Cat Trees Under $30

Cat Trees Under $30

If your budget is really tight and you are looking for an affordable, functional cat trees under $30, you are at the right place. Just because a product is that cheap, doesn’t mean that the quality is off.

It simply means that the product won’t offer as many features like the best quality cat trees.

However, there are many bad quality and cheaply built cat trees below $30. In this article, I decided to test and write complete reviews about those who satisfied both me and my cats. The more expensive cat trees offer multiple product all-in-one.

Forget about 8ft, 7ft, 6ft, floor to ceiling or luxury tree with skyscraper scratcher. You have to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase them. For example there are numerous cat scratching posts, condos for relaxation, giant perches, carpeted with hammock etc.

Some cat owners don’t actually need all of those features in their cat tree. That is where these inexpensive, but high quality built cat trees come into play. The best things about cat trees below $30 is that they are built for small apartments.

In the comparison table below, I stated the product’s price, brand name, dimensions and material from which the tree is built with. All you have to do is check those statistics and see whether the aesthetics of the tree meet your standards.

I can’t speak on the aesthetics aspects of the product, because that is a matter of personal taste.

*Our Top Picks

Oxgord Paws Pals Cat Tree

This is a high quality, inexpensive cat tree that is built from compressed wood carpeted with soft faux fur. This is a great blend of materials that offers both stability and softness. It is exactly what you need in a cat tree.

For this cat tree under $30 you receive 5 scratching posts covered with sisal rope, cylinder and hanging toy mice. It means that this stylish cat tree is excellent for sleeping, exercising, entertaining and climbing. Also, this tree is perfect for small spaces.

The Oxgord Paws & Pals cat tree’s dimensions are: 16″ inches wide, 16″ inches long and 33″ inches high. After a year of use, my average sized (15 lbs) cat Garfield, hasn’t knocked this cat tree down yet. It mostly depends on how much your cat sticks it’s claws into the tree before jumping off of it.

This is a well balanced, sturdy tree. You shouldn’t feel fearful that your cat can knock it down or even break it. The assembly process is a breeze. With the product package you receive all the installation parts plus the Allen bolts and the Allen’s key. This means that you won’t need any tool of your own.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

The AmazonBasics CT-51-Model cat tree is a very simple product that does it’s job. Even though it is not the most stylish or fancy tree out here, cat’s like it.

It is constructed from pressed wood covered with carpet. The product’s parts are a flat square shaped platform that stabilizes the tree, a scratching post enhanced with sisal rope for longevity and a wide porch on top.

The “nest” is wide enough to handle huge and fat cat. Overall the stability of this affordable cat tree under $30 is decent. The tools and assembly parts are included in the AmazonBasics cat tree package. Installation took less than 10 minutes.

The greatest thing about this product is that it is tall enough for cats who love to climb up and down, but at the same time is perfect for small apartments.

I’d recommend you put it in the corner of the living room. However, I wouldn’t advice you purchase this CT-51-Model cat tree if you have a giant cat.

CUPETS Cat Tree Cat Climber with Scratching Post

This is a beautifully crafted cat tree that completely satisfies the cat’s needs to climb, scrape, sleep and exercise. It is meant for average sized cats. There are some cases that a giant 22 lbs cat used this cat climber without any problem.

It is surprisingly sturdy for it’s size to be able to handle relatively big weight. There is one scratching post covered with sisal rope that cat’s use for scratching. Also, there is a bridge shaped scraper that will take the cat’s attention.

For me, the best feature of the product are the 4 hanging toys. Cats are always hunting those toys. They will last depending on how furious and aggressive your furry buddies are.

There are some reports that they all were gone the first day upon assembling. For some this is a deal breaker, but for me it isn’t.

The amount of quality you will receive from this cat tree under $30 is amazing. CUPETS cat tree’s structure is made from E1 grade high quality wood that is covered with fur for more natural and realistic feel.

The product’s dimensions are 14 inches wide,14 inches long and 16.5 inches tall. It shouldn’t take a lot of space in your household.

Tangkula 27″ Cat Kitten Tree Activity Tree

The Tangkula 27″ cat tree is one of the most versatile trees the market has to offer, colorways wise. For such a cheap price tag, you can choose from 5 different color schemes.

Depending on your indoors, you can fully blend in the cat tree for awesome stylish looks. The greatest thing about this cat tree under $30 is that it is perfect for small cat breeds like Bengals and cats in age. Cat house is placed at the bottom of the tree, and at the same time serves as a base platform for stability.

Since the weight is distributed at the bottom, the balance and stability is excellent. No matter if a heavy 25 lb cat jumps on the top perch, the product will remain stable.

Some people are complaining about some durability issues with the scratching posts. However, I didn’t had any problems regarding them.

After a year of use, they still hold up tight and straight. This product can be used by two cats at the same time. It comes with two perches that are located at different heights. For entertainment purposes, the Tangkula 27″ cat tree placed a hanging cat toy.

The overall product dimensions are: 18 inches length, 13.5 inches width and 27.5 inches height. This is a very solid small tree for big felines. I’d recommend you place it next to the wall for aesthetic purposes. Assembly was very easy. All the installation parts came in the package. I set it up in less than ten minutes.

Ollieroo Small Cat Tree

This is probably the best inexpensive cat tree for kittens ever made. The Ollieroo small cat tree is built from pressed wood covered with faux fur. It has a scratching post, covered with sisal rope that leads to a wide porch with outrigger for safety reasons.

The bridge is covered with sisal rope material, and it can also be used for scraping. There is a toy hanging from the top perch. My kittens had trouble playing with it, but after 2 weeks of use, they finally began playing with it.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ollieroo small cat tree can be used by kitten. The product’s dimensions are: 14″ inches wide, 14″ inches long and 17.5″ inches tall. It means that it is an ideal tree for small spaces.

Avoid using this product for 3 cats. Even though this product is meant for kitten and small breed cats, my relatively big 15+ lb exotic shorthair Garfield used the top porch for relaxing and sleeping.

It was so cute watching my cat sleeping on a tiny cat tree. He looked like a bundle of fur on top. Setting the product up wasn’t difficult. I did it in under 15 minutes.

However, I recommend you tighten the half-circle scratching post as much as you can. It has tendency to get out of place after a certain period of use. After I re-tightened it, I had no problem at all.

CUPETS Pet Products Cat Tree House

This is a pirate inspired cat tree under $30. It comes in two different colorways. I guarantee that your cat will love both of them. The indoors will be greatly amplified when this stylish tree will be assembled.

Before purchasing, I didn’t know how big this tree would be. I risked it. However, once this product arrived I came to the conclusion that it would be ideal for average sized adult cat.

Looking at the picture, it seems like it is an extra small tree, meant for tiny places. The reality was very far from this. The CUPETS cat activity tree’s dimensions are: 25’5 inches long, 15,75″ inches wide and approximately 25″ inches high.

It weights just 6.5 pounds, which makes this one of the lightest cat trees on the market. Don’t be scared. The tree won’t fall once a fat cat jumps on it’s perch, just because the tree is lightweight.

The base is strategically constructed to be able to distribute weight evenly. It’s high quality wood construction, stabilizes the tree flawlessly. The ultra soft material that covers the wood is everything your cat needs comfort wise.

The CUPETS cat activity affordable tree will be the curse for your cat’s constant sleep and lazy feeling. The assembly process was easy. All the installation parts and bolts come with the package.

BestPet 42″ Leopard Skin Cat Tree

BestPet 42" Leopard Skin Cat Tree

BestPet is one of the most famous cat tree brands today. The high quality products they provide all of us is the reason why. The BestPet 42″ Leopard Skin cat tree is no exception to this.

It’s top notch design, sturdiness, adaptability and price is very hard to beat. Once you assemble this product, you will feel grateful and proud of the right choice you’ve made for both your indoors and felines.

However, some people stated that they had some problems with the installation manual. It wasn’t perfectly clear and there were some missing steps that were a must in the assembly process.

Here is an customer review that wrote a helpful alternate set-up process that works. I didn’t understand at first why some of the customers had this problem.

But, I am used to Ikea style instructions. BestPet cat tree brand utilizes those styles of instruction writings. They are widely known for confusion among customers. If you don’t stumble across this issue, the BestPet 42″ leopard skin cat tree will assemble in just 10 minutes.

All the assembly parts are included in the package. I love this product because it can handle a completely grown adult cat. It holds up very well, is very stylish and fancy.

Also, it is perfect for small places as the dimensions of the product are: 14 inches long, 14 inches wide and 42 inches tall. You get a lot of quality with this cat tree under $30.

TRIXIE Pet Products Toledo Paw Print Cat Tree

This is an awesome cat tree that will enhance the looks of your household. The toledo paw print is pretty unique and will cat’s the visitor’s eye.

Be prepared to receive numerous compliments. It is not just a cat tree that is used for aesthetics. It does a pretty good job functionality wise. It comes with a cat condo that is on the base.

This means that it’s ideal for young kitten and older cats. Since the house serves as a base, it holds the balance decently.

However, you should keep in mind that this is a tree created for kitten and small cat breeds. But, if you have an average sized adult cat, it can freely use the product. There won’t be any noticeable issues with that.

I’d recommend you place it in a corner. This improves the product’s stability and it won’t take a lot of space in your household this way. It’s dimensions are 15.2″ inches long x 15.2″ inches wide x 24″ inches tall.

Just because it is a small tree, there aren’t lots of assembly parts in the product’s package. Assembling the tree takes ten minutes at most. This is the beauty of cat trees below $30.

My1stPet Cat Tree

My1stPet Cat Tree

This is a design that is familiar among cat tree manufacturers. You probably know the saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It also applies to this popular cat tree under $30 design.

It comes with one scratching post covered with sisal rope and a perch on top. It may not be a floor to ceiling tree, but it is just enough for a single adult cat. The scratching bridge was ignored by my cat when I purchased this tree.

Probably the reason why was the constant and more natural feel the cat received from the scratching post with sisal rope. I couldn’t blame the cat for this.

Along with this there are two cat hanging toys that are great for amusement.

The beige color scheme goes well with absolutely any household styling and decor. Product’s dimensions are: 13.5″ inches long, 13.5″ inches wide and 17.5″ inches tall.

The assembly instructions are clear and all the installation parts are included in the whole package.