Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you live in a tiny studio apartment. In that case you definitely need to check the best cat tree for small apartment on the market today. Not only is it great for small spaces, but also it will look nicer in that environment.

Forget about purchasing one of those ultimate 8 foot cat trees with skyscraper scratching posts. You won’t need those unique extra large colorful giant trees in order for your adult cats to love climbing on a tree. However, just before you do any purchasing, I highly recommend you read my top cat tree for tiny apartment buying guide.

There are certain principles you have to follow if you want your small flat to be fulfilled the right way. The product’s size isn’t the only factor that plays a role here. If that was the case, I wouldn’t even bother to write this article. I’d recommend the smallest wooden cat tree out there for everyone. I wish that process was that simple and easy.

Let me cut the talking here and let’s hop directly to the ideal cat tree for small apartments guide.

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Guide To Purchase The Greatest Cat Tree For Small Flats

Cat Tree For Small Apartment

If you follow these steps properly, you are on your way to fix the space issue in your apartment forever.

I will also write a complete review about the best cat tree for small apartment on the market today. You won’t even need this buying guide if you decide to go with that tested product.

However, I think that it is necessary to show you the exact steps that I’ve used to purchase the top cat tree for tiny apartments.

  • Cat Tree’s Size – As obvious as it sounds, you must be careful about the product’s measurements. It is the first things you should look at before doing the purchase. If you have an extremely large cat, this may be a problem. I’d then sacrifice some of the free space, and go with a bigger cat tree. However, the principles should stay the same. Go with the tree that will fit the place you are planning to put your cat tree in. You have to focus on the width and the length of the base the most. The tree may be tall, but if it isn’t branched out and if the base is tiny, it won’t take lots of space.
  • Avoid Trees With Lots Of Features – This is also a mistake the major part of cat owners who live in small flats make. They think that if the cat tree is inexpensive and has lots of features on it, it is a great investment. Wrong. The extra features like hammocks, cylinders, perches or toys take lots of space. Don’t get me wrong, they are excellent if the cat tree is big and has place for each of them. Imagine if you bought a cat tree that is 15 inches wide, 15 inches wide and 40 inches tall. What if it had those extra condos, perches and platforms added to it. It would be great for a small kitten, but would that be enough for a bigger adult cat?

Hoddmimis Cat Tree Furniture Condos for Cats

This is the best cat tree for small apartments for numerous reasons. First, let me talk about the pricing. It is a highly affordable cat tree that won’t hurt your wallet at all.

The Hoddmimis WBCT0045 cat tree is a highly underrated cat tree under $50, that isn’t marketed that well. That is the reason why it is stated at a such a cheap price. It comes in a dark brown and navy stylish colorway that goes well with almost any type of interior. The tree looks very natural and realistic, even if it doesn’t have those funny looking banana leafs some cat trees at local pet stores have.

At the same time it isn’t the most deluxe looking tree that will be the greatest piece of furniture in your flat. But, we are more concerned about performance than aesthetics here. You are looking for the greatest cat tree for a small apartment for a reason. You want the product to take the least amount of space, while it performs extremely well.

The Hoddmimis WBCT0045 wooden cat tree with ultra soft faux fur does just that. Best thing about the tree is that it is versatile. I’ve used it for extremely big cats, and at the same time satisfied the needs of my lovely kitten. The medium sized condo at the lower part of the tree is great for average sized cats.

  • 3 Sisal Rope Scratching Posts – As I’ve said above, a cat tree needs to satisfy the primal needs of your felines. The Hoddmimis WBCT0045 cat tree for small apartments does just that. Those three scraping posts aren’t the tallest out there, but they do the job flawlessly. It will also fix your cat’s behavioral problem of excessively scratching your favorite furniture, curtains or even scratching posts. You won’t even have to spend money on the veterinarian wondering why those problems occur.
  • Tall Perch With Back Rim – The back rim is set in place for safety reasons. Comfortable faux fur will make your cat sleep like it’s in heaven. As you know, some cats tend to rollover when they wake up from a deep sleep. The back rim here stops your felines from falling to the ground. It can cause some serious injuries that you wouldn’t want. So, modern cat tree companies like Hoddmimis decided to stop the suffering once and for all. My cat Garfield that is now 16 lbs can comfortably sleep on the high top perch without any discomfort. It won’t even wobble a bit, if you do the assembly process perfectly.

Features And Specifications

  • Strategically constructed base distributes weight evenly
  • Extra high quality wood provides enough rigidity and stability
  • Three large platforms provide enough space for felines of any size
  • 3 tier cat tree that can be used for two cats
  • There is a hanging toy that cats love to use for entertainment purposes
  • Every assembly part and installation manual comes with the packaging box
  • Great for cats without claws
  • Assembles easily in less than 20 minutes

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this review for the best cat tree for small flats, I’ve came across 5 customer reviews. They gave the product 4.5 out of 5 stars. That means that almost all of them were satisfied with what they bought, except for one customer.

The customer said, “The Hoddmimis cat tree is actually built for kitten. Also, the assembly process was a difficulty for me. It took me about 1 hour. It is not meant for average sized cats or large cats. Two of my cats, one weighting fifteen pounds, and the other thirteen pounds couldn’t use the tree at the same time. It was also somewhat wobbly. Otherwise it is a nice looking tree, which was delivered extremely fast.

That was the only customer that wrote a negative review about the product. Others, including me, didn’t stumble across issues of this kind. Probably, those problems aren’t widespread.

Others said, “I am completely satisfied with this cat tree. My mother actually bought this cat tree for her cats in age and small kitten. It was totally rigid and assembled exceptionally easy. Other cat trees are expensive, but it wasn’t the case with this one. The built quality is great and it holds up well” and “Excellent cat tree! I’ve saw some cat trees that don’t offer the same amount of quality as this one, priced near the $100 dollar tag.” and “I gave this awesome cat tree for small apartments 5 stars. I bought it for my lunatic cats. Some of them love to sleep and hide inside the condo!”.

This concludes our Hoddmimis Cat Tree Furniture Condos for Cats WBCT0045 review. All of the positive customer reviews, plus my excellent experience with the product, makes it easy for me to recommend the product to other cat owners who live in tiny apartments.

Purchasing A Cat Tree For Small Apartment Is Urgent

One of the big disadvantages of living in a tiny apartment is that the free space is greatly limited. You probably don’t want to enhance this disadvantage by purchasing a 7ft, 4 tier cat tree with double condos. It may look like a common sense, but you will be surprised how many cat owners who live in a compact flat do this fatal mistake.

All of that can be solved just by purchasing the best cat tree for small apartments. Some cat owners who live in this type of environment refuse to purchase a cat tree altogether. They go with wall shelves. They think that this is an excellent alternative to it, and won’t take any space.


This is another mistake that cat owners make. There is a huge difference between cat trees and shelves. Your cat couldn’t do any of it’s primal instincts if you go with shelves. It can’t scratch on some sisal rope scraping posts, can’t climb up and down the tree and most importantly, it wouldn’t feel and look natural and realistic.

If you are a dedicated feline owner, you must put the cat’s needs as the highest priority. Living in a small apartment isn’t an excuse. Thanks to modern cat tree manufacturers, now there are more short, stylish, fancy, decorative or you name it type of trees. If you decide to spend some time on research (feel proud that you belong to this category), you can see that there is a easy solution for any problems with the pets at home.

In a matter of fact, you won’t even have to read this. All of the great cat trees for kitten I’ll review in this article reflect on this buying guide. Every single feature of the tree is stated in those reviews. Everything you have to do is choose which one of those trees for kitten serve your needs the most.