat tree.

But, if the cat can’t use the tree for various reasons, it would be completely useless, no matter how deluxe, realistic or sturdy it is. Nowadays there are even floor to ceiling, XL cat trees that have built in ramps. They are used to connect multiple platforms and perches, so frail cats can freely use the cat tree.

If you already bought an expensive cat tree that does it’s job properly, there are separate ramps that you can purchase online. You can place them next to the tree, so it will function like a cat tree with ramp! I will talk about those in the text below.

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What Type Of Cats Are Ideal For Cat Tree With Ramp?

What Type Of Cats Are Ideal For Cat Tree With Ramp

In the comparison table above, I listed the top 5 cat trees with ramps available to mankind. You definitely can’t go wrong if you purchase any of them. They are not the tallest trees because they won’t be functional to the cats that they are meant to.

Can you imagine a kitten, or an older cat climbing up a 7ft, 8ft or even a 9 foot tree? There is a big safety issue there. If they fall from that height it can cause some serious injuries. The worst part would be that they will connect climbing up a cat tree with pain.

That is why it is not recommended to purchase an extremely high, 4 tier cat tree with big perches for cats who need cat trees with ramps. If you own cats that fall under the demographic category I will state below, you should purchase a cat tree with ladder as soon as possible.

  • Cats In Age – Cats in age aren’t as athletic or strong as they were in their younger days. Some of them get easily discouraged when they aren’t able to jump or climb on their favorite cat tree with large perches. They may constantly try to do the same things that they used to do, but most of the times, they will fail badly. That is why you have to step into action. It is better to spend some money on an affordable cat tree with ramp for old cats, then to watch your feline in age get depressed and discouraged on daily basis. It is time to sell the cat tree that was used by the now-old cat. You will do a favor to you and your cat.
  • Small Kitten – Young kitten aren’t able to climb or jump on a cat tree with skyscraper scratchers. As simple as that. Those type of trees are meant for big cats. If you have a kitten, you should check the dimensions in the comparison table I provided for you. You should look for a cat tree around 5 foot and 6 foot. It will be your best bet. Cat trees with ramps will feel more realistic and natural for their instincts. They will use the ramps to reach the highest point of the tree, giving them an extreme boost of confidence. This is why cat trees with ladders are created in first place. When their first came out, they were called “Confidence Boosters“. It may be somewhat a fake confidence to be able to reach the top without scratching, climbing or fighting. Nevertheless, it is perfect way for kitten to start their climbing careers without any fear.
  • Cats With Arthritis – Those type of cats suffer from large amount of pain whenever they are doing some physical activity. Avoid purchasing a tall cat tree without ramps at all costs. They won’t even think about climbing or jumping on it. It is your best bet to purchase an unique cat tree with ramp. Also, look for a realistic looking cat tree with cardboard scratcher. It will feel more natural to the cat’s paws. Adult cats or even kitten can suffer from arthritis. Most of the time you can’t do anything about it. Everything you can do is to purchase a cat tree that will ease the climbing process. Your cat will be extremely grateful for that.
  • Injured Cats – It is extremely frequent for a cat to suffer from some type of physical injury. Statistics show that cats injure their legs the most. A cat broken leg will require a healing for an extended period of time. Sometimes a surgery may be required. For the recovery process, the cat must perform some kind of activity. They will miss climbing and jumping on carpeted cat trees the most. Here is where cat trees with ramps come into play. It is a simple solution for that problem. They will continue being able to climb to the top point of the tree without any issue. Injured cats are afraid of the pets at home because they are fragile at this point. You will do your weakened furry buddy a great favor if you purchase a suitable cat tree with ladder. You don’t have to purchase the most stylish and fancy cat tree on the market in this case. I’d recommend you get a cheap cat tree that has a built-in ramp. That will do the trick!

What To Consider Before Purchasing Cat Tree With Ladder

The Cat Tree With Ramp

Just because a cat tree has a built in ramp doesn’t mean that it will function properly. Those inexpensive and cheaply made cat trees from the local pet supply store should be avoided like hell. They are most of the time extremely hollow and narrow. Even a small kitten can’t fit inside them comfortably.

To be honest with you, purchasing the right cat tree with ramp isn’t a very complicated process. I highly recommend you read this quick buying guide. It will help you spend your hard earned money on a product that will serve your and your feline’s needs and wants.

  • Look At Your Cat’s Size – If you have a big Maine Coon or a Bengal, I’d say that you won’t need a cat tree with ladder. They are cats full of energy and won’t use the help of the ladder just so they can climb up the tree. However if you have a relatively small Ragdoll kitten, I’d say that you should purchase a XL cat tree with wide platforms. This is because the kitten of this breed are small in size, but they can grow very big. If you have an adult cat who is slowly, but surely losing it’s athleticism, I’d suggest you invest in a cat tree of this type. Cat tree’s size plays a huge role in the purchasing process because if the tree is very narrow, your cat won’t be able to climb from a level to another level. If on the other side there is plenty of room, the transition will go more smoothly.
  • Multiple Ladders – There is a simple rule of thumb you can follow. The more ramps there are, the better that particular cat tree is. Some cat trees only have a ramp that connects the floor with the first platform. Your cats won’t be able to reach great heights while they use these types of trees. Cat owners frequently ask me whether more features means more price. With the constant evolving of the pet supply industry, there are extremely high quality cat trees with tons of features that come at an affordable price. You just have to search on e-Commerce sites like I buy all my pet related products, including cat trees from this site. There are lots of discounts, the prices are usually more cheap than at the local stores and you can look at a wide spectrum of products.
  • Sturdiness – This is the final, but one of the most important factors you should consider before purchasing cat tree with ramp. If you buy a cat tree for old cats, tiny kitten, injured cats or cats with Arthritis, then look for a wooden cat tree with metal fillings inside their scratching posts. This ensures toughness and sturdiness. The product’s base should be long and wide enough. A huge plus is if the base is weighted. All of the products in the comparison table above have sturdy platforms and posts, filled with metal. That is the reason why they may be heavier than normal trees. It isn’t the ramp that is heavy. It’s the added material that ensures sturdiness. If the cat tree with ramp becomes wobbly, it won’t be used by those types of cats ever again. When you are doing the assembly process, make sure that you tighten all of the nuts and bolts as tight as you can. After you do that, you should re-tighten them all each and every month. That is the secret of sturdy cat trees no one talks about.

If you followed each of those steps religiously, you can’t choose a wrong cat tree with ladder. I actually did all the testing and reviewing in the comparison table. Those are the greatest cat trees with ramp the market has yet to offer. You won’t even need to read this buying guide if you use that comparison table.

Just read the dimensions of the products, check the price and see the materials from which they are built. They are usually great for small spaces and for multiple cats. Your pets at home will love your carefully chosen cat tree.

What If I Already Purchased A Cat Tree?

cat trees with ramps after

If you just bought an expensive cat tree that you don’t want to get rid of, Paws & Pals pet supply company created elevated ladders that you can place next to a cat tree. Back in the days there weren’t products like these. If you had a cat that aged quickly, the cat tree became non-functional.

However, cats no matter what their physical abilities are, need to satisfy their instincts. Cat trees provide the perfect environment for just that. A feline family without a cat tree is missing out on so much.

So, purchasing stairs (ramp) as an add-on, the climbing issue will be somewhat fixed. After I bought the Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs, my cat with Arthritis continued using the cat tree. He didn’t feel any pain while exercising and climbing up and down the tree. That was a big sigh of relief for me.

I didn’t have to purchase a brand new cat tree with a ramp. Your cats will hardly notice the difference between those stairs and an built-in ramp or ladder. ArmarKat and Go Cat Club cat tree companies used to produce ramps and ladders as an add-on. For some strange reason, they don’t do that anymore. Maybe the cat trees with ramps are becoming more and more affordable to the average cat owner that there is no need for add-ons.

That is my philosophy as a cat owner with a big experience. Luckily for all of us, there are still some ladders you can purchase as an add-on to enhance the functionality of your favorite, ultimate cat tree. You and me should definitely feel blessed and grateful for the times that we live in. There is an information and a solution for every single problem we are facing today.

I learned lots of stuff regarding cat trees with ramps after reading blog post after blog post, forum discussion after discussion, testing and experiencing the quality of various trees. That is why you should also feel lucky that you’ve stumbled across a highly informative website that will help you purchase the right cat trees with ramps.