Cat Trees Under $50

Cat Trees Under $50

The fact that these cat trees under $50 are modern and do their job greatly, is the number one reason why they are popular among cat owners. Another reason why you may be looking at them is the assembly ease and overall simplicity.

Honestly you shouldn’t expect too many features and specifications from the cat trees lower than $50. But, if you choose the right ones for your household, they are more than enough.

This is why I decided to write this article about the greatest cheap cat trees you can get for the money. Some people love their cats so much that their budget for pet supplies is unlimited.

However, cat owners who own just one single cat, aren’t willing to spend too much money on a luxury, tall, 8ft giant tree. You may be one of those people. I am going to review and put the best cat trees beneath $50 in the comparison chart you can see below.

Everything you need to do is see which one of them is the most suitable for your case. I am going to also write the dimensions, brand name and the materials used for the particular cat trees. Some of them are meant for small kittens, some are designed for big cats and some are built for two cats.

*Our Top Picks

Armarkat A5201 Cat Tree Furniture Condo

The design of the ArmarKat A5201 cat tree is very simple. There are three scraping posts that go from the base, upwards. In the middle there is a big cat condo that can accommodate a large cat.

From the condo, there are two scratching posts that extend to perches. The top perch is at 52″ inches height. Toy mice is hanging from the top porch, which will serve as a challenge for your felines to climb up the tree and “hunt” the toy.

Dimensions of the ArmarKat A5201 cat tree are: 20″ inches wide, 20″inches long, “52” inches high. I’d recommend you place this cat tree in the corner, next to the wall. It is designed that way.

If you don’t do this, it will become wobbly and will eventually fall over if a giant cat jumps on top of it.

That is why I caution you to place it to the wall. I recommend it for a big cat, or two average sized adult cats. Kittens can’t use this box because there isn’t any ramp that leads to the house of the tree. If you asked me, putting a ladder that leads to the condo will made this one of the most versatile cat trees under $50.

The assembly process was breeze. I did it in 10 minutes. You get all the set up parts, plus the installation guide. I guarantee that you won’t have any difficulty with that.

Best Choice Products 53″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

The amount of quality features you receive from the Best Choice Products 53″ Multi-Level cat tree under $50 is amazing. It’s rigidness and durability is ensured with the top notch particleboard construction that is enhanced with polyester wood covering on top.

There is a cat scratcher that is covered with sisal rope that goes from the base platform up to high perch with outrigger for safety. You can choose between two colorways.

There is a more neutral beige color scheme that goes well with any indoor decor. The other colorway is brown. I’d say it makes the Best Choice Products 53″ Multi-Level cat tree more stylish.

This is a huge, fancy and natural cat tree that is meant for 3 cats. Also, there is a wooden ramp that leads to the second platform of the tree, where there is a medium sized cat house perfect for kitten. As you can see, this is a versatile cat tower with a high porch that stands at 53″ inches height.

For assembly, you won’t need more than 20 minutes to do so. The installation manual is honestly pretty easy and plain to follow. You receive all the installation materials in the package box you will receive. Nothing too complicated.

This is actually a great benefit for cat trees under $50. Choosing this stylish cat tree, you receive lots of features, the price is affordable and assembly is a piece of cake. What more can you ask for?

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Black Color F44

This Go Pet Club F44 Black cat tree is not costly, and is very easy to assemble. The manufacturer company is widely known for building top notch quality, durable, functional trees. Honestly, this cat tree should be priced around the $100 range.

This is also the case with this best cat tree under $50. It is very lightweight and you can easily slide it, or even lift it up by hand and transport it to another spot. It is designed and built for 3 cats. However, I’d still recommend it for two cats only.

There are two toy mice hanging on elastic band that will entertain your felines. 6 scratching posts covered with sisal rope will remain sturdy, durable, and most importantly, will make the cat stop scraping mercilessly on your modern furniture. The small house is perfect for kittens. There is a ladder that leads directly to this cat condo, where kittens are meant to sleep like furry bundles.

Climbing up that Go Pet Club F44 cat tree black color’s ladder is a perfect way for your kittens to learn how to climb up and down a tree. The highest perch is placed at 60″ height. Your cats will love relaxing and observing the house up from that spot.

Don’t worry about wobbling. If you follow the clear installation manual and tighten all the bolts tightly, forget about imbalance. The posts on every Go Pet Club cat trees have metal fillings inside. That holds the tree tough and stable.

Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Cat Tree

The Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough clubhouse cat tree comes in three colorways. Cream, brown and blue. This is excellent variety for cat trees under $50. You can adapt the cat tree’s looks to blend in the stylish indoors of yours.

This is a multi level cat tree that has a huge clubhouse in the middle of it. It can house even an average sized cat. Six sisal rope scraping posts are enough for two or more cats. Even though it is not the biggest and tallest cat tower, cats love to climb up and down all the time.

There is even a cat mice, and springy ball toy that help your cat stay occupied. Once you invest in this awesome Furhaven Pet Tiger clubhouse cat tree, your cat will forget about boredom.

High quality wood, covered with comfortable faux fur material provides both sturdiness and comfort. The reason why faux fur is so popular among cat trees nowadays, is because it offers natural feel for the cat’s nails and paws.

The combination of sturdy wood and fur is heavenly for a cat tree. Absolutely nothing can match this up to date. Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough clubhouse cat tree can be placed in any room imaginable, thanks to the corner design of the base.

The cat tree can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. All the assembly materials, plus the installation manual come with the package box. You won’t even need any tools to do so. For cleaning, all you have to do is use a simple brush and a vacuum cleaner.

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

The AmazonBasics cat activity tree with scratching posts has a very simple, but effective designs that your cats will love. It comes in two sizes. A medium, suitable for an average sized cat, and large, more suitable for big cats.

The top perch of the large sized tree is at 46″ inches height. Your cats will definitely like jumping and climbing to this comfortable porch carpeted with faux fur material.

The medium sized tree’s perch is put at 31.5″ inches of height. It may not be the tallest perch, but cats will like it due to it’s natural feel and stylish looks.

It’d recommend you choose the large tree, just because it offers more tiers, more scratching posts and overall wider platforms.

It is an ideal tree for small spaces. The 7 scratching posts covered with sisal rope, offer both durability, toughness and an ideal spot for scratching.

For assembly you won’t have any difficulty. The package box for the large version comes with 3 platforms, 1 perch, seven scratching posts and the bolts required to hold all those pieces together. It is meant for two adults (average sized) cats.

It is not the best solution for kittens or cats in age, because there aren’t any ramps that can ease the climbing part. Overall, this is a great tree for the price tag. I’d highly recommend it for cat owners who are on a budget.

Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree With Hammock

This is one of the most popular cat trees under $50 on the market today. At the time of writing this detailed review, there are 654 customer reviews, which rate this product 3.9 out of 5.0 stars.

Most people don’t understand that this is a tree created for kittens or average sized cats. Anything bigger won’t fit the house, hammock or cylinder comfortably. That is why I am writing this Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree With Hammock review.

Don’t consider purchasing this tree, unless you have average sized cat or kitten. It is an ideal cat paradise for kittens or normal sized cats. You receive 4 scratchers, cat condo, ramp, hammock, top perch and a tunnel. It is an ideal spot for winding out after a tough day.

The dimensions of this awesome cat tree are: 20 inches wide, 20 inches long and 52 inches high.

All of the assembly instructions come with the package. It installs in less than 10 minutes. I recommend you use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts if you want to ensure the sturdiness and balance of the tree. Do this especially if you have a normal size cats or multiple kitten that are willing to use this Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree With Hammock.

Ordering this product through is the best option. It will ship within two days, and arrive in less than 5 days. If you choose to purchase it from different place, expect the shipping process to be prolonged. Overall, this is one of the best affordable cat trees. You receive a lot of bang for your buck!

CO-Z 35” Cat Tree

CO-Z 5 Levels Cat Tower Tree

If you are looking for all-in-on cat tree, this is your best bet. Your cat can relax, exercise, play with the 4 hanging toy balls, scratch and do everything imaginable on this tree.

The soft and cozy surface is perfect for sleeping. If your cat is excessive scratcher, there is a horizontally placed sisal rope post designed for excessive scratching. You won’t need to spend your money buying expensive scratchers and lounges for the cat. Your cat will receive everything it’s looking for right here.

The top porch is placed at height of 35.4″ inches. It has outriggers on the back, so your cat won’t fall on the ground while it is scratching and rolling after a good sleep. The perch wide platform is specifically placed on the top, so your cats will enjoy the perfect viewpoint. That is what cats prefer.

They like to observe their surroundings as best as they can, and Co-Z 35″ wooden cat tower offers just that. Designs of the tree are stylish and fancy, and give that realistic tree feel for your cat. To conclude, this is an excellent choice for your average sized cat.

It’s aesthetics are decent enough for it to be placed in a high frequent room in your house, like the living room. Your pets at home, no matter if it’s dogs or cats, will take a look and will get interested about the product. For such an inexpensive price, you get a lot!

LAZYMOON New Cat Activity Tree

LAZYMOON New Cat Activity Tree

This is a completely new cat tree that offers unbelievable quality for the price tag. At first I thought that it was a mistake. The LAZYMOON New Cat Activity Tree is suitable for cats of any size and age.

It was marketed to be an entertainment spot for even 4 adult cats. You know what? It perfectly handled four (10-17 lbs) cats, that climbed, scratched and slept at the same time. The key for the optimal stability and rigidness is the premium E1 grade wooden board and platform, enhanced with cat’s favorite Polyester wood cloth.

My cats had an awesome time using this affordable cat tree under $50. Best thing about this is that it distracts your cats from the furniture. They forget scraping and playing with your modern and expensive furniture. The brownish colorway goes well with any household indoor decorations.

You don’t have to worry about that. Two differently sized houses can accommodate two cats at the same time. There is a ladder that goes all the way to the smaller house. The designer team of LAZYMOOD did a genius job here.

They made this tree suitable for young kitties and cats in age, placing the ladder to lead directly to the smaller condo. Can you really ask for more? This is one of the best affordable cat trees known to mankind for a reason!

PETMAKER Cat Tree Condo 3 Tier with Condo and Scratching Posts

If you are looking for the most stylish, fancy and modern cat tree under $50, I recommend you get this one. It comes in brown and tan colorway which will definitely turn your house visitors’ eyes to it.

The wide platform on the second floor has cat paw design on it. The house on the base of the tree is spacious and ideal for sleeping and napping. It is also perfect for kittens and older cats who cannot jump up or climb the cat tree. The base of the tree is not that wide, so it is ideal for tiny places.

The highest perch is placed at 37.5″ inches height. Along with all of this, there are two scratching posts that are covered with sisal rope, which guarantees durability and longevity.

The hanging toy is not far away from the ground, so it serves as a perfect exercise promotion tool. Your cat will jump using it’s full capabilities to try to catch the toy, thus increasing it’s endurance and leg strength.

The simple, but genie design of the PETMAKER cat tree condo 3 tier, is the cause why it’s in our list of top 10 cat trees below $50. Assembly was very simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions and tighten the bolts with a screwdriver.

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture Cat Tree

This is a 4 tier cat tree that provides numerous excellent and needed features for your felines. It is meant for 3 cats. The double design print fabric platforms are ideal spots for climbing and resting.

The skyscraper scratcher ends up with a hooded cat bed. This is the cat’s favorite spot. But the design of the tree is so marvelous, that they put the bed at 60″ inches height.

Cats need to work hard in order to rest or sleep on the bed. They either have to climb up and down the giant scratching post, or jump platform to platform to reach the height. There are four scratching posts covered with sisal hemp, for greater longevity.

For such a cheap price, the tree even comes with an ultra soft comfortable hammock with faux fur.

The dimensions of the MidWest Feline Nuvo cat tree are: 25″ inches long, 37.5″ inches wide and 60″ inches height. On top of all of this, the product comes with 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This means only one thing, and that is quality!