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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Reviews

Go Pet Club is one of the greatest cat tree brands on the market today. They offer a broad range of stylish cat tree designs, number of activities your cats can do and sizes.

Cat owners face a huge problem. They simply don’t know which tree is the best for their felines and household. That is why I decided to write this ultimate Go Pet Club cat tree reviews.

All you have to do is read the text I’ve typed in for you, and I guarantee that you will find a perfectly suitable tower condo for your pets at home. No matter if you need a cat tree for 3 cats, for small spaces, for big cats for two cats, with banana leaf etc. the company will cover you.

Go Pet Club cat trees even come in any realistic size, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 3 tier, 4 tier, from floor to ceiling, with huge stands etc. The best thing about them is that not only you will fall in love with the convenience and beauty of the products, but your cats will unconditionally love them too!

Also, they come at a very reasonable price, so the normal cat owner could definitely afford them. It is clear that Go Pet Club company cares about their customers. On Amazon.com almost all of their products offer free shipping and arrive in less than two days.

Can you really ask for more? Let me cut the talking right here, and hop directly to the Go Pet Club cat tree reviews.

*Our Top Picks

Go Pet Club Cat Tree 108-inch Model FC06

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree 108-inch is the biggest tree the company has yet to offer. It is a complete floor to ceiling amusement park for your felines. The 9 ft skyscraper scratcher can be attached to the ceiling. It adds up to the stability aspect.

You won’t have to place it in the corner. I highly recommend you do this. This pole can also be adjusted from 92″ up to 108″.

The amount of features and quality you get from this biggest cat tree platform for big cats is unmatched. High quality premium grade pressed wood is used all over the structure of the tree, and is enhanced in areas where sturdiness is needed the most.

The wood is carpeted with beige faux fur which delivers a luxury feel and peacefulness once the cat’s paw touch it.

To be brutally honest with you, the assembly process takes longer than other, smaller cat trees. I installed this properly in one in hour and a half.

The assembly manual is plain and easy to follow. Don’t panic when you take all of the assembly parts out of the packaging box. There may be a lot of bolts, scratching posts, large perches and cat condos. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

If you want to tighten the bolts even more, I’d advice to you use a simple screwdriver. Check out this complete cat tree cleaning guide to learn how to maintain this product

  • Heaven For Cats – The Go Pet Club cat tree 108-inch FC06 model is one of the most sophisticated and feature stacked cat towers known to mankind. There are two ramps that ease the entry of young kittens and cats with pain in their joints. Three hanging sisal ropes, plus a cat toy is exactly what your cats need and love. Stunning 24 high quality scratching posts are enhanced with sisal rope to offer additional durability and natural feel while scraping. There are 3 hammocks that are perfect for 3 cats. You can receive all of this by simply doing the clever choice of investing in this deluxe cat tree.
  • Extremely Sturdy For It’s Size – I was surprised by how tough and balanced this fancy cat tree really is. Normally, the top perches are slightly shaking just like they are supposed to. This is a safety mechanism that cat trees come up with. Otherwise, they would all like climb up to the top perch. Once it is shaky, cats sense that the tree may fall over. But, this was one of the most attractive cat trees for cats I’ve ever reviewed. It’s overall sturdiness and ability to handle big amounts of weight is simply stunning!

Features And Specifications

  • Floor to ceiling cat tree that is attachable to the ceiling for added balance
  • Wide and long tree base offers optimal stability for the whole tree
  • Tree stands are reinforced with metal fillings inside
  • 3 cylinders propose a challenge for your furry friends
  • One medium sized house is a great housing for average sized felines
  • Able to handle large amount of weight and multiple cats
  • Great beige colorway goes well with absolutely any interior

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was testing this Go Pet Club Cat Tree 108-inch Model, I came across 105 Amazon.com customer reviews that gave the product 4.0 out of 5.0. It is a great score for such huge cat tower.

However, there were some negative things raised about this castle.

One customer said, “I was assembling the product for almost three hours. It is such a long time”. Another customer said, “The left part of this large cat tree was slightly shaky. I had to install a brace for the two sides to balance better”. Other one said, “My kittens damaged the material pretty badly in a year time span.”

Those were the most critical reviews I’ve found. Let me now state what the satisfied customers had to say about this natural, fancy and luxury 9ft tree.

They said, “The Go Pet Club cat tree 108-inch FC06 model is definitely worth the price. My felines play on it every single day” and “I purchased this floor to ceiling stylish cat tree for my two new kittens. It is so cute watching them sleep in the relaxing hammocks” and “My four cat family go hard on this cat tree. After they are tired they sleep like sweet little bundles of fur in the condo and the hammocks”.

This is the finish of the Go Pet Club cat tree reviews. I completely recommend this Go Pet Club cat tree 108-inch model for multi-cat households, and cats who suffer from boredom and behavioral problems.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 is probably the most popular product the company has to offer. This is a great cat tree that cats find natural and realistic. If your cats have certain behavioral problems, they can easily be fixed by placing the F2040 cat tree in your indoors.

Once they recognize how much amusement the Go Pet Club cat tree F2040 has to offer, they will forget scratching the luxury furniture and modern walls once and for all. This tree offers everything your cat needs to remain entertained.

The genie design of the tree offers ten scratching posts that are covered with sisal rope for more natural scraping feel. On top of the tree there are three perches that are perfect for sleeping. It is a 3 tier tree, that has two condos on each floor, connected with two ramps for more convenience.

The Go Pet Club cat tree F2040 comes in two colorways. The beige colorway goes well with almost any type of indoor decor. Blue colorway doesn’t go well with anything, but if you like your household to look more unique and stylish, I’d recommend you choose this one.

  • Metal Insert In Stands – There are metal inserts inside the cat tree stands that offer sturdiness and rigidness. Other cheap cat trees are unbalanced and lack in durability, just because there aren’t metal inserts inside of it. This is a great concept the Go Pet Club cat tree F2040 came with. There are two additional layers in the stands. Sisal rope and special cardboard, which provide more natural feel for the cat’s paws.
  • Can Handle Multiple Cats – The Go Peet Club cat tree F2040 is designed for 3 cats. However, I know households with 5 above average sized cats (9-14) lbs, to use the tree at the same time. It remained sturdy and offered great entertainment for all of them. The rigidity and durability of the tree cannot be compromised. Even after a year of use, the tree in that household stood tall and there couldn’t be any noticeable signs of wear, other than a couple of scrapes.

Features And Specifications

  • Multi level cat tree with platforms
  • 3 wide top perches with outriggers that prevent falls while your cats are rolling
  • 10 scratching posts covered with sisal rope for more durability and natural feel
  • Perfect for felines with removed claws
  • 2 ramps perfect for cats in age and kittens
  • Cat tree base platform is stable and great for small spaces
  • 2 cat condos offer great comfort

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 Dimensions

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of writing this Go Pet Club cat tree review, I came across mind blowing 6,808 Amazon.com customer reviews. It is perfectly clear that this is the most favored tree the company has to offer. They rated this product 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. This means that you can’t go wrong with this modern cat tree.

Nevertheless, there are still some product customers that weren’t totally pleased by their purchase.

Customers said, “I didn’t gave this awesome cat tree 5 stars just because the top three perches weren’t as stable as I’d like them to be” and “The product was made from pressed wood. It isn’t as good as normal wood or plywood” and “The plastic inserts in the posts where the bolts need to be inserted got worn down. However, this was my mistake for over-tightening them”.

The larger part of the users were completely pleased by their investment.

They said, “Go Pet Club cat tree F2040 is a perfectly stable tree that you don’t even need to lean it on the wall” and “This was a great product. I already keep investing in another one in consideration” and “It is a perfectly, stable and sturdy tree that is perfect! The first tier actually handled my 230 lbs heavy body. I applied the pressure slowly. The tree is built to strengthen by it’s own!”.

The large amount of positive customer reviews, along with the few critical reviews make me completely recommend the Go Pet Club F2040 cat tree to other cat owners.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree brown F49 is a smaller, but more affordable than the F2040 tree model. Although it is tinier, it is sturdy enough to handle 3 average sized cats.

It comes with eight scratching posts covered with sisal rope, five levels, hanging sisal rope and toy mice, two perches, a cat condo and a ladder. The ladder is optimal for elderly cats and small kittens.

It is even great for cats with arthritis who feel pain when they are jumping and climbing up the tree. So, the integration of the ramp makes climbing up the tree a breeze.

The pressed wood material offers powerful foundation. It is carpeted with brown faux fur material for stylish and luxury looks and feel. Assembly was a piece of cake. I did it in 15 minutes.

All I did was follow the clear assembly manual. Everything you need to do is tighten the bolts tightly. It isn’t a very tall tree, so you won’t even have to stretch upward to install it.

  • 5 Scratching Posts With Sisal Rope – The scraping posts are an excellent place where your cats can workout on. All of the Go Pet Club cat trees’ posts are 3 layered. On the surface there is a sisal rope. Behind that there is a special cardboard and metal fillings that offer durability and more realistic feel. Your cats will get addicted with the scratching that Go Pet Club cat tree F49 has to offer. They will forget scraping the litter box and furniture all together.
  • Cat Toys Provide Entertainment – There is a sisal rope hanging from the top perch, and a toy mice hanging from the second-highest platform. What I’ve noticed after a year of using the Go Pet Club cat tree F49 is that the toy and the rope remained intact. This was not the case with cat trees from other brands. Sometimes, these cat toys that came with the cat tree were gone the first day the tree was assembled. The toy and the rope that come with the F49 cat tree are placed strategically, so your cat cannot fully scrape and play with them. They have to lean slightly to the edge to do so. It is both an ultimate challenge and amusement blended in one.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 Dimensions

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was typing this detailed Go Pet Club cat tree review, I stumbled across 4,508 Amazon.com customer reviews. They gave this product 4.7 out of 5.0 reviews. This says that not every single customer was delighted with the pick up. There were some niggling points customers stated that I thought I have to state for you to see.

They said, “The highest perch is unbalanced when my cats jumps on it. So they don’t prefer using it anymore” and “Ramp and the hole between the first and second level are completely unutilized” and “Installing the ramp was very difficult for me. I actually had to contact the customer service of Go Pet Club to get it assembled” and “I hate the hole that is placed right in front of the ladder on the second platform. My cats are slipping and falling through it time by time”.

However, no one else seems bothered by those same issues. They may not be widespread problems.

Others said, “The Go Pet Club cat tree F49 is an excellent cat furniture. My cat has lots of fun and exercise with it” and “Value is stunning and the price is affordable. What can you ask for more?” and “F49 cat tree is worth every single penny!” and “I owned this cat tree for three years now. It still holds sturdy and without visible signs of use. Great investment”.

In conclusion, the Go Pet Club cat tree F49 is a perfect product for 3 cats that are average sized. It is a very affordable tree with great features. This finishes my Go Pet Club cat tree review. I truly recommend it for other cat owners.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2031

This is a 80-inch high 4 tier tree that comes in two colorways. There is a beige colorway that will blend in nicer with the high part of indoors, and there is a brown one which is more noticeable.

There is no ladder which helps the entry for younger and cats in age. However, the lowest platform is so close to the ground, which is easily accessible. Small kittens will learn how to properly jump and climb up the tree using this wooden Go Pet Club cat tree F2031 tower.

There are two houses with different dimensions. The higher house is more suitable for large cats, and the lower one is relatively small, and would be perfect for tiny kittens.

  • Comfortable Hammock For Sleeping – In my opinion, one of the best features about this awesome tree with large perches is the hammock. It is placed on a scratching post, somewhere in the middle of it’s length. This is put strategically, so your cat have to work for it’s sleep. It has to jump or climb up the tree so it can relax in the hammock.
  • 3 Mice Toys And Hanging Sisal Rope– Once you invest in the Go Pet Club cat tree F2031, say goodbye to the cat’s boredom. This will easily fix a big number of the cat’s behavioral problems. The reason why your cat is scratching on furniture, peeing on the sides of the litter box, or fighting with the fellow pets at home, is due to boredom. Even when you are out of your house, your cats will stay occupied with this tree and won’t create mess out of your beautiful indoors.

Features And Specifications

  • Created with high quality plywood in areas where it’s most needed
  • Covered with faux fur for great comfort and natural feel
  • Choose from two colorways, depending on your taste
  • Two highest perches come with outriggers that add up to the safety aspect
  • Comfortable hammock is cat’s favorite winding down spot
  • Large house can accommodate a giant cat

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2039 Dimensions

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2039 Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was typing these comprehensive Go Pet Club cat tree reviews, I found 1,373 Amazon.com customer reviews for the F2031 model. Users gave the product 4.4 out of 5.0 stars.

There were some niggling points rased about the F2031 cat tree model.

Customers said, “It is an excellent cat tree but it freaks me a little bit. When my cat got heavier, the tree began shaking every time it jumped on top of it. However, it never tipped over. I replaced the bottom with wider and denser wood and is now perfectly fine.” and “You have to put it near the wall so it won’t shake and wobble” and “When my cats go up the tree there isn’t any problem. But coming down from it is a big problem for my cats. It worries me a bit”.

Those were just a couple of the most critical reviews on the product. Other were completely pleased with what they received.

Satisfied customers said, “I love the corner fit of this cat tree. It is designed to be perfectly locked and secured in the corners.” and “This is a very attractive and TALL cat tree. Wasn’t truly expecting any of this!” and “My felines love the Go Pet Club F2013 cat tree! They were bored and scratched everything plus the air, until I bought this magnificent natural tree with hammock”.

This concludes the Go Pet Club cat tree review. I recommend it to users who are looking for a custom cat tree for the corner.