Cat Tree With Leaves

Cat Tree With Leaves

Cat trees with leaves will provide a nice environment for your felines to display their instincts. These trees will give the cat it’s much needed privacy. Cats by nature are hunters. Some still ask why do their domestic cats still hunt. It is in their DNA, and it will take lots of centuries before this changes.

Hiding in the cat tree’s branches with leaves will give the cat more realistic feel like outdoor trees. Relaxing and lounging on those branches is something that cats strive for. If you go outside your house, you will notice how feral cats always try to climb on a tree.

The same will happen when you purchase a cat tree with leaves inside your house. Not only will cats love it, but also it will be a great stylish and fancy decoration. If you ask me, cat tree furniture with real leaves is one of the most aesthetic and simple ways to improve the household looks. It would be up to you to decide what size you’d want.

If you need a realistic tree for 3 cats or more, there are 6ft, 7ft, 8ft or even floor to ceiling cat trees with leaves. Luckily for you, I stated all of those huge trees in the comparison chart below. I also wrote the dimensions of each of those products. So, if you need a tree for small spaces, there is also a product for that.

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Reasons Why Cat Trees With Leaves Are Popular

Why Cat Trees With Leaves Are Popular

There are numerous reasons why numerous cat owners swear by cat trees with leaves. Some of the benefits you will receive cannot be matched by other cat trees that brands market as natural and realistic. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • More Natural Feel – Cat trees with leaves welcome the felines just like natural trees do. Some of them are actually made from real trees. I am not talking about processed wood material, but real trunk and branches. Usually they are more expensive, but the benefits they offer cannot be beat. If your budget is tight, you should go with compressed wood or plywood cat tree with leaves. Keep in mind that modern cat tree brands provide the most natural processed wood for their cat trees. Also, there is a ultra-soft faux fur material on top of the compressed wood. It adds up to the comfort levels.
  • Serve As Camouflage – Just like any other predator, cats use camouflage to hunt down other animals. If you keep your cat indoors, then this won’t have any other function other than entertainment purposes. That is simply enough. The amount of fun the real, fake or banana leaf that is added to the tree cannot be matched. Your pets at home will simply love hiding and climbing on those awesome trees. The biggest cat trees with leaves offer the most amount of amusement and exploration possibilities.
  • Add Some Luxury Flavor – If you see a cat tree with leaves in person, you will be amazed by it’s looks and feel. You may think that cat furniture is very costly. There are some cat trees with houses that look like a tree. The addition of these cat trees will change how your indoor looks on a positive level. You must be prepared to receive large number of gratifying compliments from house visitors. All of this is reachable by investing in the right cat tree with leaves that will blend into your household the most.

Are Cat Trees With Real Leaves Worth Purchasing?

Cat trees with real leaves are very hard to find. Most of them are hand-made and are very expensive for the average cat owner. The only difference between the cat trees with real leaves and cat trees with fake leaves, is the price tag. I highly recommend you purchase cat trees with fake leaves because first of all, they are much cheaper.

Second of all, they are much more durable and will last you much longer. The fake leaves are created out of plastic. They won’t get damaged if the cat begins scraping them furiously. Some of the cat trees with real leaves require regular watering. Who can really afford losing their precious time watering the cat tree, just so the leaves won’t dry up.

Another reason why I don’t prefer spending money on cat trees with natural leaves is that they are hard to find. You definitely can’t find them in the local pet supply store. Only solution would be to order them online.

Once you place an order, you have to wait the manufacturing company to create the tree for you, ship it to you, and you have to wait for a long time until the product arrives to your household. This is my advice. I had a long time experience with cat trees with both real and fake leaves. I’d go with cat trees with fake leaves.

Go Pet Club F2090 Cat Tree Furniture With Leaves

The Go Pet Club F2090 is the greatest cat tree with leaves the money can buy. For that price, you receive a complete luxury, floor to ceiling cat castle. Your cat will be constantly amused by the amount of exploration it can do on this 6ft+ tree.

It is also has one of the most stylish designs for cat trees out there. If you decide to obtain this giant tree for big cats, get ready for significant amount of compliments. It will be the ultimate attention receiving furniture in your lovely household.

The only flaw I can state about this product is that it ships in 3 days! I wanted this tree so bad after I saw it, that those four days until the product arrived in front of my entry door seemed like months!

Let’s cut the talking, and hop directly to the Go Pet Club F2090 cat tree with fake leaves review!

  • 4 Invitingly Comfortable Hammocks – Two of them are larger in size and are meant to accommodate your biggest cat. They are located in the center of the tree’s structure and can handle large amount of weight. Forget about elevated beds that hang on non-durable sisal ropes. The other 2 hammocks are placed on a scratching post. They are smaller in size and are perfect for small cat breeds or kitten.
  • 10 Scratching Posts – Some of them are strategically enhanced with sisal rope for optimal durability. Those are the places where cats have the biggest chance to scratch on them. This is one of the reasons why I fell in love with the Go Pet Club F2090 Cat Tree with leaves. All of it’s parts are placed carefully and with purpose.

Features And Specifications

  • 2 carpeted cat condos perfect for napping and relaxation
  • High top perch is perfect for observation as it is placed at 77″ inches height
  • Manufactured with extremely high quality wood for sturdiness
  • Large base gives the tree an amazing balance
  • Can be used for 3 cats or more
  • Cat tree with leaves and birds for entertainment purposes
  • Dark brown oriented color scheme gives the tree more natural looks

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of writing this comprehensive Go Pet Club F2090 Cat Tree with fake leaves review, I’ve stumbled upon 1,231 customer reviews. They were satisfied with their purchase and gave this product 4.5 out of 5.0 positive stars.

However, a part of them weren’t totally satisfied with what they spent their money on.

One customer said, “The sisal roped posts couldn’t handle any weight properly. Product shifts like tower of Pisa when a big cat jumps on the tree”. Another one said, “Only problem I had with the product is that the screws meant for the two hammocks weren’t long enough to be securely placed in the scratching posts. Other customer said, “Assembly manual wasn’t so clear. I had to install the cat tree using the help of common sense”.

Those were part of the most critical customer reviews about the product. I personally didn’t have any issues with what those customers stated. Maybe those weren’t widespread problems.

Others said, “This cat tree was awesomely complex” and “This is the best cat tree tower that I have ever bought in my lifetime!” and “Go Pet Club F2090 Cat Tree serves as the ultimate forest for my three furry friends! and “Tree may be a bit expensive, but is definitely worth the price!”.

This concludes our Go Pet Club F2090 Cat Tree with leaves product review. I honestly recommend it to fellow cat owners!

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

The Kitty Mansions Redwood cat tree with fake leaves is a stylish tree that will be an awesome addition to any household. It comes with 5 brown scratching posts that your cat would love to scrape on.

3 of them are actually skyscraper scratchers that extend from the base up to tall and wide perches. This is a perfect cat tree with leaves for kitten and elderly cats. There is a small elevated platform on the base, which leads to a platform with a hole in it.

Once the cat jumps from the platform through the hole, there is an added ladder that will lead the cat to a cat tree house that looks like a tree. I found that to be my felines favorite spot. There were numerous territory fights just for that place!

  • Metal Filled Posts – The posts of the Kitty Mansions Redwood cat tree with fake leaves are built with metal fillings inside. This is strategically placed in order to give the tree extra rigidity and toughness. It helps the posts handle the cat’s weight once it jumps on the high perches. This was a marvelous addition for this particular tree.
  • Excellent For Small Spaces – Base of the unit is squarely shaped with dimensions of 23″ inches in width and 23″ inches in length. For a tree with such height, this is very surprising. I personally didn’t have any issues with the tree becoming wobbly once larger cats jump on it. However, I’d still recommend you place it in the corner and support it on the wall.

Features And Specifications

  • Three perches with added faux fur for greater comfort
  • Top perches are supported with back rims for safety
  • Small cat toy hangs from the top perch with an elastic band
  • Cat clubhouse placed on the second platform
  • 4 tier cat tree can be used by multiple cats at once
  • Ramp is optimal for cats in age and small kitten
  • Created with quality heavily pressed wood

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this detailed On2Pets CatHaven cat tree with fake leaves review, I’ve stumbled across 127 happy customers. They gave this product 4.6 out of 5.0 positive possible stars. The majority of them were totally satisfied with what they bought.

However, there were some of them who weren’t. Let me state the most critical reviews.

One customer said, “There wasn’t enough space for my cat to jump from the second platform to the cat condo. It kept falling into the hole!”. Another customer said, “I had problem with the assembly manual. It didn’t contain any words, only pictures”. Another one said, “The leaves are so decorative, but can be torn down if your cat has the habit to play with them”.

Those were the most critical reviews about the On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo With Leaves tree. Others didn’t seem to have those issues. Maybe it isn’t a widespread problem.

Others said, “Overall, it is a perfect cat tree” and “I fell in love with the darker colorway of the tree, which gives it a more jungle/forest feel” and “Cats fell in love with this product” and “The installation manual was clear, and it took me less than twenty minutes to assemble this product! Completely satisfied!”.

This concludes our On2Pets CatHaven cat tree review. I highly recommend it to other cat owners.

Go Pet Club F2095 Cat Tree Furniture

The Go Pet Club F2095 is one of the tallest cat trees with leaves you can buy. It stands proudly at 7ft height. Best thing about that it it is built with wide platforms that can comfortably house giant cats.

The amount of quality and convenience you receive with the Go Pet Club F2095 tree is hard to beat. I have this product for 20 months now, and it still has no issues other than some scrapes and scratches. It is so high that cats will have trouble exploring all of it’s features. It will offer endless fun.

Also, the installation manual is very easy to follow. I personally had absolutely no issues with it. I installed it in 30 minutes at most. I recommend you screw the bolts tensely, if you want greater rigidness and stability.

  • Ultimate Perch For Observation – The perch is located at a height of 7 feet. It is perfect for observing the surrounding areas and avoiding danger. What other pet at home cat actually reach this level other than your athletic furry friend?
  • Unique Looks Thanks To Leaves – Leaves used on this cat tree give this tree a more realistic and natural look. It may not be leave-dense like the Kitty Mansions Redwood cat tree, but it does the job properly.

Features And Specifications

  • 14 scratching posts with sisal rope
  • Hanging toy mice for entertainment purposes
  • 2 sisal ropes hang from the platforms for exercise purposes
  • 2 cat condos can accommodate medium sized cats
  • Almost a floor to ceiling tree, great for exploration
  • Extremely easy to install, taking it’s size in consideration

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of writing this complete Go Pet Club F2095 Cat Tree Furniture review, I found 1.231 customer reviews. They gave this product 4.5 out of 5.0 positive stars.

Some of them had complaints about certain elements of the tree. Let me state a couple of them.

They said, “You have to re-tighten it every month or so. It gets wobbly if you don’t do this” and “The platforms’ carpet is very slippery. Your cat will not have any traction while they are on the tree” and “Assembly took me about an hour!”.

Those were couple of the most negative reviews out there.

Others said, “If my house offered more space, I’d definitely order another one.” and “This is a perfectly designed and constructed tree. Only thing I’d do differently is remove the hanging toy mice” and “Awesome purchase. My three cats love it! Definitely worth the price!”.

This finishes our Go Pet Club F2095 Cat Tree with leaves review. I’d suggest it to absolutely any owner of cats!

On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo With Leaves

This is one of the most realistic cat trees with leaves that are offered on the market today. You can even replace a vase with this stylish cat tree. It is perfect for small spaces and apartments.

I recommend you place it in an highly commonplace like the living room. It will give it an unique and fancy look. The base of the On2Pets CatHeaven cat tree is an artificial comfortable grass that your pets at home can use for relaxation.

The base’s dimensions are : 24″ inches wide and 24″ inches long. It’s square shape is perfect for balancing the weight of the whole tree. It is no surprise that it can handle up to 32 lbs at once. This means that it can be used for two cats who are average sized.

Also, there are three wide perches. Two of them are 22″ inches in diameter and the other is 18″ inches. They are also carpeted, which gives the On2Pets CatHeaven a more pleasant feel on the cat’s nails and paws.

Some customers stated that this tree was very wobbly. To fix this, I’d recommend you tighten all of the screws and bolts as much as you possibly can. But be careful here! The wood may not handle all of that pressing pressure. If this doesn’t help, then put the tree in a corner, next to the wall.

For assembly, it took me about 15 minutes. All I had to do was follow the plain assembly manual. All the installation parts came with the package.