Small Cat Trees For Large Cats

Small Cat Trees For Large Cats

If you look for small cat trees for large cats, you probably don’t want the tree to take lots of space. Luckily for you, there are actually couple of modern cat trees that do just that. However, due to their size, I wouldn’t recommend them for three or more cats.

To be totally honest with you, your cats wouldn’t find using those small cat trees very comfortable. They would prefer a bigger cat tree with large perches and wide platforms. Those three small cat trees for large cats I will review below offer the most comfort, without sacrificing the limited space as much as possible.

On top of that, they are usually cheaper than those floor to ceiling and 8ft cat trees. This is always a great benefit for your wallet. Purchasing an inexpensive cat tree like those I will write about, doesn’t require any willpower. If the product doesn’t fit your interior or your cat’s needs, you can easily buy another one.

Even if you do the mistake a couple of times, you won’t notice any difference in your pockets. Nevertheless, I will try my best to provide you with a perfect tiny cat tree for huge cats, that will serve both yours and your cat’s needs. Just read the comprehensive reviews and see which one will fit your environment the most.

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Benefits Of Little Cat Trees For Big Cats

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There are numerous ways you can benefit from a small cat tree for large cats. Some of them are really obvious, but you may not be aware for some of them. Those benefits are the reason why cat owners throughout the globe decide to purchase these types of trees.

They are actually getting more and more popular as time goes on. I truly expected it to be this way. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be among the most popular trees known to mankind. For now, let me state the biggest conveniences you will receive after you purchase a small cat tree for large cats.

  • Save Lots Of Space – Like I’ve mentioned above, the small cat trees for large cats save the most amount of space out of all trees. Imagine if you decided to purchase a giant cat tree for your huge felines. They would take up to three times amount of free space than these kind of trees. Small cat trees for big cats are great for small studio apartments. You can even place them in the corner of the living room, without absolutely anyone noticing. How beautiful is that.
  • Some Cats Won’t Notice The Difference – I am not saying that all of the cats won’t notice that they are climbing and laying on a relatively small sized tree for their needs. I bet some of them will do. However, the amount of money and space you will save cannot be beat. Climbing, relaxing and sleeping on these 3 great small trees for big cats will be comfortable enough. Your felines can still exercise, climb and scrape on them. It is everything a cat tree needs to provide for the cats. It has to satisfy the cat’s natural instincts and needs.
  • Easy To Set Up – Unlike extremely huge cat trees, these kind of trees are a piece of cake to assemble. They don’t come with numerous installation parts. Everything you need to do is follow the assembly manual and you are good to go. If you previously had some kind of cat tree, then you won’t even have to follow the installation tutorial. You can do all of the screwing on your own. It shouldn’t take you anything more than 15 minutes. I will write about the installation difficulty for each of those three best small cat trees for large cats. I think that it will help you tremendously in the process.

FirstWell PCT020 Cat Tree Tower

FirstWell PCT020 Cat Tree Tower

The FirstWell PCT020 cat tree is an excellent small tree for large cats. It’s design is pretty stylish, fancy and decorative. Just because it has a relatively small base, but is pretty tall, it is designed to be placed in a corner and supported on a wall.

I’d advise you to place it in some corner in the living room. Also, it comes in three different colorways you can get, depending on your needs. If you don’t know which one to choose, I’d say go with the beige colored tree.

That colorway goes extremely well with any type of interior in your house. Also, it gives the cat tree a more natural and realistic look. Your cat will hardly notice the difference between a real tree and this one.

  • CARB-Certified Board Material – This is an excellent small cat tree for big cats for a reason. The CARB-Certified material is the main reason why this cat tree is able to hold it’s rigidity and toughness, even when two or more cats jump on it at the same time. Base board is even strengthened with battens. It greatly reduces the chance that your tree can fall over.
  • Multi-Level Platforms – This is a 3-tier cat tree that is suitable for multiple large cats. They can sleep and relax on every level without an issue. If you assembled the product right, there won’t be any wobbling and stability issues. I’d highly recommend you tighten the screws as much as you can. If you do so, forget about those issues.

Features And Specifications

  • Some scratching posts are covered with sisal rope for optimal durability
  • Extremely stable base that doesn’t take lots of space
  • Highest perch is at a perfect level for a large cat
  • Created with high quality durable plywood
  • There is an ultra-soft plush faux fur on top of the wood material
  • Your cat can do various types of exercises on the tree

Hiding Nice Cat Kitty Tree ZF-CT001-BE

Hiding Nice Cat Kitty Tree ZF-CT001-BE

This is an extremely good cat tree that is perfect for small spaces, and also excellent for huge cats. I tested this tree on my own, and came to the conclusion that for such an affordable price you receive a lot.

It will be great even if you have small kitties. The cat condo is at the base and can be accessed by cats ranging from the small, going to the huge side. I highly recommend you place it in the corner as the base has a squared shape.

When a giant cat jumps on the top perch, it becomes extremely wobbly if it isn’t supported to a wall. If you place it there, you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

  • Deluxe Cat Playground – For such a small size, it has a lot of platforms and entertainment parts. The cylinder that hangs from the highest perch is an optimal challenge for cats of any kind. They love to climb and hide inside it. Also, there is a sisal rope post leading to the top perch. Your cat will adore hanging out on the second-highest platform and scratch on the post throughout.
  • Exceptionally Durable and Rigid Construction – If you are looking for a small cat tree for large cats, the construction better be stable and tough. You don’t want the product to break in the first week after you assemble the product. Also, the tough construction of this tree can handle the weight of multiple cats.

Attributes and Description

  • Three scraping posts, from which one is covered in sisal rope
  • Cat condo can accommodate cats of any size
  • Extremely stable base is scientifically able to handle weight
  • All of the platforms are covered in extremely soft faux fur
  • Beige colorway is excellent choice for any type of indoor decoration

ArmarKat – X5703 Small Cat Tree For Large Cats

Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X5703

The ArmarKat X5703 cat tree looks like a huge tree, but it truly isn’t. It may be the biggest one out of the top 3 best small cat trees for large cats I write about.

However, it shouldn’t take lots of your free space. It is built from very rigid pressed wood material that is carpeted with soft tough carpet for optimal comfort level.

The greatest thing about the product’s great quality is that it can handle up to 50 pounds of weight. It means that it can be used for two cats or more. Your giant cat will love relaxing and climbing this great tree.

The cat condo on the lower part of the tree represents a base. It spreads all of the weight placed on the tree evenly. That is the secret why this particular tree doesn’t wobble when cats jump on it.

  • Three Perches Placed At Different Level – All of those perches will represent a challenge for your large felines to jump on to. They are wide enough for your cat to lay and even sleep on them. The posts that lead to the perches are actually covered in sisal rope that is excellent for scraping.
  • Hanging Toy Mice – The toy mice that hangs from the highest perch is an excellent way to keep your cat amused. The huge cat will truly forget what boredom is after you purchase this tree.

Attributes and Description

  • Hexagon shaped cat condo is perfect for medium sized cats and kitten
  • 5 scratching posts are covered in sisal rope
  • Top perch has safety rims that prevent your cat from falling from it
  • Three entrance holes on the condo for safety purposes
  • Nice and stylish design is extremely decorative for your indoors

Not Every Small Cat Tree Is Suitable For Huge Cats

As contrary as it looks, there are really some great small trees for big cats in the market today. You should keep in mind that not every small cat tree is suitable for big cats. I won’t write about a buying guide here just because there aren’t many options available.

I personally live in a small studio apartment and was looking for a tiny tree for my large cats. I didn’t want to sacrifice the restricted capacity of my rooms. I was purchasing some of the most ineffective trees from the local pet stores.

Some friends of mine recommended me to look for those products on I did so, and I happened to find the three most effective small cat trees for large cats. Those were the only products that worked for my case. You don’t have to search the local not supplied pet supply stores.

Even if you find the right type of inexpensive tree for your huge felines, there is a high chance that it will break down in the long run. It happened to me in multiple occasions. Companies like Armarkat, BestPet cat tree company build the most durable small trees for big cats on the market today.