Cat Trees For Bengals

Cat Trees For Bengals

In this article I will clear the topic on the best cat trees for Bengals on the market today. Each and every cat needs some kind of activity in their lives. This is especially true for felines that live indoors for a large portion of their lifetime. Bengal cats are no exception to that.

They are really special cats that aren’t the biggest ones out there. However, they are probably the most active domestic cats that exist. On average, the female Bengals weight around 8 to 10 pounds, while the males can grow up to 15 lbs. If you add the excessive amounts of energy they posses to their relatively big frame, it is clear that they can cause some mess in your indoors.

They love to jump up and down the household furniture, climb on your favorite couches and even scratch on the nicely polished wall. Some cat owners think that this is a destructive cat’s behavior. That is the number one reason why Bengal cat owners decide to give their lovely cats to adoption. All of that can be solved simply by purchasing the greatest cat tree for Bengal cats.

Honestly, I simply cannot blame them. There is absolutely no information of this kind available on the web. I decided to write this article for you and stop this common misunderstanding once and for all!

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Proof That Your Bengal Cats Need A Cat Tree

Bengal Cats Need A Cat Tree

It is in every Bengal cat instinct to constantly express it’s surplus of energy on something. Whether it is jumping, climbing, scratching or following you all of the time. Unlike Maine Coon who like to lay tanning in the sun or sleeping on the top of the fridge, Bengals are constantly moving.

That is why some doctors recommend clinically depressive people to get a Bengal cat. If you purchase a cat tree for Bengal cats, your feline will instantly become happier and more positive. Studies showed that purchasing the right type of cat tree is the most important cat furniture a cat owner can buy.

Respect The Positive Effects Of Cat Trees For Your Bengal Cat

Along with the high amount of energy Bengal cats have, they have insane amount of curiosity in them. The right cat tree offers enough exploration spots. If you purchase a huge cat tree, those options will be increased greatly.

This is why I highly recommend you purchase a tall and wide cat tree for your Bengal cats. I will talk about this in the text that follows. It will be funny how much the amount of happiness your Bengal cat will express, after you purchase the right cat tree for Bengals.

Some feline breeds like Bengals and Maine Coon are so child like. That is why they are becoming more popular among cat owners. They are both smart, and will provide you nice companionship through your life journey.

How To Purchase The Top Cat Tree For Bengals

Top Cat Tree For Bengals

If you follow this buying guide, you are on your way to purchase the greatest cat tree for your Bengal cat. It is not a difficult process to follow. Everything you need to do is read the information, and then put it into action. There won’t be any noticeable results if you don’t put what you read into the real world.

  • Must Be Sturdy – I recently bought two cat trees that performed great. Previously, I had a cat tree for Bengal cats that fallen apart after a month of use. The worst part was that I paid a good sum of money for that one. On top of that, they weren’t balanced at all. My Bengals avoided using the tree, not because it wasn’t durable, but because it was wobbling like crazy every time they climbed it up and down. To conclude. Cat trees for Bengals must be sturdy and rigid enough to handle the consistent climbing and jumping. It should be your number one priority before you spend any money on a tree.
  • More Features The Better – Cat trees for Bengals must have couple of scratching posts covered in sisal ropes. After the posts are damaged, it is time to replace the sisal rope on the scratching posts. It serves as a distraction so your cat won’t destroy your expensive and luxurious furniture and curtains. In addition to scraping posts, it would be also a good idea to look for cat trees that have cat toys, high perches, cylinders, semi-cylinders etc. There is a pretty helpful rule of thumb you can use : The more features the cat tree has, then the more satisfied your Bengal friend will be.
  • Bigger Tree Is Always Better – If your free space allows it, placing a bigger cat tree in your household will do more good than harm. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say you get out there and purchase the tallest floor to ceiling cat tree on the market today. 6 feet, 7 feet or more will be enough. Keep in mind that the bigger the cat tree is, the more finances it will require. If you don’t have enough money, check out this list of great inexpensive large cat trees.

Best Cat Trees For Bengals

Go Pet Club F2096 71 in. Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club F2096 is the best cat tree for Bengal cats on the market today. It completely satisfies all of the factors in the buying guide above. As you can see there are numerous features that make this cat tree a playground for your Bengals.

It comes in a brown colorway which is enhanced with realistic leaves. They give the cat tree a more natural look and feel for your Bengals. There are two sisal ropes hanging from the top perches, which are optimal for amusement purposes for your Bengals.

After purchasing this marvelous cat tree, you will be surprised of the changes it will make to your household. Every single member of your family and your feline family will be happier. The product’s base is actually weighted, which means that the chances of it falling over will be slim to none.

It should be a more common practice among modern cat tree manufacturers. I’ve noticed that the top brands like Go Pet Club tree company, ArmarKat, SONGMICS, etc do this in their deluxe trees.

  • 9 Sisal Rope Scratching Posts – Your Bengal cats will stop scratching on your favorite furniture and carpet as soon as you assemble the Go Pet Club F2096 71 inch cat tree. Just because your Bengal cats love to climb to the very top of the cat tree, 4 of the sisal rope scratching posts are actually placed there. After a year of use, the Go Pet Club F2096 cat tree’s scratching posts held pretty well. Cats didn’t even destroyed the fake leaves placed on the tree.
  • Comfortable Hammock – This is one of the greatest cat trees with hammocks ever produced. The elevated bed is strategically placed at the very top of the tree. It is done so your felines will have to work their way to sleep comfortably on the coziness of the bed. If it was placed on the lowest part of the tree, your Bengals won’t even bother to relax on this hammock.

Features And Specifications

  • Cylinder for amusement purposes on the top of the tree
  • Medium sized cat condo is excellent for winding down after a long day
  • Fake leaves give the tree a more realistic looks and feel
  • Spacious cat tree can be used by multiple cats at once
  • Assembles easily and in less than 30 minutes
  • Every assembly part, along with an installation tool is included in the package box
  • Natural colorway goes extremely well with any kind of interior

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of writing this best cat tree for Bengals review, I’ve came across 8 customer reviews. They rated this product 4.5 out of 5.0 positive stars. Most of the customers were totally satisfied with what they bought, except for two customers.

The first customer said, “The only problem I had with the Go Pet Club F2096 cat tree is that it arrived slightly damaged. One of the boards was broken. However, was very helpful with this problem. They told me multiple tips about how to fix the board. Now it is great”. The second customer said, “There was a part missing in my package box. After contacting the company, they told me to purchase the part for $28”.

Those were the only issues that concerned customers. Others weren’t bothered by any problems at all. These problems aren’t widespread.

Others said, “I gave this awesome cat tree for Bengals 5 stars. My kitten gave this product an approval. Unit was extremely easy to assemble in addition to that” and “The product looks and performs awesomely. It was my first time assembling a tree, and I did it without any major concerns. I was worried that my cats would destroy the fake leaves. After a period of use, they held up extremely well” and “It is an amazing cat tree that my felines LOVE! It is sturdy and is pretty well made”.

This concludes our Go Pet Club F2096 cat tree review. After using some non-durable cat trees that didn’t satisfy the needs of my Bengals, this was the easy fix for the problem. It had all of the features necessary to make my cats satisfied. Assembly process was also a piece of cake. I highly recommend it to other Bengal cat owners who are looking for the best affordable product for their loved ones.