Lotus Cat Tree Review

Lotus Cat Tree Review

In this Lotus Cat Tree review, you will find out whether the product is worth the price. To be totally honest with you, this is the most stylish, cool and elegant cat tree furniture you can find on the market today. It’s main competitor is the Sebastian tree.

On top of that, you can even choose between two different colorways. They are the espresso and the mahogany color scheme. You can’t go wrong with each of them. They will be an awesome decoration to any indoors. It’s build quality cannot be matched.

The material used for the Lotus cat tree is ply with oak thin decorative covering of fine wood. It offers a great deal of rigidity, stability and durability. Each of the platforms are carpeted, which means that sleeping and relaxing on the Lotus cat tree will be heavenly.

On the bottom of the tree, there is a medium sized cat condo that your felines would love to explore and sleep in. Inside that condo, there is an ultra soft, washable carpet for more enjoyable and snug sleep. Right on top of the house, there is an extremely comfortable pillow like material. There are numerous other features that should be mentioned. Let me do that.

  • 20 Inches Long Scraping Post – Cats function greatly on their natural instincts. If you closely look at feral cat’s movements and behavior, you can see that they scratch the surface on a real tree. What is the point of purchasing a cat tree without any scratching posts? Your cats will scrape on some high wear areas and will destroy the tree in no time. This is not the case with the Lotus cat tree. There is actually a 20″ long scratching post that is replaceable. That is something other expensive trees don’t utilize. Keep in mind that it is extremely durable and won’t need replacement for around a year of constant use. Your felines will have extremely good times exercising on this branched out cat tower that flowers on the top.
  • Carpeted Platforms Are Washable – Forget about bad odor coming from the Lotus cat tree. You don’t even have to take off all of the lost cat fur from the faux fur anymore. All you have to do is remove the carpet covering from the platforms and put them inside the washing room. It is that simple. Your cats will be more attracted to the tree this way. It is up to you how frequently you should do that. I’d recommend you wash the plush carpet once every two months. After I received all of the Refined Feline Lotus cat tree parts, there was some kind of unpleasant smell. Once I set up the tree, I noticed that the bad scent comes from those carpets. I strongly advise you wash them after you arrive the product. However, some customers didn’t even complained for such a problem. Maybe it isn’t a widespread problem. If you are having difficulty with this, check out this detailed cat tree cleaning guide.

Features And Specifications

  • The brown carpet is connected with Velcro
  • Extremely durable and replaceable 20″ sisal rope pad
  • Assembles easily if you follow the plain installation manual
  • No need for additional assembly tools other the Philips screwdriver that comes in the package
  • Squashy cushions on every platform are removable and washable
  • Every single part of the tree that wears out can be replaced
  • Created with luxurious and elegant ply with oak veneer
  • Two different colorways give the tree a more realistic and natural look

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Dimensions

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Dimensions

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Installation Instructions

I personally didn’t have any issues assembling this newer and updated version of the Lotus cat tree. It took me about a hour to do so.

All of the set up parts came in the product package, along with a Philips screwdriver and an assembly tutorial. You won’t need any other installation tools other than that.

The biggest problem with the installation process was that the installation manual didn’t have any text, only pictures.

You have to concentrate properly before doing the installation required. If you don’t there is a high chance that you will mess up. The installation process on the previous versions of the Lotus cat tree was a huge difficulty.

Multiple cat owners couldn’t install the tree, no matter how properly they followed the assembly instructions. This awesome piece of cat furniture doesn’t deserve a problem like that, especially at this price tag. This cat tree brand decided to fully refund all of the money spent by the customers that had trouble with the assembly process.

Luckily for all of us now, this upgraded version doesn’t have any problems like that one. I guarantee that you will receive a highly functional 6ft cat tree that you and your felines will fall in love with.

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this comprehensive Lotus cat tree review, I’ve stumbled across 210 Amazon.com customer reviews. This means that this is a popular cat tree among cat owners. The surprising part is that those customers gave the product 4.6 out of 5.0 possible stars. It means that the major part of those users were well pleased with what they received.

However, there were some niggling points raised about the Lotus cat tree. Let me state the most critical ones.

One customer said, “Generally, this was an awesome cat tree but it had some minor issues. The insert of the lower part of the support rod pulled out of the wood, and that made it loose”. Another customer said, “I decided to write this negative Lotus cat tree review because I stand tall behind my conclusion that an elderly person cannot get the screws and bolts tight”. Another one said “I had unpleasant experience with the support staff. I had a part missing and after contacting the company, they told me that the Lotus cat tree works fine without that part. They didn’t send me a new one”.

Those were the most critical Lotus cat tree reviews I’ve found on Amazon.com. Others didn’t seem to be bothered by the same problems. Maybe these problems aren’t widespread. Now let me point out some of the positive Lotus cat tree reviews.

Customers said, “This is an extremely functional and effective cat castle for your felines. It provides tons of entertainment and places for your cat to sleep and relax on” and “Every single member of my family, (including my feline family), love the stylish design of the tree. It doesn’t even look like cat furniture too!” and “It is a perfect cat tree. It looks as good as it works. I was afraid to purchase it because some customers mentioned some assembly parts missing. However, the company states that they fixed that issue. And you know what? They really did. Everything is perfect after I purchased it”.

All of the extremely positive Amazon.com Lotus cat tree reviews, plus the low amount of critical reviews, makes it easy for me to recommend it to every other cat owner.


I will be brutally honest with you. For some cat owners, the The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower will be a very expensive option.

However, the amount of features and quality you receive from it cannot be matched. It can be used for two cats or more. It will hold it’s rigidity and stability throughout the whole process. The top perch also has an extremely durable cushioning that will be perfect for any cat. If your budget is limited, check out these cat trees below $30, under $50 and cat trees below $100.

Your cats will feel the urge to climb up the tree at any costs, just so they can sleep on the top flowered perch plush cushioning. That will keep them healthy by doing all kinds of jumping, climbing and scratching.