Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cat

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats

If your budget is tight, I highly recommend you look for cheap cat for large cats. I will be totally honest with you from the start. Cat trees for huge cats are usually more expensive than others.

You can surely find an extremely inexpensive cheap cat tree for giant cats at the local pet supply store.

But 9 times out of 10, the product quality is totally whack. They aren’t modern nor fancy trees. Usually they are created from plastic and come totally assembled.

You need to avoid those at all costs. You definitely won’t like to see the non-sturdy 7 foot plastic tree to fall on your lovely felines. That can cause a serious injury.

Also, the plastic material isn’t natural for your cat’s paws. Be sure that once you purchase a cat tree, your cats will immediately test it out by scratching on it excessively.

The 3 greatest cheap cat trees for big cats I am about to show you will help you save lots of money and at the same time won’t sacrifice any quality for that.

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This is why I decided to write this article for you. However, keep in mind that before you purchase any type of inexpensive cat tree for your huge felines, certain rules must be satisfied beforehand.

What Should Low-Priced Cat Trees For Massive Cats Have

While a cat tree may be cheap for some cat owners, at the same time it won’t be for other people.

That is why I decided to list some cat trees as cheap, depending at how great of features they have in oppose to the low price tag. So, just before you purchase a cheap cat tree for large cats, I need to make sure the tree satisfies these factors.

Top Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats
  • Cheaper Than $50

Every cat tree that is cheaper than $50 is a cheap cat tree, period. In our case, you are looking for inexpensive cat trees for huge cats.

That means that they will surely be bigger in size and will have many features. It is always better to purchase the right type of tree for your large cat. You will save some money because you won’t feel the need to purchase another tree to replace the non-functional one.

  • Base Stability

This is extremely important for absolutely any type of cat tree for your giant felines.

Your cat tree shouldn’t be wobbling, no matter at white price point you purchased it. Just because you bought a cheap cat tree for large cats, shouldn’t mean that your tree has to shake each and every time your cats jump on it.

That is why the base must be created with a sturdy and rigid material that has to be wide and long enough. If the manufacturer states that you don’t have to support the cat tower next to the wall, it is a great sign that the company is confident in the tree’s stability.

There is a rule of thumb that the taller the tree, the wider and longer the base platform should be. For example if you decide to purchase a 9 feet or floor to ceiling cat tree, the base should be spread out.

  • Hiqh Quality Materials

Just because your cat tree is inexpensive, doesn’t automatically mean that you should receive a low quality built product. The saying of “You get what you pay for” doesn’t exist in the cat tree industry.

As I’ve said above, some products are advertised extremely good, and come in at unreasonable prices. The cheap cat trees for large cats we are reviewing here have top notch quality materials.

Best type of materials for a cat tree for large cats is wood enhanced with faux fur, replaceable sisal rope posts with cardboard scratcher and posts reinforced with metal fillings.

If a particular tree has those types of materials used correctly, and come in at an inexpensive price tag, go for it!

  • Spacious Perches And Platforms

The bigger the cat, the wider and longer the perches and platforms should be. It may be common sense, but majority of cat owners do a mistake of this kind.

That is why I felt the need to remind you of this. There are some extra large (XL), 8 foot cat trees that have multiple hammocks and cat houses that look like a tree, banana leafs and fancy condos, but have tiny platforms and perches.

Huge cats will have difficulty climbing up the tree, or even relaxing on it. That’s how important this factor is.

Ollieroo Cat Tree Tower

This is one of the greatest cheap cat trees for large cats your money can buy. It is a product that is constructed from a top notch pressed wood material that is enhanced with ultra plush faux fur material on top.

There are two different colorways you can choose from: Dark grey and brown colorway. If you ask me, the dark grey colorway goes with absolutely any type of indoor style.

However, the brown colorway will give the tree a more stylish, fancy and realistic look. In the cat’s eyes this colorway will be associated with a natural tree. That is always a huge plus. All of the platforms and perches are extremely wide, which is ultimate for a giant cat or for two cats or more.

Adult cats will love to wind out after a tough day on the comfortable hammock that hangs on sisal ropes. It may not be the biggest elevated bed, but it can be used by a large cat. Don’t be worried about the ropes getting broken. They are able to handle a large amount of weight without a problem.

Ollieroo PE19802 inexpensive cat tree for huge cats assembled without any problem. It took me about half an hour to do so.

However, I previously assembled hundreds of trees. That means that I know how the process goes without even looking at the installation manual that comes with the package. For those who are first time installing a cat tree, expect this to take about an hour.

Just follow the installation manual and use the tools and parts that come with the package. Everything is included in there.

There were some customers that used this tree for dogs. That was a surprising fact. The only problem I’ve had with this small cat tree for big cats was that it was wobbly.

Reason behind that is that the base isn’t wide and long enough. For a height of 52″ inches, the base was only 16 inches wide and 16 inches long. I had to secure it next to the wall to prevent this shaking issue.

Once I did, the problem was gone. Other than that, I completely recommend the Ollieroo PE19802 affordable cat tree for extra large cats to any cat owner who is on a budget.

Go Pet Club Cat Condo

When I first saw the Go Pet Club F205 cat tree, I thought it was some kind of scam. The amount of sisal rope covered scratching posts, platforms and other features you receive at such a small price tag is hard to beat.

I decided to purchase it for my large exotic shorthair Garfield. It was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever did as a cat owner. This is a brown cat tree that gives your interiors a unique feel.

It is an extremely large cat tree with dimensions of 24 inches wide, 28 inches long and 67.2 inches tall. That means that the Go Pet Club F205 cat tree is capable to accommodate three adult cats. Product’s base is wide and long enough to safely distribute the weight evenly.

You won’t need to place the tree next to the wall for extra support. It won’t wobble even a bit.

There are two cat condos placed at different places and come in different sizes. The one that is on the base is bigger than the second one. They are perfect for kitten and small breed cats. However, they won’t be large cat’s cup of tee.

On top of that, all of the perches and platforms are wide enough for a huge cat. It is a 3 tier cat tree that has a skyscraper scratching post. What do you need more? It comes at such an affordable price and has tons of features for your giant cat.

Some customers stated a problem about the assembly process, but I personally haven’t stumbled across any. The set up process went smoothly. Everything I did was follow the plain instructions. It is everything you need to do.

FirstWell PCT023 Climb Stand Cat Tree

It is not only one of the top 3 cheap cat trees for large cats, it is even a great tree for cats in age and kitten. Those steps are low enough for even a cat with arthritis to jump on. The versatility of the FirstWell PCT023 climb stand cat tree is great.

It comes in three different colorways: Grey, beige and brown. Out of them all, I strictly recommend the beige colorway as it goes perfectly with any type of interior styling.

FirstWell may not be as popular as ArmarKat, Go Pet Club or You & Me, but this product requires more recognition. I personally don’t understand why some of the greatest cat trees on the market are so underrated.

The platforms on the FirstWell PCT023 are wide enough even for giant cats. The base of the product is wide enough and equally distributes the weight. It is reinforced with battens for optimal sturdiness. No matter if there is a cat on every platform and perch, the tree won’t even wobble.

There is a sisal scratching post on every platform, which saves every piece of furniture in your household. Forget about some of the most common behavior problems like wall scraping or floor scratching, after you purchase this marvelous cheap cat tree for large cats.

The dimensions of the FirstWell PCT023 cat tree are: 19″ inches in length, 19″ inches in width and 39″ inches in height. It may not be the tallest cat tower out of there, but it surely does the job.

I didn’t have any troubles during the assembly process. Each and every installation part along with the assembly tools came with the product’s package. It took me roughly 30 minutes to do so. After I set it up, it was a great stylish decoration to my household.

Why Inexpensive Cat Trees For Massive Cats Are Popular Nowadays

If you are a long time cat owner, you probably know that the pet supply industry is booming. Now there are more commercials on TV about cat related products than ever before. We all must be aware of this destructive marketing.

Some of the cat trees that are advertised lack quality and functionality, but are overpriced. This is where the frustration among cat owners arises. Once they get burned once, they won’t want to get to get burned twice. They will resent purchasing another product that will enhance the lives of your pets at home.

Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats

To keep things short, I have to aware you that you must be careful more than ever before choosing the right type of cheap cat tree for large cats. That was the number one reason why I decided to start

There wasn’t any type of cat related products informational websites like this one. I was tired of looking at the cat forums and seeing how the large portion of cat owners critiqued modern cat tree manufacturers. I personally was a very choosy person and was always looking for the most bang for my buck.

I knew about cat trees that were top quality for my big cats, but at the same time came at a lower price. Thankfully, more and more cat owners are aware that you won’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to receive a realistic 6ft cat tree.

I did a complete review of the three best cheap cat trees for large cats that are available on the market today. Everything you need to do is read the unique product reviews, and make your own conclusion about which of the designs blends the greatest with your furniture at home.

Where To Buy Affordable Cat Trees?

You can definitely buy some inexpensive cat trees for large cats at the local pet supply store. However, like I’ve said above, the quality of those trees isn’t great at all. They are usually built from cheap plastic and won’t last very long. That is why I always purchased my cat trees from e-Commerce sites like

I recommend you do so.

There you can check the customers reviews on the particular products. You can see whether some customer has the same needs and wants like you and whether the particular product satisfied those needs.

If you ask me, the biggest benefit to order from is that you can’t find the products cheaper than that.

There are many discounts and options that cannot be beat elsewhere. All of the greatest cheap cat trees for big cats can be ordered through They will be shipped quickly and will arrive in front of your door in less than 3-4 days. If you happen to not like the product, you can get a full refund.

Customer service is top notch, and you can see many other features and details about the products that I’ve forgot to mention. That is why I strongly recommend you purchase the inexpensive cat trees for big cats on I hope this clears out the frequent “where to buy inexpensive cat trees” question.