Cat Trees For Declawed Cats

Cat Trees For Declawed Cats

If you are searching for cat trees for declawed cats, look no further. I will write a detailed cat tree for declawed cats buying guide. On top of that, I’ll review the 5 best trees that will help your cats greatly. I won’t talk about whether you should or shouldn’t declaw your cats here.

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t do it to them, unless there is some health damaging issue. Most cat owners do that just so your cat won’t scratch the furniture unnecessarily. There are many other ways you can stop those behavioral problems.

But, if your cat is already declawed, you cannot bring that back. You should continue to love and care about your feline. Not all cat trees are optimal for cats without claws. Some of them require climbing and jumping in order for your cat to reach the highest platform. Forget about those 7ft, 8ft or even those floor to ceiling cat trees. They won’t do your declawed cat any good.

In the comparison chart I placed the greatest cat trees for declawed cats that are available on the market today. I bought multiple trees for my adopted cat without claws. Only three of them worked optimally with my lovely cat. I decided to write a review for each one of them. I recommend you read the review of every cat tree I’ve wrote about, and decide which one you think will serve your needs the best.

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Cat Trees For Cats Without Claws Purchasing Guide

Cat Trees For Cats Without Claws Purchasing

Purchasing a great cat tree for declawed cats can be a difficult process. After your cat is declawed, it loses a great amount of the athletic ability it previously had. Sadly, some of the cat’s natural instincts are gone too. Your felines won’t be able to jump as high, scrape on the sisal rope scratching posts as hard and will even lose some of the confidence.

Don’t be discouraged. Best cat tree brands actually kept declawed cast into consideration. The cat trees for declawed cats actually have three things in common. If only one of them is missing, that tree won’t reach it’s potential.

  • Low In Height – Like I’ve said above, forget about those extremely tall trees. Your declawed cat won’t simply have the physical and mental ability to climb the highest perch on the tree. That is why you shouldn’t waste your money and limited space on a huge tree. Also, if the tree isn’t as huge, your felines without claws will have the confidence to use the tree. They won’t feel discouraged when they see other cats climbing, scratching and jumping on the highest point without a problem. That is why I highly recommend you purchase a cat tree for declawed cats that isn’t that tall.
  • Ramps For Easier Climbing – The best cat tree for declawed cats has an entrance ladder. Also, it is great when multiple tiers are connected with each other with a ramp. My declawed cat loved using those type of trees. It didn’t even have to jump or climb at all. The ramps are also a great addition if you have an older cat or kitten. Although I greatly advise you look into trees with entry ramps, it isn’t required. If a particular tree doesn’t have a ramp, but all of the platforms and perches are low to the ground and don’t differ from each other with height, then that is also an excellent cat tree for declawed cats. Just to keep things safe however, I recommend you get trees with ramps.
  • Toys For Amusement – The major part of the cats that are declawed suffer from some kind of depression. You don’t want to see your cat sad the larger portion of the day. It will also translate to your happiness and mood. That is why you should look for cat trees that have hanging toy mice or any type of entertainment element attached on them. Your declawed felines will also be able to play with them like normal cats. That will remind them that absolutely nothing is wrong with them. The power of entertainment toys in our case is very great. Also, the majority of cat trees with amusement elements don’t come in a higher price. This is always a huge plus for absolutely any cat owner I’ve met.

Go Pet Club Model F70 Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Model F70 is the best cat tree for declawed cats known to mankind. It completely satisfies the three factors that you should take into consideration.

It is not the tallest, but at the same time isn’t the shortest cat tree out there. It is excellent for small spaces. Even two or more cats can use it at the same time. The entrance ladder eases the entry of your cat without claws. It doesn’t even have to jump, scrape or climb the tree just so it can reach the top of the tree.

On the second tier, there is a hanging sisal rope that your declawed feline can have fun with. Just next to it, there is a small cat condo that is excellent for relaxation.

Highly durable and rigid pressed wood is used for the Go Pet Club Model F70 construction. On top of this extremely premium material, there is black faux fur ultra soft clothing. The colorway is universal. It can blend smoothly in absolutely any indoor decoration. It will give the stylish, luxurious and elegant feel to the household.

The Go Pet Club Model F70 cat tree for declawed cats’ dimensions are: 38 inches width by 27 inches length by 62 inches height. As you can see this is a medium sized cat tree that won’t take lots of space.

If you ask me, the greatest feature on the Go Pet Club brand, Model F70 cat tree for cats without claws is the extremely comfortable hammock. It is placed strategically on the lowest part of the tree, so it is accessible for cats without claws and cats in age. If you decide to go with this marvelous tree, expect your felines to spend large portion of their time sleeping in this elevated bed.

The assembly process took me no more than 15 minutes

Petian Large Base Cat Tree 51″ Tall

Petian Large Base Cat Tree 51" Tall

This is probably one of the most underrated cat trees on the market. The greatest thing about this is that it is a perfect cat tree for declawed cats. Just like the Go Pet Club F70 tree, it satisfies the 3 factors you should take in mind before purchasing a tree.

It’s lowest platforms is very reachable. Your cat doesn’t need to jump very high or climb up on some skyscraper scratching posts. Coming from the platform, there is a ramp that connects the two platforms flawlessly. Your declawed cats will get so attached to this tree, that you will have a difficulty taking it off the tree.

This tree can be used for multiple cats, because the base is pretty long. All of the placed weight on the tree will be spread optimally and you won’t encounter some wobbling issues at all. Just below the second platform, there is a hanging elevated bed that hangs on 4 sisal ropes.

It can maintain surprisingly big amount of weight without any issue. However, your cat has to first jump on the platform on the side of the hammock, just so it can lay inside it’s comforts. The two high perches have two hanging toy mice, that are optimal for entertainment purposes.

Also, the lowest platform has two of them. If your cat is tired and doesn’t want to climb up the tree to use some toys, it can get entertained without doing so. The beige colorway goes extremely well with any type of interior. You don’t have to worry about that.

Dimensions of Petian Large Base Cat Tree 51″ Tall: 39″ inches long, 20″ inches wide and 51″ inches tall.

I personally didn’t have any installation issues. All I did was follow the installation tutorial. It took me around 20 minutes. The assembly tools come with the package. Some customers stated that they had some issues with the assembly part. But, that shouldn’t bother you because all of the parts and installation tools come with the package.

Globe House Products 52″ Inch Cat Tree Condo

Globe House Products 52" Inch Cat Tree Condo

Just like the Petian Large Base Cat Tree 51″ Tall, this is a less known tree that will satisfy the needs of any cat, especially declawed ones. It has a ladder that will ease up the climbing up the tree.

It has a unique design that will receive numerous compliments from potential home visitors. There are paw shaped prints on top of the beige colored tree. It has a medium and a small sized tree house that cats will use for relaxation.

The best thing about the Globe House Products 52″ inch cat tree condo is that all of it’s platforms and perches are not so far away. Your declawed feline will easily jump from one platform to another.

That is why this is a top 3 cat tree for declawed cats. It is constructed from extremely durable and convenient E1 Grade Particleboard, carpeted with faux fur.

The Globe House Products 52″ Inch Cat Tree Condo dimensions are: 52″ in height X 20″ inches in width and 20″ inches in length. It won’t take lots of space, and that is good news. You can set up this product fairly easily. Just follow the installation tutorial.

That is everything you need to do. Some customers stated that their product’s parts came damaged. I personally didn’t stumble across a problem like this. Other product’s customers that I’ve contacted also didn’t mentioned any issues with the products.

Maybe that problem isn’t widespread. I highly recommend this cat tree for any cat owner that owns cats without claws. You will be more than thankful if you do this decision.