Best Cat Trees For Small Spaces

Cat Trees For Small Spaces

If you have limited space in your indoors, it is time to purchase cat trees for small spaces. Modern cat tree companies are building products that will fit in absolutely any circumstance. Just like there are 4 tier, floor to ceiling cat trees for 3 cats or more, they also build compact trees. No matter how stylish or decorative a huge cat tree that is 6ft + looks like, it simply won’t look realistic for your little spaces.

I see this issue becoming more popular nowadays. I really don’t understand why cat owners decide to purchase one of those giant trees. Their indoors may not even have any space remaining. Who wants the major part of their household to be taken by a 7ft wooden cat tree with skyscraper scratchers? This is what motivated me to write this article about the best cat trees for small spaces.

I will also do a review for the greatest five trees that will take the least space, but will get the job done. Also, the buying guide will help you tremendously. I’d recommend you check it first before doing any kind of purchase. Actually, there is no need to, because I already did all the hard work for you!

Below, you can check the comparison table for the greatest cat trees for miniature spaces.

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Reason Why Compact Cat Trees Are Extremely Important

Cat Trees For Small Spaces

When cats live in small spaces, they feel some kind of pressure. Here, you can do two things.Move to a larger household – As you know, not everyone will do this just so they will make their pets at home happier. Also, it cost lots of money that couldn’t be afforded.

The second solution is to buy the right cat furniture to ease this stress for both the felines and you. In our case, we are talking about the perfect cat trees for mini spaces.

This is extremely important to do because studies have shown that cat trees are the number one cat entertaining furniture.

More fun leads to lower stress levels. Your cats will forget about doing all the silly things they are known to do out of boredom. Also, it will fix some of the most annoying behavioral problems.

It is because modern cat tree’s designs utilize deluxe scraping posts, hammocks, toys and a lot more. Your cat can exercise, sleep, scratch and even socialize on a cat tree. In our case, those features will be greatly limited due to the cat tree’s size, but they will do their job immensely.

Best Cat Trees For Small Spaces Buying Guide

If you follow all the right steps in our buying guide, you are on your way to make your indoors a more happier place to live. First of all, we have to do couple of things.

Cat Trees For Small Spaces
  • Decide Where To Place The Tree – If you want to place it in the living room, I’d recommend you place it in some corner. This way, it won’t be that noticeable by the visitors. Also, it won’t be placed in a highly frequent area. You will save great amount of limited space. Your felines won’t feel lonely. There are high chances that there will be someone living room. However, if your living room capacity isn’t great, you should look for a greater alternative. Just keep in mind that the experiences of many cat owners, including mine, show that placing the top cat tree for small spaces in the living room’s corner is the way to go.
  • Measure The Dimensions Of The Area – Here is a crucial mistake that many cat owners make. Some of them live in an extremely small expanse and swear that their space is exceptionally important. But, at the same time, they don’t measure the dimensions of the place where they want to put the fancy cat tree for small spaces. Then, they purchase a wide cat tree for big cats with branched large perches and are surprised about where did all the free space go. This is why I highly recommend you measure the space where you want to place the natural cat tree to be. Just by doing so, you will do a greater job than 90% of cat owners.
  • Measure The Tree’s Base – This is the third and final step. Just like the other two, you have to get this right. If you do so, better days will come. Your chemistry with your lovely felines will be on an ultimate level. Before you do the purchase, you should always see the dimensions of the cat tree for small apartments’ base. If your space is ultra limited, I’d advice you choose the one with the smallest length and width. That will take the least space. There is a rule of thumb that the smaller the tree’s base, the shorter the tree would be. There isn’t any tall 3 tier+ cat tree that is branched with huge perches, that comes with a small base. This will lead to all kinds of stability and wobbling issues that you must avoid. However, cats love high cat trees. I reviewed all the most stable cat trees that didn’t sacrificed their sturdiness just in case to be more suitable for small spaces. I put the top performers in the comparison table above.


  • Cheaper than deluxe and fancy tall trees that take lots of space
  • Can be used for small spaces perfectly
  • Ideal for older cats and younger kitten
  • Won’t be that noticeable by potential house visitors
  • Cats will still get a nice and natural wooden cat tree
  • They are far easier to install


  • They don’t come with lots of features
  • Simple construction isn’t very luxury
  • More short than cat trees with large base
  • Usually can’t be used by multiple cats

FirstWell PCT012 Cat Tree With Scratching Posts

FirstWell PCT012 Cat Tree With Scratching Posts

This is the greatest and most feature stacked cat tree for small spaces the market has to offer. The FirstWell PCT012 cat tree is more than a simple tree.

First of all, it is very stylish, as it comes in 6 different colorways that can blend in absolutely any house. I’d go with the Beige colorway if you want simplicity, and go with the Tiger Stripe colorization if you want more luxury and deluxe feel.

It comes with a highly durable, sturdy wooden construction that can handle the weight of an average sized adult cat. Also, it can be used for two kitten at the same time. The FirstWell PCT012 cat tree for small apartments comes with a relatively small base that offers surprising amounts of stability.

There are three scratchings posts that come from the base, that extend up to a high perch that is ideal for relaxation. Total of six scratching posts covered with sisal rope are included in the tree.

No matter how much your felines tend to scratch on the posts’ surface, it will handle the attacks pretty well due to the long-lasting sisal rope material. An entrance ladder goes directly to a medium sized cat condo. This makes the FirstWell PCT012 indoor carpeted cat tree ideal for cats in age and kitten.

All of the cat tree’s surface is covered with faux fur material for greater comfort and looks. As surprising as it seems, the product comes with a built-in hammock. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for cats over 10+ lbs.

The assembly process took me about 15 minutes. You may install it in shorter time frame. I like to tighten all the nuts and bolts as much as I physically can. This way there is guaranteed toughness and stability. All the installation parts come with the product package.

Plus, there is an Allan’s wrench that will make the tightening process even easier! You receive all of this at a such an affordable price. What more can you ask for a cat tree for small spaces?

HPD Cat Tree Deluxe 36″ Cat Tree Condo

Deluxe Cat Tree

This is the cat tree that will take the least amount of space, out of the three. It may not be the prettiest, but it surely does it’s job. It is perfect for small cat breeds. I wouldn’t use this tree if I had a giant, or even a 16+ lbs cat.

The reason why is because the cylinder is too small for a cat of that size. You are looking for the best cat tree for small spaces, and my experience showed that this is definitely one of them. The high quality plywood material used for the tree offers all the needed toughness for such a small tree.

There is even metal fillings inside the scratching posts. This highly increases the rigidity of the tree. Those three scratching posts are covered with beige colored sisal rope. If you have a cat that loves to scratch on the tree, it will fall in love with those posts.

It will forget scratching on the walls and messing the wooden carpet floor once and for all. For such a small investment, you will save a lot of your nerves and money. The cylinder is perfect opportunity to keep your cat amused.

The cat tree’s base is actually a small sized condo, ideal for older cats and small kitties. Squared shape of the base and condo is designed for the tree to be placed next to a wall, for even greater stability. Dimensions of the HPD Cat Tree Deluxe 36″ Cat Tree Condo’s base are: 12″ inches in width and 12″ inches in length.

This cat tree won’t take much of the precious free space that you need. Some customers stated that this was a very small tree for their felines, but I didn’t came across that issue. Maybe it isn’t a widespread problem. Other customers were completely pleased with what they bought.

Also, the installation process took me roughly 10 minutes at most. All the product’s parts came with the package box, along with a wrench. You can’t go wrong investing in the HPD Cat Tree For Tiny Spaces Deluxe 36″ Cat Tree Condo. I greatly suggest it to other cat owners.

AmazonBasics Small Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

This is a go-to cat tree for cat owners who don’t like to spend a large portion of their budget for a tree. That surely doesn’t mean that the quality that is provided for the price is insufficient.

I agree that this is probably one of the most simple cat trees that are known to mankind. And you know what? It does what it is supposed to. And even more!

For such an inexpensive price tag, you get both a sisal-rope covered scraping post, plus a carpeted, comfortable perch that your cat would love to sleep on.

The top perch comes with a curved rim that prevents your cat from falling while it is sleeping or relaxing. This is a great feature that was added on the product. This makes this an excellent tiny cat tree for large cats.

AmazonBasics cat tree brand always offers high quality products for an affordable price. They don’t want to get their name included in critics. The beige colorway of the AmazonBasics cat tree for small spaces blends awesomely in the large portion of indoors.

The tree’s base dimensions are 15″ inches in length and 15″ inches in width. You don’t even have to measure area where you predict to place this simple, yet fancy cat tree that your felines will love to play and sleep on. For greater balance, I’d advise you place it next to a wall in the corner of the living room.

This way, the chances of falling over are lowered to none. The installation process took me rough 10 minutes. I just followed the plain assembly tutorial. The instructions were clear and detailed. All of the tree’s parts were included in the package plus all the required nuts and bolts. On top of that it is stated for this product to be designed and manufactured in the USA. This means one thing. Quality.

I recommend this for cat owners who are on a budget, and are willing to purchase a tree that is perfect for small spaces. I know that the price tag won’t hurt anyone’s wallet, for sure!