Cat Tree Under 100

Best Cat Tree Under $100

In this article I will do a detailed review of the best cat trees under $100 that are available today. For some cat owners, the $100 mark may not seem like a lot of money. But for those who limit the budget about cat furniture, this text may be very helpful.

Actually, modern cat tree brands create valuable products nowadays, especially for the price tag. The bang for your buck you will receive cannot be beat. There are many overpriced cat trees today, but I won’t talk about them today. The best cat trees under 100 are created with top notch, high quality wood, carpeted with extremely soft cover for greater comfort.

The posts of those trees are mainly built with 3-layer materials for greater quality and stability. I will also try to talk about the assembly process for each of the trees. I recently noticed that the average cat owner is too lazy to follow the installation manual.

Today’s cat tree’s assembly manuals are more simple and clear than ever before. If I stumble across a tree that didn’t have an easy-to-follow set up guide, I will let you know. So, let me cut the talking here, and hop directly to the greatest cat trees under $100 you can get.

*Our Top Picks

Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X4401

The ArmarKat Premium Cat Tree Model X4401 is probably the ultimate tree that will be welcomed in absolutely any household.

It’s brown and white colorway is universal. I wouldn’t however recommend it for more than two cats. The two small platforms on the side aren’t even wide enough for a small kitty to relax on them.

But, the top platform can handle two average sized cats at the same time. In the middle there is a big cat condo, but it has very small entrance holes. It will be perfect for small breed cats however. They would love to go through that tight entry.

However, be careful to not surpass the maximum holding weight amount. It is 40 lbs.

  • High Quality Premium Wood The ArmarKat Cat Tree Model X4401 Premium under $100 is constructed with ultra-high quality pressed wood material. It will remain sturdy and balanced thanks to this. The base of the tree is also built with thick amount of this type of material.
  • Ultra Comfortable Soft Wool – On top of this awesome premium wood construction, there is a ultra comfortable faux fur. Your cat’s paws will be very thankful for this. Also, the winding down process on this quality material will be on a whole another level.

Features And Specifications

  • Excellent cat tree for 2 cats
  • Square shaped tree base is ideal for corners
  • No need to be supported on a wall for balance purposes
  • 6 scraping posts are covered with cream colored sisal rope
  • Two toy mice for entertainment purposes
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes
  • All the installation parts, plus the assembly manual comes with the package

Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X4401 Dimensions:

Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X4401 Dimensions:

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of this writing, the Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X4401 was given 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. There were mind-blowing 3.916 customer reviews about the product.

The larger part of them were satisfied with what they received. However, some of them weren’t.

One unsatisfied customer said, “The cat tree wobbles when my large cat jumps on it, from a nearby chair”. Another one said, “Side platforms are extremely small!”. Other customer said, “My Maine Coon lovely furry cat destroyed the toy the first day I assembled the product! I threw it away so it doesn’t choke on it!”.

Those were just a couple of the most negative reviews about this awesome cat tree under $100. Maybe those issues aren’t so widespread.

Customers said, “It was so easy to assemble, that my 10 year old daughter did it for me!” and “Armarkat offers the greatest amount of quality for the money!” and “Those were the greatest amount of money I’ve ever spent! It offers more amusement than a TV!”.

This finishes our product review. I honestly recommend this high quality, inexpensive cat tree to other cat owners!

SONGMICS UPCT60H Cat Tree Condo Tower

The SONGMICS UPCT60H is one of the best cat tree under $100 for a reason. It is a perfect way to decorate your indoors, especially if you have white walls or furniture.

The white/gray colorway is a classic. You can’t go wrong with it. This is a feature stacked tree and you will receive a lot if you decide to invest in it. One of the best things about this tree is that it can be used by multiple cats at once.

The scratching posts and platforms are resilient enough to handle a huge amount of weight. Installation process took me about 30 minutes.

All I did was follow the plain set-up instruction guide. It came in the product package, along with the other assembly parts of the tree.

  • Anti-Collapsing Belt – There is a anti toppling band attached to the second-highest platform of the tree. You can attach it on a nearby wall, in order to prevent any balance issues. You secure it to the wall with a special bolt. This was a marvelous innovation that SONGMICS modern cat company came up with. I hope other cat tree brands integrate this awesome breakthrough in their products.
  • CARB-Certified Platforms – This ensures one thing. Luxury and quality. You cannot get a more quality material for a cat tree than a CARB-Certified wood. The SONGMICS UPCT60H decided that building the tree with this material won’t be enough, so they carpeted it with ultra cozy faux fur. That is a blend of aesthetics and rigidity. Nothing can beat that!

Attributes and Description

  • The lowest part of the tree is batten fortified for optimal sturdiness
  • All of the corners on the SONGMICS UPCT60H tree are round
  • Extremely plush hammock attached on a scratching post
  • Small to medium sized condo perfect for big cats
  • Sisal rope hanging from the second-highest platform for amusement
  • 8 sisal rope enhanced scratching posts excellent for nail sharpening
  • There is additional scratching surface on the base
  • Biggest perch is built with a safety rim to prevent falling from it

Customer Outcomes and Analysis

While I was writing this great cat tree under $100 review, I’ve came across 14 purchaser reviews. They gave the product 4.7 out of 5.0 stars rating. That means that the larger part was totally pleased with the purchase.

Actually, there was only one negative review about the SONGMICS UPCT60H cat tree.

The customer said, “When my product package arrived, there were couple of screws and other extras missing. I couldn’t properly assemble the product!”.

There weren’t other customers that stated the same issue. Maybe this problem isn’t common. I personally didn’t have any issue with the product either.

Others said, “Me and my pets at home love this product! The faux fur that is covering the tree is extremely cozy!” and “I love the color and the sturdiness of the tree. My cats fell in love with it as soon as I assembled it.” and “The amount of quality I’ve received from this amazing cat tree below $100 is better than other trees I owned. Also, it offers plenty of space for my fat cat!”.

Let me conclude this review with those words. I highly recommend the SONGMICS UPCT60H Condo Tower for those customers who are looking for the best cat tree below $100.

The Best Choice Products SKY667 Cat Tree

The Best Choice Products SKY667 great cat tree beneath $100 is something that your felines will fall in love in. It is a 6ft cat tree that is ideal for small spaces. It may not be a floor to ceiling tree, but it certainly isn’t short.​

For those who are worried about whether the tree will wobble or not, I’d recommend you support it on a nearby object, preferably a wall. The base of the tree is designed in a way to fit in a corner superbly. The tree has six different platforms for your furry friends to play on.

Also, couple of those platforms are wide enough for big cats. “The Tabby” is a versatile tree that will serve your felines pretty well, no matter the circumstances. You can’t go wrong with it.

  • Two Cat Tree Condos – The two condos have different dimensions. The smaller house is strategically placed on the low part of the tree, so small kitten would be able to enter it. The higher cat condo is bigger than the first one, and can accommodate a large cat without any issue.
  • Three Top Perches Excellent For Observation – There are two perches that have safety rims on the backs, so your felines won’t fall off of them while they are sleeping on it. Also, your cats will be more than willing to climb on them in order to scan the surrounding area.

Characteristics And Specifications

  • 9 Sisal rope covered scratching posts boost the durability of the tree
  • Cat tree is perfect for small kitten to learn how to climb and jump up and down a cat tree
  • Comfortable basket for sleeping and relaxation
  • Toy hangs on an elastic rope from one of the highest perches
  • Extremely durable high quality pressed wood construction
  • Beige colorway goes well with any type of interior decoration

Best Choice Products SKY667 “The Tabby” 80 Inches Cat Tree Dimensions:

Best Choice Products  SKY667 Cat Tree Dimensions

User Scores and Appraisal

At the time of writing this comprehensive cat tree under $100 review, I’ve stumbled upon 523 customer reviews. They gave the product 4.0 out of 5.0 positive stars.

That means some of the customers weren’t pleased with what they bought.

One customer said, “The product quality is superb, but they could created a bigger base”. Another customer said, “Kinda wobbly because the cat condos in the middle of the tree aren’t connected with a scratching post. Something they could consider in their future designs”. Other customer said, “The cat tree’s design is poor, although the price is good!”.

Other customers were satisfied with the Best Choice Products SKY667 “The Tabby” 80 Inch Cat Tree.

They said, “Definitely the greatest cat tree I’ve owned to this date!” and “Installation process was a piece of cake” and “This was such a perfect deal. It is probably the best cat tree under $100 your money can get. PetSmart actually wants over $100 for the exact same design!” and “I have this durable tree for about 6 months. I have all my felines (5 cats) use the same tree at the same time. They love it!”.

This concludes our Best Choice Products SKY667 “The Tabby” cat tree analysis. I easily recommend it to fellow cat owners!

Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower House with Condo Scratching Post

Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower House with Condo Scratching Post

The amount of features and quality you receive for such an inexpensive price, is tough to mach. This is probably one of the most feature stacked cat trees under $100.

The brown and white color scheme will improve the looks of absolutely any kind of indoors. Base is wide and long enough to handle all of the weight that will be placed upon the tree.

I didn’t even have to secure the tree on a wall. It didn’t wobble even when my three average sized cats used it simultaneously. The platforms are all CERB-certified, which guarantees quality and durability.

Only negative thing I can say about the product is that you won’t be able to take your felines off of the tree.

  • Skin Friendly Faux Fur – The material that covers the CARB-Certified compressed wood is so pleasant for the cat’s paws and nails. It’s colorway is so attractive to every cat’s breed. It is a trick that modern cat trees utilize. The more natural and realistic a cat tree looks to a real tree, the more cats will be charmed to it.
  • Two Large Cat Condos – The two cat houses built on the tree will be more than enough to accommodate multiple cats. They all have two entrances on them. Your pets at home will use the amount of room available on the tree for exploration. The insides of the condos are enhanced with an additional layer of comfortable skin friendly fur.

Characteristics And Specifications

  • Tall and wide perch at a height of 64″ inches
  • 10 scratching posts for exercising and scraping
  • Wide and plush bed basket hangs from the second highest platform
  • Toy mice hands from the top perch
  • Board base is designed to be placed in a corner

User Scores and Appraisal

While I was writing this awesome Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower House with Condo Scratching Post review, I’ve noticed 223 customer reviews. They rated this product 4.2 out of 5.0 possible stars.

The larger part of the customers were pleased with the purchase. However, there were some niggling points raised about the tree.

One customer said, “This particular cat tree has a design flaw. Your cat can have trouble coming down from it”. Another customer said, “My cat doesn’t use the hammock at all. I even took it off”.

Those were the two most critical reviews about the product. I had trouble finding other negative reviews. Maybe those issues aren’t common.

Others said, “My cat is 16 lbs and this awesome cat tree handled it’s chubbiness perfectly!” and “This cat tree is giant! I can’t see how you can’t go wrong with this tree, especially for the price tag!” and “I’ve been looking for a great cat tree everywhere. I’ve searched the stores of BestPet, ArmarKat, Go Pet Club you name it. They were all expensive for my case. I’ve stumbled upon Merax Cat Tree manufacturer, and saw that the amount of things their tree came with, couldn’t be matched. This is hands-down the best cat tree under $100”.

All of these positive customer reviews, plus my awesome experience with the product, makes it easy for me to recommend the Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower House with Condo Scratching Post to every single cat owner on a budget!

Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture

The Vesper V-HIgh Base cat tree is one of the most stylish and fancy furniture that can improve the looks of your indoors. You can choose from three awesome colorways : Black, red and walnut. Each of them has it’s own beauty. You should choose the one that you think will blend in your household the most.

It comes with 6 sisal rope scratching posts that your cats will love to scrape on. They are constructed from 3-layer materials. The outer part is a sisal rope. The middle part is cardboard which will absorb some of the scratching force. The inside part is consisted of metal material that will hold the scratching posts proud and sturdy.

There is a wooden cat condo that will comfortably accommodate a medium sized adult cat. It will be pretty tough for elderly cats or kitten to use this awesome house, because it is elevated from the ground.

Also, there are two other wooden wide platforms that will be perfect for relaxation and sleeping. They have cozy and ultra-soft pillows. Your felines will definitely have a hard time getting off of them.

There is a toy that is built in a elastic band that hangs from the top platform. It has three balls attached to it. Mine personally didn’t last that long. My three cats destroyed it in the first month. But if your cats aren’t one of those curious and furious types, the toy should last you a longer time.

Dimensions of the Vesper V-HIgh Base great cat tree under $100 are: 22.1″ inches wide, 22.1″ inches long and 48″ inches high. It may not be the tallest cat tower out there, but it is enough for two cats and for small spaces.

You shouldn’t have any issues with the assembly process. It took me about 15 minutes to install this awesome cat tree. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go!