How To Clean A Cat Tree

How To Clean A Cat Tree

Maintaining the cat tree is a must for every single cat owner. To be honest, it isn’t difficult at all. It’s definitely not like cleaning a dirty litter box with smelly feces on it. Treat the cat tree just like any other furniture inside your household. You probably don’t want it to look all messy and dirty.

In this article you will find out how to clean a cat tree using three different methods. I’ll explain what you need to do in great detail. All you have to do is not make excuses about how your cat tree doesn’t get dirty, read the information I am about to provide you and put it into action.

However, it is surprising how many cat owners are actually having difficult time with the problem of cat hair getting stuck on the tree. Lots of times this hair gets matted on the carpet surface of the tree. It is a problem because it cannot be cleaned using the traditional procedure of a vacuum cleaner and a simple brush.

For now remember. The cleaning process of a cat tree is very simple, doesn’t require much time and isn’t nasty at all. If you truly love your felines, it is not only important to purchase the greatest cat tree on the market for them. How you maintain it afterwards is all that really matters. Let’s cut the talking here, and hop directly to the methods!

How To Clean Cat Hair From Cat Tree

How To Clean Cat Hair From Cat Tree

There is usually a big difference between cat breeds on how much hair they leave on the tree. Here is a list of non-shedding cats that you can get if you don’t like to maintain the tree on regular basis.

Some cat owners even decide to give their cats to adoption just because their cat leaves a mess. If you don’t clean the hair off of the cat tree, it can cause your family members some allergic reactions.

First and foremost, you should clean cat hair from cat tree for health reasons. That should be your motivation and priority. If you look at it this way, then it is easy to clean the tree once a week.

Method No.1 – Traditional Cleaning

This is a method that is proven and used for ages. It is used ever since, and the major part of cat owners clean the hair off of their cat trees using this simple and non-costly method. It is so easy that your 10 year old can do it!

However, sometimes some cat hair will remain on the tree. But, no worries here. Cat’s aren’t extremely picky creatures. They won’t be bothered by a couple of hairs every now and then. So, let’s jump to the traditional method now!

What You’ll Need

  • Dirty cat tree full of hair
  • Vacuum cleaner (you probably have one inside your house)
  • Scrub Brush (like the one you you scrub your floors with)
  • Comb (helps to take the hair off of the brush)

The scrub brush helps get the hair off of the tree. The vacuum cleaner will get the litter, the dust and hair. For me personally, it is a dual process of using both the brush and the vacuum cleaner. It’s actually that simple!

Step 1:

All you have to do is come over the dirty tree and start brushing. You need to brush every carpeted area on the cat tree, including the scratching posts. Don’t forget the sides and the base of the tree. There is cat hair absolutely on every surface. Just scrub back and forth.

After a period of brushing (depending on how much cat hair there is on the cat tree), your brush will fill up with hair. Here, you should use simple comb to get all of the nasty hairs off of the brush. If the cat tree is huge, for example 9 foot, 8 foot, 7 foot etc, you can freely lean the cat tree on a wall and continue with the brushing.

Don’t worry, it won’t damage the soft faux fur material at all means. You can see how nasty hairs are contained on the brush. Pay special attention to the corners on the platforms, perches and the cat condos.

Step 2:

Now it is time to grab the vacuum cleaner. Most of the households have a vacuum cleaner. You should keep in mind that kitten are scared of the noise a vacuum cleaner creates. They will probably run away if they are nearby the tree.

It is very normal. So, after the brushing part, you should vacuum all of the carpeted parts of the cat tree. Don’t forget about the top platforms, sides and bottom of the cat tree. You should go inside the cat condos as well. You must pay special attention to the corners here.

That is why a vacuum cleaner is used in the first place. It takes away what the brush couldn’t and vice versa. It will also take away all of the bacteria infected cat litter from the tree.

That is how to clean cat hair from cat tree using the traditional method. This is every thing you need to do. It’s a simple two-step process that doesn’t require any costs. You should perform the traditional cleaning process at least once a week if you wan’t to keep the cat tree completely clean.

Method No. 2 – Deep Cleaning

If the cat tree hasn’t been cleaned since it was bought, and has cat hair all over the carpeted areas, it is time to perform the Deep Clean method.

Using a traditional brush and a vacuum cleaner won’t clean the tree in detail here. There may be some hairs that are deeply stuck to the faux fur surface on the tree.

This method is very easy, simple and faster than the Traditional Method. It’s a perfect way to get rid of everything dirty on the tree.

What You’ll Need

This is the only thing you’d need for the Deep Clean method. In the long run, you’ll even save more money using this method than the traditional method. You won’t need a vacuum cleaner which is widely known to waste lot’s of energy.

I actually bought this special brush for my dog that sheds like a beast. I discovered this method by an accident! I was looking at my dirty cat tree that had lots and lots of hair on it, and wondered how the hell would I get all of that stuff off of it. After using the Traditional Method, only half of the hair was gone.

There were thoughts that I should even sell the cat tree on Craigslist, or even throw it into the thrash can. But, it was actually a deluxe cat tree from ArmarKat that I’ve spend a large sum of money on.

One day I decided to use the HappyDogz Shedding Brush on it. The results? Perfectly clean hairless cat tree! It legitimately takes just a couple of seconds to do, and it cleans the hair away quickly. You just have to be careful on tears in the carpet on the tree, because it can pull some of it. Otherwise, it works like magic. Investing in this marvelous shedding brush will probably save your cat tree and your nerves.

It is even ideal for a cat tree that is used for 3 cats or more. You can use the metal blade in the corners of the perches and platforms perfectly. It pulls away the hair like magic. This is probably the most amazing thing I’ve found for the cleaning of my cat trees.

I’d recommend you do the Deep Clean method daily, because it takes around 3 minutes to complete. I am a huge fan of it and actually do it personally to completely clean cat hair from cat tree.

Method No. 3 – Complete Germ & Bacteria Killing

How to clean a cat tree or tower

This is a method that I highly recommend you use if you decide to buy an used cat tree. The used cat tree will probably have lots of bacteria and germs that were brought to the tree by the previous cat tree residents.

The tree will have some kind of aroma that will be so repulsive for your felines. I recently bought an used cat tree from BestPet. This method worked perfectly.

If your felines don’t use a particular used cat tree, this is the main reason why. After you receive the tree, it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Don’t get me wrong. I even recommend you use this method on your own cat trees. It will completely kill all of the bacteria and remove the hairs from the cat tree. This is the most comprehensive and hard cleaning process you can do.

That is why I highly recommend you do this once every month.

What You’ll Need

These are the only items you need to perform this method. Most of the household usually have all of these items. If you happen to miss some, I provided links to get the exact same product that I personally use to clean my cat tree.

Step 1:

First of all you’ll need the paper towel and the Nature Clean Odor Remover. I try to stick to products that are as natural as possible. That is why I go with the Nature Clean products. It’s actually just hydrogen peroxide and water. Nothing too complicated. The hydrogen peroxide does an extremely well job of killing bacteria and removing odor.

You need to spray all surfaces of the cat tree you are cleaning. Don’t miss anything. Spray inside the cat condos and hammocks as well. Don’t forget the scratching posts. After doing so, wait at least 5 minutes so the hydrogen peroxide will kill most of the bacteria. Don’t let the cat use the cat tree during this period!

Next, you need to use some paper towel sheets on the surface of the tree. It will remove all of the icky stuff. Brush the tree using the paper towel sheets. After the first wipe down, you can see how dirty your cat tree actually is. There will be lots of fur, dirt and litter.

Step 2:

Squirt some Nature Clean Dishsoap inside a bowl full of hot water. Moist the simple scraping sponge with the liquid and scrape all surfaces on the tree with the rough side of it. It does a really good job taking all of the hairs way.

Step 3:

After doing the first two steps, I spray the cat tree with the hydrogen peroxide for the last time. I guarantee that it will kill all of the bacteria and germs, along with the bad smell from the tree.
This is everything the Germ and Bacteria Killing Method is about. It takes longer than the previous two methods, but it works flawlessly.

Method No. 4 – Matted Cat Hair Cleaning

Matted Cat Hair Cleaning

If there is matted hair stuck on the carpeted surface of the tree, it is time to use this innovative method. It takes away all of the tangled hair that is thick, which can’t be vacuumed or brushed away with the other methods. This method is very simple, and you will be surprised how effective it is.

What You’ll Need

So, to clean the matted cat hairs, you have to make the gloves slightly wet on the outside. Then brush the hair covered surface of the cat tree with your palm and fingers, doing a scraping motion. Next thing you’ll see is a hand full of cat hair. If the matter cat hair doesn’t come off, use more force.

After you scrub the matted cat hair surface, it is time to vacuum the loose hairs with a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it takes lot of swiping and rubbing in order to take the hairs away. However, each time I’ve used this method it was a great success. I could even clean the most critical parts of the cat tree.

I recommend this method for cat trees that are carpeted. It won’t work on cat trees with faux fur as effective. That is a think that you should keep in mind.

This is how to clean a cat tree in detail. I hope this article covered everything that concerned you previously. I personally used all of these methods, and I swear that they work perfectly. Also, they don’t require any costs and are extremely easy to do.