Cat Tree With Large Perches

Cat Tree With Large Perches

In this article I will talk and review the best cat trees with large perches on the market. There is a high chance that you may have above average sized cat. That is probably why you stumbled across this page.

If the cat tree’s perches aren’t wide and long enough, the large cat will have difficulty using and loving the tree. On top of that, tiny perches aren’t safe for your felines. Their purpose is to provide great comfort while your cat is sitting or even sleeping on them, thus providing optimal safety from falling.

What is the point of investing in a cat tree with small perches? It won’t do anyone any favor. Also, cat tree with large perches isn’t necessarily more expensive. The main reason why can owners do the mistake of investing in the tiny perched tree, is due lack of information.

Luckily for you, you won’t be any of those cat owners. Reading this information simply won’t be enough. You have to put it into action if you want you and your household to see noticeable differences. In the comparison table below, I did a comparison between the top cat tree with big perches.

Reasons Why Cat Trees With Sizable Perches Are Better

Like I’ve said above, cat trees with large perches are overall greater trees than those with small ones. But, I didn’t stated clearly why. It may seem very logical, but there is a hidden reason why.

Cat Tree Brands On The Market
  • More Available Space – This is the main reason why I recommend purchasing cat trees with large perches. No matter if you have small kittens or big adult cats, they will all appreciate the extra room. The major part of cat trees come with wooden platforms carpeted with comfortable faux fur. This is done so your cat will relax in optimal comfort. The added width and length of the perches will also provide more comfortable area. Your huge cat will sleep on the tree unworried, once and for all.
  • Offers Greater Safety – When your cats are relaxing on a cat tree with large perches, they have tendency to roll and play around it. If the perches are tiny and not wide enough, there is a high chance that your cat may fall when it does this. It happened to me before, and will happen to you if you don’t put what you are reading into action. You don’t want to see your cat hurt, at all costs. If the tiny perches are short, the cat won’t be hurt that bad if it falls. But, if you have a floor to ceiling, 8ft+ cat tree, it better have massive perches with back support.
  • Cats Will Love It More – It is a fact that cats love climbing and scratching on cat trees. Also, it is a clear fact that they love the extra space that cat trees with big perches provide. All that free space at a great height is a heaven for them. I found that cats love climbing on the largest highest perch, by climbing on the skyscraper scratcher. Cats look at this as an ultimate challenge, that if accomplished, rewards them with ultimate pleasure of relaxing on the stylish perches. They will love the big perch even more, if it is placed at a greater height, for example at 6ft, 7ft, 8ft or more.
  • Excellent For Multiple Cats – Usually, cat trees with large perches are sturdier than others. The reason why is because modern cat tree manufacturers design those trees to be suitable for multiple cats at once. This is why they put metal fillings inside the posts and perches. Due to this marvelous innovation, cat trees with big perches nowadays are more safe, more balanced and can offer enough accommodation for two cats, for 3 cats, and even more! Also, felines can relax, nap or even sleep on a single perch! That is why I highly recommend purchasing a tree with big perches, if you have multiple pets at home.

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

This is probably the greatest cat tree with large perches ever made. It has a simple stylish and fancy design that will blend in every single household without any problems.

On top of that, it comes with 5 different colorways you can choose from: beige, brown, blue, green, gray. It is on our list of top trees with big perches because the dimensions of the three perches can accommodate large cats. Overall, this is a large and sturdy cat tree that can house multiple cats at once.

Highest perch is 16″ inches in width and 9.5″ inches in length. This is the smallest, but highest perch on the tree. The reason why the smallest is put on top is for stability and safety reasons.

If they placed the widest and largest perch on top of the tree, there would be high chances that the tree would fall over if multiple giant cats jumped on it at the same time.

The middle perch is 11″ inches in width and 14″ inches in length. It is big enough to fit a giant, overweight Maine Coon. Those have the reputation of being one of the biggest cat breeds.

Finally, the lowest perch offers the most space and comfort. It is placed at a slightly higher level than normal stairs. This means that it is optimal for older cats and kittens to jump and relax on it. The dimensions of this largest platform on the New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch is 11″ inches in width and 18″ inches in length.

This is a product that is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona. That means that this is a top notch product, built with quality. Also, all of the product materials are bought from local stores in USA.

It assembles pretty easily. Actually it comes fully assembled. You don’t have to waste any money and nerves installing it. That is one of the main reasons why this awesome cat tree with large perches is the best out here for that purpose.

I recommend you place the New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch tree in front of a window. If the cat has a clear view to the street, it will spend the majority of it’s day on top of the tree.

It is made by solid wood, enhanced with comfortable faux fur for greater comfort. Also, the price tag is pretty affordable for the average cat owner. If you have an above average sized fat cat, or have multiple cats willing to use a single cat tree, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

Cat Tree With Large Bed

There are many cat trees with large bed that accommodate large cats. The main purpose for them is to offer excellent amount of relaxation for your lovely cat. I personally don’t like those cat trees, but you know what?

Cats love them. It is actually all that matters.

You don’t buy the cat trees for decoration purposes. The cat trees are meant for your lovely felines. That is why cat trees with bed are very popular among cat owners today. Such a great cat tree is the

New Cat Condos Premier Elevated Cat Bed

This is the best cat tree with bed available on the market today. My cat Garfield fell in love with it! It was so comfortable, that I had big difficulties getting my cat off of it.

The New Cat Condos premier elevated cat bed design is very simple. It comes with a square shaped base for optimal stability, with threes scratching posts, one covered with sisal rope.

The one with sisal rope actually serves as a ladder to the large bed. It is an excellent solution for younger kitten and cats in age. The high quality solid wood is boosted with plush household grade carpet for relaxation. On top of that, the product is designed and build in the USA.

You can choose from five different colorways: Beige, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray. Choose the one that will blend into your household flawlessly.

Keep in mind that the shades you see on the pictures may vary a little bit in person. Also, the carpet texture is different from product to product. This is the case with absolutely every single cat tree on the market today. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the product. This is an extremely small cheap cat tree optimal for large cats.

The dimensions of the New Cat Condos Premier cat tree with large bed are: 20″ inches wide, 20″ inches long and 24″ inches tall. It may not be the tallest cat tree out there, but it does it’s job. Cats can still scratch, jump, exercise and climb the tree. The diameter of the elevated bed is 19″ inches. It is big enough to accommodate a large cat, or two small kittens at the same time.

If you ask me, another great feature is that it comes completely installed. You don’t need to screw some bolts or use some tools that aren’t included in the package just to get the product going.

If you are looking for a marvelous cat tree with large bed, you can’t beat the quality and price of the New Cat Condos Premier Elevated Cat Bed.

Cat Tree With Large Platforms

Cat Trees For Extra Large Cats

Usually, cat trees with large platforms also come with big perches. Both of them actually serve the same purpose. They offer more space for relaxation, more safety, can be used with two or more cats.

Most importantly, cats love cat trees with huge platforms. I personally don’t know why some of the cat tree manufacturer’s brands builds some of the most stylish, tall, fancy and luxury trees that don’t serve any purpose. The aesthetics are top notch, but if you look closely, the platforms are so tiny and small. Cats hate this.

Once they climb up the tree they wan’t to feel safe and secure on big platforms. The best cat tree with large perches, the New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch platforms satisfy the needs of multiple cats.

I also noticed that trees that don’t have wide platforms are great spots for cat’s altercation. They tend to fight for the small territory.

They feel that they own the cat tree, and hate when another cat takes their spot. You don’t have to bring your cat to the veterinarian to check for behavioral problems. It is actually the non-functional cat tree that causes the anger in your cats. I highly recommend you purchase cat trees with large platforms.

Not only they prevent behavioral problems, but also your cats will spend large portion of their day, comfortably on it.

Cat Tree With Large Base

The cat trees with large base are great for stability purposes. It is a basic law of physics. The wider and longer the base, the more stable the cat tree would be. Some of the modern cat trees nowadays are built with tiny base, just so they can be ideal for small spaces.

No matter how aesthetic and realistic they are, they become wobbly once a large cat jumps on some perch. However, thanks to the innovative cat tree brands like ArmarKat, BestPet, Go Pet Club etc., we have the most stable cat trees with large base.

Most of them offer additional features like sisal rope scratching posts, hammocks, realistic banana leafs, wooden towers etc. It is a rule of thumb that the wider and longer the cat tree’s base is, the taller and more widespread the cat tree is. If the tree base is wide, the cat trees are 4 tier, 3 tier and suitable for two cats or more