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Sturdy Cat Trees For Large Cats

Does your cat tree become wobbly when your big furry buddy jumps on it? If so, it is time to purchase a sturdy cat tree for large cats. There are certain factors that make trees strong and solid. If you carefully choose a cat tree that satisfies all of those utterly important factors, you are on the way to purchase the most sturdy cat tree on the market. I will talk about what the characteristics of these supreme kinds of tree are. There is a high chance that you have a huge cat. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even read this article.

One thing that the biggest cats hate the most is climbing, jumping and scratching on a shaky cat tree. That gives them an ugly feeling that the heavy tree will topple over and fall on them. This unsafe feeling is probably why your tall cat is avoiding the most recent, deluxe and realistic cat tree that you’ve bought for it. If you already bought a tree of that kind, I’d recommend you tighten all of the nuts and bolts as much as you can. You can even support it next to a wall.

However, a great sturdy cat tree for large cats should remain upright even if you don’t support it on a wall. This article will provide you with the toughest cat trees for huge cats known to mankind. In the comparison table below, you can choose from various trees. Choose the one that will blend in your indoor decorations the most.

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Characteristics Of Solid Cat Trees For Big Cats

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The sturdiest cat trees for huge cats on the market nowadays share some common characteristics. Modern top cat tree companies recognized those factors that play a huge role into the tree’s great balance. Even if you decide to build your own wooden cat tree for your big felines, you should take these factors into consideration.

It is not a rocket science, but it is silly how cat owners who own extra large cats do the simple mistake of choosing the shakiest tree out of them all. For now, you should feel blessed and lucky that you’ve came across a website that will help you choose the most sturdy cat tree for large cats.

  • Broad and Extensive Base – All great cat trees that are extremely well balanced have a base that is long and wide enough. It will equally distribute all the heavy weight placed upon the XL cat tree. I’ve seen some of my best cat trees being used by my pets at home. They didn’t even shake. All of that was because the base platform was extensive. The biggest flaw of this characteristic is that it will take large amount of free space. It is not recommended for small spaces. However, what would the point of owning a giant cat be, if you live in a small studio apartment? So, to conclude, always look for a cat tree that has a broad base if you are looking for rigidity and sturdiness. You can’t go wrong with it.
  • Tough Scratching Posts – Some cat owners say that the more scraping posts a cat tree has, the more sturdy it would be. I think this is true in certain cases, depending on the tree’s design. However, I’d say that it is more important to have scraping posts that are tough and built with multiple layers. Usually cat trees with skyscraper scratchers are the the wobbliest. Also, be careful with floor to ceiling cat trees with posts that extend into large perches. It is rare to find a cat tree of that kind being sturdy enough for big cats. Recently, there are numerous excellent cat trees with plastic posts, enhanced with sisal rope scratching posts on the outside. They remain balanced no matter if two or more cats jump on it at the same time. Also, they are easier to install than wooden cat trees. However, the trees created with wood are more natural and realistic for your huge cats.
  • Ease Of Assembly – Sometimes, the easier a cat tree is to assemble, the more sturdy it would be. The logic behind that is that you won’t be bothered by failing the instructions. You will focus more on tightening all the screws and bolts, instead of scratching your head questioning yourself which part should be set up. This is a secret that the most successful, modern cat tree manufacturers like ArmarKat, Go Pet Club Co., You & Me, Pagoda and BestPet company use. They provide plain and easy instructions that even ten year old kids can follow. The best thing is that they provide each and every assembly part along with the required installation tools. You can tighten the parts better using the unique and specific tools that are provided in the package, instead of using your own screwdriver.

Secrets That Companies Use To Make Trees Sturdier

Cat Tree With Large Perches

Cat tree manufacturers use some secrets that couldn’t be noticed by eye. You have to completely break apart the trees to notice those things. They don’t write about those features in the descriptions. I honestly don’t know why they don’t use this to convince customers that their products are really sturdy because of these additional secret features.

Sometimes you may question yourself how a smaller and shorter cat tree is very heavy. You probably think that it is the high quality plywood or pressed wood that causes that. That is wrong. In the text below, I will share the secrets cat tree companies use to create sturdy cat trees for large cats.

  • Metal Stuffing In Posts – This is the reason why certain cat trees that are known for super sturdiness are heavy in weight. Usually those posts are 3 layered. The first layer is a sisal rope scratcher, the second one is built with cardboard scratcher and the third and final layer is the metal filling. There is no possible way your large and fierce cat can destroy these posts. On top of that, it helps distribute the heavy weight evenly to the base. All of the balanced cat trees for large cats I’ve stated in the comparison chart have metal fillings.
  • Weighted Base Platforms – Weighted base is the secret why so many 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot or taller cat trees remain so balanced under heavy pressure. Some companies build their bases with unique deluxe wood, filled with some kind of metal or narrow dimension stone. Don’t be worried. On top of this weight there is always wood that is most of the time carpeted, or enhanced with ultra plush faux fur. Your cats won’t notice any difference. It will still feel like a natural and realistic cat tree, thanks to the quality wood and fur. All of the comfort and coziness will remain intact.

The Most Sturdy Cat Tree Known To Mankind

I’ve tested tons of cat trees. Some of them were shaky as hell, no matter how well I followed the instructions. Even supporting them on the wall and constantly re-tightening didn’t help at all. If that doesn’t help, then it means that there is a huge design flaw, or it isn’t meant for large cats.

No matter how decorative, luxurious, stylish or fancy those trees are, you should throw them in the thrash in no time! Cat tree isn’t furniture meant to decor your indoors. It serves a purpose to satisfy the cat’s primal needs of climbing, jumping, scratching and sleeping. What is the point of a shaky cat tree that can’t satisfy those priorities?

Next, I will review the most sturdy cat tree in the whole universe. It can safely and comfortable accommodate multiple giant cats, and at the same time remain balanced like nothing is going on. Let me present you the:

Kitty Mansions 78 in. Amazon Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree

This is the most sturdy cat tree ever created. The designer team of Kitty Mansions did a perfect job. It is a completely realistic and natural looking deluxe cat tree with fake leaves.

It’s dark brown colorway gives it even more natural feel that will be attractive for your large felines. Even the sisal ropes on the scratching posts were painted brown.

The green leave and dark brown faux fur and sisal rope is a fancy looking combo. Once you assemble the word’s sturdiest cat tree for large cats, your house should be thankful to you.

It has strong scratching posts, is easy to install and has a wide and long base. These are the factors that play huge role in it’s sturdiness. For a 6.5 feet cat tree for 3 cats that is everything it needs to guarantee perfect balance.

However, Kitty Mansions cat tree company decided to create the world’s most sturdy cat tree. They even put metal fillings inside the scratching posts and weighted the extensive base. That was the cherry on the cake. It is no surprise that the tree weights stunning 128 pounds.

All of it’s platforms, perches, condos and ladders are created with rock solid pressed wood. There are no cheap plastics placed on the Kitty Mansions 78 in. Amazon Cat Tree. If you ask me and other experienced cat owners, we actually think that the price of the product is very reasonable. You’ll receive the most luxurious cat tree for adult cats that won’t shake even if a bobcat jumps on it. It’s a 4 tier cat tree with lots of platforms and perches.

  • 2 Cozy Hammocks Perfect For Large Cats – There are two extremely comfortable carpeted elevated beds that will provide amazing sleeping time for your huge cats. Kitty Mansions company created this product for giant cats. Those hammocks don’t hang on non-durable and slim sisal ropes. They are actually built-in the posts. There is no chance that it will break due to the cat’s heavy weight. They are placed one over the another, but with enough room between each other. It will give your big felines a closer feel if they are sleeping on them at the same time. Watching the furry balls curling in the hammocks will be priceless!
  • Two Cat Houses – There is a cat house at the very bottom of the cat tree. It was designed and built for older cats and kitten that couldn’t climb up the tree’s heights. Funny thing is that the house on the bottom is constantly used by big cats. They are so tired after a long day, so they don’t feel like climbing up the tree to sleep on the comfortable hammocks. The house on top is also a great winding down spot for the felines. Inside the houses there are ultra cozy cushions that look so comfortable. Great thing about those condos is that the entrance doors are big enough to fit in a huge cat. Like I’ve said before, the Kitty Mansions 78 in. Amazon Cat Tree is designed for giant cats.

Features And Specifications

  • Wide weighted base gives the cat tree toughness and rigidity
  • Extremely sturdy scratching posts covered in sisal rope, perfect for scraping
  • Skyscraper scratching post extends up to a tall perch
  • Fake leaves are fancy and provide a more natural looking cat tree
  • Two perches are perfect challenge to felines to climb up and down the tree
  • Back rims on the perches are built in for added safety
  • Entrance ladder is ideal for kitten and older cats
  • All of the assembly parts come in the package along with an installation tool

This concludes the review of the Kitty Mansions Amazon cat tree. If you truly care about your big cat’s well being, you should purchase this product no matter how tight your budget is. I guarantee that it will be totally worth it.

I personally have it now for two years, and it still stands strong! There aren’t any noticeable sings of wear on it, except the damaged sisal ropes on the scratching posts. I actually have 4 adult big cats use this product. I re-tighten the nuts and bolts every month or so.

For cleaning I use a simple brush and a vacuum cleaner. All of the positive customer reviews, along with my experience with this sturdy cat tree for huge cats, makes it a breeze to recommend it to fellow big cat owners!