Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

If you live in a household with two or more cats, it is time to purchase the best cat tree for multiple cats. You are probably tired of watching your cats destroy your favorite furniture. There may even be some felines that don’t get along pretty well.

Getting the right cat tree will provide more to your felines than only scratching and playing around. It’s the only place where your kitten will learn to live beautifully together. The scratching, relaxing or exercising aspect always comes second if you have multiple pets at home.

It is crystally clear that felines love more free space, no matter if the space is vertical or horizontal. Sometimes the space on a cat tree is extremely limited. If this happens, then your cats are constantly and furiously fighting for their territory on the tree.

A nice cat tree for multiple cats will stop this from happening and will provide your felines with lots of room. The large perches, wide platforms and cozy hammocks will make your cats feel like the conquerors of the world!

There is a great number of cat trees for two cats or more available on the market today. Modern cat tree companies create products to fit absolutely any type of cat.

In this article I will actually review the top 7 best cat trees for multiple cats. I guarantee that they will be welcomed gladly by your lovely furry buddies.

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Purchasing Cat Tree For Numerous Cats Is A Must

Cat Tree For Numerous Cats

Families that have several cats living alongside with them, probably suffer from some kind of stress. In the past, cat owners couldn’t improve their owning skills because that kind of information was hard to reach. Luckily for all of us, that is not the case nowadays.

I am owning cats since I was a little kid. After seeing my mother and father wanting to give them to adoption, I started reading forums, blogs and talking to other experienced cat owners to further improve my knowledge.

I realized that a cat tree for multiple cats was missing in our household. That was a great source of all kinds of behavioral problems. After purchasing two cheap cat trees at the local pet store, the problems weren’t fixed at all like the cat owners at the forums claimed. I was so angry at them because all my saved money were gone.

Fortunately, there was a comment from a long time cat owner that said that you need to actually look for a certain type of cat tree for multiple cats. I accepted this advice, and after some experimenting, I finally bought and assembled the right one.

In a short period of time, all of my 4 cats started living in harmony and didn’t have any behavioral issues.

They all started climbing up and down the tree, scratching the numerous sisal rope scraping posts and they even started enjoying the hanging toy mice. It was funny how the needs and wants of all my energetic felines were satisfied just by purchasing the right type of cat tree for numerous cats.

​Cat Trees For Multiple Cats Buying Guide

Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

You must purchase the cat tree that will serve both your cat, and your indoor’s needs. The best cat tree for multiple cats will comfortably serve as an accommodation for all of them and will also serve as a product that will satisfy their unique wants.

In addition to this, no matter how tight (or not) your budget is, you can find a tree that is priced right for you.

Some people think that cat trees for numerous cats are more expensive than normal trees. This is very far from the truth. Modern cat tree companies like BestPet, create inexpensive cat trees with large number of high quality features.

In addition to this, you need to keep in mind that a cat tree is actually a long time investment. It is a piece of furniture that will serve your felines for years.

That is why I recommend you choose the right cat tree for multiple cats that will serve you and your cats.

  • Rigidity And Build Quality

Cats are creatures full of energy. They have a deep affection to play on and around the cat tree. The combination of size and energy, which is most common in Maine Coon, is most of the time fatal for the cat tree.

This is especially important for multi cat households. The cat tree must remain stable and upright under any amount of weight. Avoid purchasing a cheap cat tree from your local pet supply store.

You should look for a wooden, or dense plastic cat tree with a wide and stable base which is set up by screws, and not by glue or nails. If you do this, the chances of the tree to become wobbly after a certain period of time are slimmed.

  • Attributes

In addition to basic perches, platforms and scratching posts, look for a cat tree that contains enhanced number of activity areas. They will keep your cats entertained and will stop them from doing stupid activities that annoy you, like scratching on your deluxe furniture or destroying your favorite curtains.

The amount of attributes differs from a tree to tree. There are certain types of hiding areas, sisal rope scratching posts, elevated beds, hanging toy mice, ladders etc. Your cats will need a long time to funny investigate an enriched cat tree.

A rule of thumb is: The more attributes a cat tree has, it is more suitable for multiple cats. The benefits will be great and unique.

  • Size

The taller and wider a cat tree is, the more it will serve the needs of multiple cats. It may be a common sense, but it funny how many cat owners do this critical mistake. Forget about short trees here. You must buy a cat tree that is 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9 foot or even a floor to ceiling one.

Some cat trees have skyscraper scratchers with large perches on top. They can even be used for big cats. If you don’t live in a small apartment, I highly recommend you purchase the biggest cat castle your space allows you.

  • Style

Last but not least is how the product looks like. It is actually a matter of taste. I highly recommend you purchase a cool, stylish and elegant looking tree that goes well with your indoors. If the tree is huge, it will definitely catch the eye of everyone who enters your house.

You don’t want an ugly, hollow looking cat tree with cardboard scratcher to dominate your living room. Forget about those plastic black and white cat trees you can get at the pet supply store.

You can now search on numerous e-Commerce websites like, etc. and find the large and elegant trees that will accent your household.

Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower

This is the greatest cat tree for multiple cats your money can buy. It is something that is more amusing to your numerous cats than a regular wooden cat tree. Don’t be a sceptical about it’s design. Cats will love it’s unique looks and will love to hang around on it.

Even though it looks like a complicated cat tree, the reality is different. You shouldn’t worry about the assembly process. It installs just like a regular cat tree.

Everything you need to do is take all of the assembly parts out, and follow the plain assembly manual. If you do it properly, it should be installed in less than 30 minutes at most.

The designer team of Prevue Pet Products did a tremendous job with this product. It’s gray colorway goes well with any type of interior. It won’t stand out too much.

I personally placed it in the corner of our highly frequent living room. At first, my wife wasn’t a huge fan of it. But after the product received a large number of positive compliments from visitors, she greatly changed her mind. She even bought one for her mother who owns two Bengals and two Maine Coon!

Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower satisfies all the 4 factors that you should look at before choosing the greatest cat tree for numerous cats.

On top of that, it will considerably satisfy the primal cat’s instincts. They will be able to climb, jump, scratch and even sleep on the tree. It is also an excellent solution if you have small kitten or cats in age. They won’t need to jump very high or climb some extreme height just to sleep on the highest platform.

  • Cat Friendly

The Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 cat tree has a smart design that attracts felines. The secret behind that is that it has lots of cat friendly features. In my experience, the hammock was the top spot for my cats.

Second behind that were the hanging toys. Also, the hiding spots all around the cat tree, the big cat condos and the ultra cozy cushions designed for relaxation were everything my fur balls needed. Those features, plus many more are the reason why this is the best cat tree for multiple cats.

  • Extremely Durable Plastic

Cat owners think that trees created by wood are by far more superior than those who are created with plastic stands. This is true in certain cases. However, the overall plastic structure of the Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 cat tree is extremely sturdy.

All of those plastic stands are also very easy to put together. They distribute the weight placed upon the tree evenly. There is absolutely no risk for the tree to tumble over or break down. After a certain period of use, I actually came to the conclusion that the Prevue’s Catville Tower is the start of a new generation cat trees created mainly by plastic.

They are usually cheaper, sturdier, easier to install, more attractive, and most importantly eco-friendly.

Features And Specifications

  • 3 Sisal rope scratching posts provide excellent surface for natural and realistic scratching
  • 4 Cat houses placed on a 3 tier structure can accommodate multiple cats at once
  • Each and every fabric component can be washed by hand and dried by air
  • Weights just 18 lbs which is extremely lightweight for a XL cat tree
  • 5 Soft cushions on top and inside the cat condos perfect for winding down after a long day
  • Exceptionally cat-favorite elevated bed enhanced with cozy faux fur
  • No matter if your cats are excessive scratchers, the heavy duty fabric is scratch resistant

Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 Cat Tree Dimensions

Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 Cat Tree Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this review for the top cat tree for multiple cats, the Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 cat tree, I came across 114 customer reviews that rated the product 3.7 out of 5.0 positive stars. The major part of the product customers were extremely pleased with what they bought.

However, there were some niggling points raised about this product. I decided to show what those non-satisfied customers had to say about this product.

One customer said, “I have to re-tighten the plastic tubes once every few weeks because they slip out. This happens because my cat is full of excitement and energy”. Another customer said, “I had a hard time with the product’s assembly. I even hired another person to set it up for me!”. Third customer said, “I have fourteen rescue cats to use the product. I’ve done everything, but the product is just not sturdy enough for them!”.

Those were some of the most critical customer reviews. Others weren’t bothered by those same problems. Maybe those aren’t common.

Others said, “This product is definitely worth the price, in comparison to other traditional cat trees!” and “Great cat tree for multiple cats! I have lots of fun observing my felines playing with it! Numerous places where my cats can curl up and sleep on!” and “It was so great that you’d think it was created by cats for cats. Also, the customer service was perfect!” and “Much better than those carpeted cat trees that aren’t realistic. The Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 tree is a cat’s equivalent to luxury hi-rise”.

This concludes the review of the leading cat tree for multiple cats, also known as Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower. It has every single feature that will satisfy the needs both of you and your furry balls. They will live in harmony and won’t fight over territory anymore, just because this product offers immense amount of room for them.

Some cat owners will say that their budget is too tight and the price of the product a bit high. I’d say that it is better to purchase a bit more expensive cat tree that is extremely durable and stable, than to buy numerous cat trees just so they will satisfy the needs of multiple cats. You will actually save money this way.

However, the price tag of this tree is highly reasonable. All of the positive customer reviews plus my great experience with the product makes it easy for me to recommend the product to people who own multiple cats.

One Final Note About Cat Trees For Two Cats or More

Cat Trees For Two Cats or More

You must always take your budget into consideration. Only you can control how much you want to spend on a cat tree. Just like any other product, you will get what you pay for. Don’t buy from a local pet store.

If you buy at a low price, you should expect low quality. It is that simple. In this case you are looking for the best cat tree for multiple cats on the market today. You won’t need another cat tree if you decide to buy the best, or even the trees provided in the comparison table above.

So, just because numerous cats will use the tree at the same time, you should always prioritize quality over price. If you don’t follow this simple rule, be ready to buy another cat tree in no time!