best Cat Tree For Ragdolls

Cat Tree For Ragdolls

You definitely need to purchase a cat tree for Ragdolls if you are a proud owner of those sweet and loving creatures. They are becoming one of the most popular cat breeds for a reason. The charming and friendly personality to humans and your pets at home may be the biggest reason why. Ragdolls are very easy to take care of and train. I love that they don’t do the same mistake twice. It is funny how some people just do the same mistakes over and over again.

It is important to know that Ragdolls are actually pretty large physically. Males on average grow around 15-20 pounds. They are pretty strong, sturdily built and broad. You must be careful while you are purchasing the optimal cat tree for Ragolls because their size cannot be handled by some mediocre tree.

Ragdoll cats grow rapidly. The old, small and traditional cat tree you have will be totally destroyed after your feline grows immensely. Luckily for you, you are at the right place. If you read this whole article, you will be ready to purchase the greatest cat tree for Ragdolls your money can get.

I will talk about what you need to look for in a cat tree for Ragdolls, why a cat tree is critically important to them and finally write about the greatest cat tree you can get for your Ragdoll. Read on, and put everything you’ll read into action!

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Every Cat Deserves A Cat Tree

Cat Tree For Ragdolls

No matter which breed your felines are, they definitely deserve a cat tree. This is especially true for Ragdolls. They are domestic cats that spend large portion of their life, if not all of it, indoors.

As a cat, it is their natural instinct to continually jump, climb and scratch on a real tree. It will be completely unnatural for a domestic cat to not taste the beauty of doing those naturally instinctive activities.

Your Ragdoll feline will be more than grateful if you decide to purchase a cat tree, even better the most suitable one for their characteristics. Sad thing is that a major part of the cat owners don’t understand how important a indoor cat tree really is.

They do when their felines start having all those kinky behavioral problems. You don’t need a veterinarian to explain to you that having a tall cat tree will solve those major behavioral issues like scratching on your favorite furniture, rugs, curtains etc.

If you don’t have a cat tree for Ragdolls you are so lucky. Like I’ve said above, they are one of the most loving and caring cat breeds. They don’t want to cause you numerous problems just so they will receive your attention. If you truly love your Ragdoll cat, you don’t have to wait to purchase a cat tree until your lovely buddy starts disobeying your wants and needs.

3 Things Your Cat Tree For Ragdolls Must Have

Cat Tree For Ragdolls Must Have

I had a brief talk about the Ragoll physical characteristics. Some of them can become giant in size, growing more than 20lbs. The females grow about 11-15 lbs on average. Considering all of this, you probably need a certain type of high quality cat tree to handle the needs of those unique types of cats.

I am not saying you should go out there and purchase the first floor to ceiling 9 foot cat castle at the local Pet Supply store. Let’s jump to the three factors every cat tree for Ragdolls should have.

  • Height Over Everything – I’ve been a cat owner since a kid. I personally witnessed the evolution of cat trees and every cat related product. When cat trees for indoors became more popular, there was a huge problem with them. They were extremely big ranging from 7 feet up to 9 feet, but were wobbly as hell. No big cat could even land safely on their platforms and perches. They were constantly falling over and over. Luckily for all of us, modern cat trees are hundreds of times better than those ones. For your Ragdoll, you must purchase a cat tree that is 6 ft+. Anything shorter than that won’t do your felines a good favor.
  • Sturdiness Is A Must – No matter how tall or deluxe a particular cat tree is, it should stay balanced at all times. Quality constructed cat trees nowadays can be used for 3 cats or more without any problem. Look for a tree that has metal inserts inside the sisal stands. It will help with the longevity of the tree. Also, the tree’s base should be wide and long. Don’t purchase a XL cat tree that has a extremely small base. You will be set for a disaster. Once your 20+ lbs Ragdoll jumps on it, there is a high chance that it will topple over. You must avoid this at all costs.
  • Numerous Features – Your cat tree has to offer your Ragdoll enough amusement opportunities. Cat trees aren’t meant only for climbing up and down. A great cat tree for Ragdolls will have numerous scratching posts, carpeted large perches, shelves, colorful skyscraper scratchers and even natural and realistic leaves. Don’t get me wrong. You won’t need all the features available for a cat tree. But, the more features a particular cat tree has, the better it is for a cat, especially Ragdoll. It will keep them occupied and it will help them achieve the steady phase of happiness.

Go Pet Club Beige and Brown Cat Furniture Condo Tree – 92 in

This is the greatest cat tree for Ragolls you can get. You simply cannot beat the amount of features you receive for this particular price tag. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

It’s constructed from extremely high quality wooden material that keeps the overall construction rigid. Beige colored carpet material is extremely soft for the cat’s paws and nails.

Each platform and even the insides of the condo on the top perch is equipped with this material. Beige colorway is neutral and goes well with any household styling and decoration. It also looks more natural and realistic in the cat’s eyes.

The stands are three layered. First layer is metal fillings, the second one is cardboard and the third and final layer is sisal rope perfect for scraping. Base of the unit may not be the longest and widest, but it is heavily weighted which helps with the balance aspect.

The greatest thing about the Go Pet Club F201 cat tower is that it has a floor to ceiling construction. You can secure it on the ceiling if it is wobbly for whatever reason. In my case, there was absolutely no need to do this process. I had two Ragdoll cats that weigted 40 lbs in total.

The Go Pet Club F201 92 inch cat tree remained sturdy throughout. This is the reason why Go Pet Club is the most famous cat tree manufacturing company.

  • 14 Scratching Posts – Each and every one of those scraping posts is reinforced with sisal rope material. It withstands the damage caused by the cat’s sharp nails. Even though Ragdolls aren’t one of those cats who scratch excessively, it is absolutely needed for their case. There is even a skyscraper scratcher that cats can use for climbing to reach the very top of the tree. It will serve as a unique way of exercising on the tower.
  • 3 Hammocks – Ragdoll cats love to spend a large portion of their time on the ground. They don’t love to climb to high spots like other cat’s breeds. The thing with the Go Pet Club F201 is that all those hammocks will make the felines feel like they are on the ground, while at the same time give them an unique elevated feeling. This is exceptionally good for Ragdolls. The only flaw with that is that they will love those elevated beds so much that you will hardly ever see them hanging out with you.

Features And Specifications

  • 7 feet + cat tree provides enough room for Ragdolls
  • 3 differently sized cat condos can accommodate cats of any size
  • Entry ladder helps kitten and cats in age use the tree
  • Replaceable sisal rope that hangs from the platform is excellent for entertainment purposes
  • Tree can be attached on a ceiling to prevent shaking and wobbling
  • Assembles fairly easy in 30 minutes
  • Installation manual is clear and all assembly parts come in the packaging box

Customer Scores and Reviews

​While I was writing the Go Pet Club F201 92 inch cat tree review, I’ve came across 93 customer reviews that rated the product 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. That means that the major part of the users were pleased with the purchase.

However, there are some critical reviews that I thought I must share with you.

One customer said, “All of those cats in the pictures scare me out!”. Another customer said, “It took us about 2 hours to assemble this particular cat tree”. Other user said, “After a couple of months use, a screw had gone missing. I now have to re-tighten the nuts and bolts every week”.

Those were some of the most critical customer reviews. Other customer didn’t seem to have any issues of this kind. There is a high possibility that those problems aren’t spread widely.

Others said, “Very easy to install, great built quality and an excellent solution for my felines” and “Perfect product. The size of it is great and the price cannot be matched” and “I have used this product for over a year with multiple cats, and it still stands tall” and “It is one of the greatest cat trees ever made. It’s almost perfect!”.

This concludes our Go Pet Club F201 cat tree for Ragdolls. It is a nice cat tastle with carpeted platforms and perches, multiple condos, luxury quality, stylish and elegant looks that will boost the aesthetics of absolutely every kind of household.

It may not be the biggest cat tree, but is perfect cat tree for declawed cats and Ragdolls. All of those extremely positive customer reviews, plus my great experience with the product makes it easy for me to recommend this product to other Ragdoll cat owners who are looking for a tree!