Best Cat Trees For Senior Cats

Cat Trees For Senior Cats

The sad truth is that your lovely, once small kitten has to age. When it does, it loses it’s jumping and climbing capabilities. So, what would be the point of purchasing a cat tree for senior cats be?

Luckily for every cat and owner, modern cat tree companies create products that are designed to satisfy the elderly cat’s needs. Just because cats age, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to climb and jump on high objects. It is in their instincts and DNA.

However, they are having difficulty doing so. It would be even worse if your cat has arthritis. All of the pain and suffering until the cat reaches the top tall perch on the tree will be simply too much. This is where specialized cat trees for senior cats come into play. If you have an older cat, you are definitely at the right place.

You are good on your way to discover what you should look like in cat trees that will fulfill the needs and wants for your old buddy. I even provided you with a detailed comparison chart where I placed the top cat trees for cats in age. Also, I added a brief description for the product where you can learn more stuff about it.

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What Features Should Cat Trees For Older Cats Have?

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There are certain treats that make some cat trees ideal for older cats. It really doesn’t matter whether a tree is 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, from floor to ceiling, it can still be used by your elderly cat if it has the right elements.

Some people say that once the cat ages, it doesn’t want to climb on a cat tree anymore. This is so far from the truth. They still want to do it, but the improper cat trees stop them from doing so. Let me state the 3 features your cat tree for senior cats should have.

  • Entrance Ramp – This is a must-have, ultimate feature in your cat tree. Without this, cats in age will have lots of difficulty climbing on a cat tree no matter how natural or realistic it would feel for the cat. Most of the time, depending on the tree’s size, one single ramp or ladder won’t be enough. The job of the ramp would be to connect multiple platforms to each other. The ramp will also serve a great purpose if you have younger kitten. Just as the elderly cats, young kitten don’t have the power and strength to climb and jump on the cat tree. To conclude, an entrance ramp is a must for every cat tree for cat’s in age.
  • Tree Sturdiness – If you want your cat tree to be used by your elderly cat, it better not be wobbly! This is the number one reason why the cats that get older stop use the cat tree altogether. They are afraid from the tree collapsing on them, thus hurting them badly. The athleticism to jump to safety isn’t there, so their instinct says to stop using this dangerous, shaking object. This is why you need to purchase a stable cat tree, one that doesn’t get imbalanced when your old buddy gets on it. However, if you do have a cat tree with ramp but the tree is shaky, I’d recommend you hold it on the wall. This will greatly help stabilize the tree. You will be amazed by seeing your cat continuing to use the tree again.
  • Optimal Comfort – This feature is not a must, but I highly recommend your cat tree to be comfortable for your older cat. Once something feels nice and smooth on your cat’s paws, they will immediately feel sympathy about that. In order your cat tree for senior cats to offers considerable amount of comfort, it should be carpeted or covered with faux fur. Usually, cat trees are made out of hard wood enhanced with fur. Avoid purchasing those cheap, plastic and unstable cat trees from the local pet supply store, just because they don’t need to be assembled. This is the worst thing you can do for your elderly cat. If you truly appreciate it’s presence and love, you must purchase a cat tree that will optimize it’s sleep and relaxation time.

Go Pet Club FC01 Cat Tree For Senior Cats

The Go Pet Club FC01 is the most perfect cat tree for older cats ever made. It comes with every single feature needed for cats in age I’ve listed above. It offers not just one, but two cat tree ramps and a ladder.

This connects every platform of this 4 tier cat tree all together. It’s sturdiness can’t be compromised. The pressed wood material is the reason why this cat tree is so balanced, even when a heavy cat gets on the top condo.

On top of it, there is beige colored faux fur which greatly adds up to the comfort component of the tree. Your older cat won’t get enough from this tree with hammocks! Once it winds down on the top hammock, it will probably be one of the greatest experiences it had in all of it’s lifetime!

The dimensions of this awesome cat tree for senior cats are: 50″ inches wide, 16″ inches long and adjustable height from 92″ inches to 106″ inches. This means that this is a floor to ceiling cat tree with skyscraper scratchers.

You can actually attach it to the ceiling, which will offer additional balance. Older cats will love this! The added rigidness and toughness will be welcome to cats in age. It is a huge, extremely large cat tree that will afford accommodation for 3 cats or more.

For assembly, it took me about a half an hour. All the installation parts came with the package box. You won’t need any other installation tools, but I highly recommend you tighten all of the screws and bolts with a screwdriver. There mustn’t be any shakiness if you want your cat to use this cat tree in the long term.

MF99Z Merax Cat House Activity Tree

MF99Z Merax Cat House Activity Tree

The stylish and luxury MF99Z Merax cat tree offers everything your older cat needs. The CARB-certified high quality rigid board offers great amount of stability for your senior cat.

Beige colored faux is added on top of the top notch wood, for added comfort and style. You can’t go wrong with this universal colorway. It goes wonderfully with any type of indoor decorations. 4 scratching posts come from the base and extend all the way up the tree. The top three scratchers are enhanced with sisal rope for greater durability and cat paw’s feel.

Two can condos are big enough for an above average sized adult cat. They are connected with each other with the help of two wooden ladders. This is a heavenly cat tree for senior cats. Assembly is a piece of cake. I did it in around 45-minutes time.

Every single assembly part came in the package box, along with a perfectly clear installation manual. The top three perches are actually hard to reach for your older cat, but are not needed. They are excellent if you plan to use the tree for three or more cats.

The product’s measurements are: 24″ inches in length, 22″ inches in width and 73″ inches in height. The product is actually designed to be put next to the wall for added backbone. This way it shouldn’t wobble a bit.

Hiding New Style Cat Tree For Cats In Age

This is another excellent cat tree for senior cats. It’s earth like colorway goes well with any indoor decor. The ladders leads to the cat condo that is extremely comfortable, especially for your older cat.

Some customers recommend that you put a small litter pan inside the condo, if you have cats in age. This way, this cat tree will offer absolutely everything cats need. It comes with five scratching posts, ladder, high quality compressed wood, two sturdy cat tower perches and hanging sisal rope.

It is a complete package for an older cat. The product’s dimensions are: 22.5″ inches wide, 25″ inches long and 47.5″ inches tall. It is actually big enough to accommodate two or more medium sized cats.

The product’s description says that only cats below 10lbs should use the tree. I personally bought this box for my 14lb exotic shorthair called Garfield. The box handled it’s weight flawlessly. There were times when multiple cats were on the tree at the same time. It’s an excellent small cat tree for big cats.

To be honest, it wobbled a bit, but if you put it on the wall, it will be stabilized extremely well. You get all of this with such an affordable price. There is no excuse, every single serious cat owner has enough budget to invest for it’s cat in age. You can buy cat trees under $30, below $50 and under $100.

If you truly love your cat, you should invest in this extremely good cat tree for senior cats. Make the last years of the cat’s more convenient.

Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Cat Tree With Cat-IQ Busy Box

This is probably one of the most affordable cat trees for seniors your money can buy. The beauty of Furhaven Pet tree company is that they build very high quality products at such a cheap price.

It is really hard to bead. In this case, you get a beige colored tree that comes with a ladder optimal for cats in age. Not only that but you also receive 5 scratching posts covered with sisal rope, cat condo for winding down, 47″ inches tall perch, hanging sisal rope for entertainment and Cat-IQ box.

This is a feature that very few cat trees have. The Cat-IQ box is perfect for elderly cats who need to keep their mind sharp and in optimal level. Your cat will stop scratching on your favorite stylish and luxury once you assemble this realistic, natural and carpeted tree.

Some people ask me how to build this tree. My answer to this question is to look in the installation manual. Modern cat tree manufacturers like Furhaven Pet, include a complete installation tutorial in the packaging box. Installation can’t really go wrong if you fully follow the assembly instructions.

Some customers are having difficulty installing the two removable jingle bell toys. All you have to do for them is tighten their bolts with a simple screwdriver. This way, they won’t get off once your elderly cat plays with them.

The product’s dimensions are: 19.5″ inches in length, 19.5″ inches wide and 47.5 inches high. It is actually big enough to house two average sized cats. Overall, this is an excellent inexpensive cat tree for senior cat, and I completely recommend it to another cat owners.

Merax Cat Tree With Hammock

Merax Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture

This is probably the most comfortable cat tree for older cats in this list. The tough and stable plywood is enhanced with the ultra soft faux fur that comes in three different colorways.

You can choose from beige, brown and stylish coffee-and-white colorway. Choose one, depending on the house indoors style. If you want a unique look, go with the coffee-and-white one. The base is wide and long enough to securely handle all of the weight.

Ladder connects the base with the second platform on which there is a cat condo, three scratchers and a hammock. The seven scratching posts are covered with sisal rope. They are enough to handle your cat’s excessive scratches.

The lower hammock is strategically placed very low, so your elderly cat cannot have any difficulty entering it. It hangs on four sisal ropes. They may look tiny, but they can handle huge amount of weight. Your elderly cat may have trouble getting to the top platform, but it shouldn’t worry you.

There is absolutely everything an old cat needs, on the second floor. The top perch is located at 61.5″ inches height. It is not the widest perch, but it can truly handle an average sized feline. However, the cylinder is another story. It is so tiny, than even a kitten may have difficulty entering. It may be in place for aesthetic purposes.

I don’t blame the Merax Cat tree company for this. The design is awesome! I assembled this great cat tree in less than 30 minutes. Every single assembly part is in the package. You won’t even need additional installation tools for it.