Best Cat Tree For Maine Coon

Best Cat Tree For Maine Coon

Each and every cat needs some form of activity, mainly cats that live indoors each day. If you read this article, there is a high possibility that you own a Maine Coon cat. Even if you don’t, but plan to add one to your feline family, you probably know how cool and chill they are.

That is a big reason why they are becoming more popular among cat owners nowadays. They aren’t one of those needy cat breeds that must hang out around you, or in your lap 24/7. Maine coons are also known to be very friendly to your small children or your pets at home.

Surprisingly, some dog breeds even love “hanging out” with the Maine Coons. Now, it is time to read everything you need to know about choosing the best cat tree for Maine Coon.

As a cat owner it is your job to provide a great activity environment for your cats. They must climb, scratch, exercise and jump. It can be all provided by choosing the top cat tree for Maine Coon. In the text below, I will show you everything you need to know in this regard.

Get your popcorn ready, read everything in this article and then put everything you’ve learned into action! That is how results are created!

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Do Maine Coons Really Need A Cat Tree?

I will be short and clear here. Every cat breed needs a cat tree. If you carefully watch the feral cat’s behavior, you will see that they are always moving around, climbing up and down the trees or stretching on a tree’s branch. The Maine Coons are no different than that.

Just before they became popular as domestic cats, they were living in the harsh nature environment. They are known to be excellent hunters, which is the biggest reason why they could survive outside. Things changed now. Maine coons are slowly but surely becoming the most popular domestic cat breed.

Their time outdoors is greatly limited. They need a cat tree now more than ever before. It will be their ultimate exercise environment. Even though they like to spend part of their day on the ground (hunting on the ground was their natural instinct), you must get them the best cat tree for Maine Coons.

That not will only make them happy, but it is key to keep them healthy. If you don’t offer that for them, you will end up with a sorrowful, sick and unhealthy Maine Coon.

Cat Trees Will Keep A Maine Coon Happy

Maine Coon Happy

If you get the best cat tree for Maine Coon, it will forget about boredom once and for all. It will constantly stimulate your cat, so it will be always exploring the tree. Modern cat tree brands build their trees with high perches and platforms enhanced with extremely cozy faux fur material, which is perfect for winding out after a long day.

Some of the Maine Coons, but not all seem to value their privacy and want some alone time at some point. That will be achieved by relaxing on a cat condo placed on the heights of a cat tower.

Maine Coons are full of energy and curiosity. If they don’t spend their excessive amount of energy on something, they may become depressed. That is the case with humans as well.

We are having a bad mood if we are closed in a room for a whole day. Maine Coons are extremely intelligent creatures who love to play around a cat tree and explore it’s secrets. So, the bigger the tree, the better it would be for a cat of this breed.

What To Look For In A Cat Tree For Maine Coon

Cat Tree For Maine Coon

If you really want to provide your lovely Maine Coons with a great cat tree experience, you should keep a few things in mind. As I’ve said before, the right type of cat tree will provide your Maine Coons a place where they can work on their body, climb, jump, polish and sharpen their big claws.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Maine Coons are heavy and one of the biggest cat breeds. They can easily reach 20+ lbs. But, on average they are around 7lbs up to 18lbs.

They grow fully in a two, or three year period. So, if you have a kitty Maine Coon, it is always smart to purchase an extra large cat tree beforehand, because they grow very big and fast. With that in mind, you should look for an extra large (XL) cat tree with large perches and platforms.

Forget about those small and short 4 foot or 5 foot trees. They may be enough for an average sized cat breed, but not for a Maine Coon.

  • Cat Tree Must Be Rigid And Stable – If the cat tree is somewhat wobbly, your Maine Coons will avoid it most of the time. You and your felines probably don’t want the tree to fall over them. It will cause a serious injury to them, depending on the tree’s weight. So, that is a big reason why you must choose a tough and sturdy cat tree for Maine Coons. Trees that are constructed from solid wood, pressed wood or even plywood work best. The cat trees for Maine Coons I showed in the comparison table had reinforced posts. There is a metal filling inside of them, which will make the tree remain stable throughout.
  • Balanced Base – You should always take a look at the base. If it doesn’t distribute the Maine Coons heavy weight evenly, it will tip over. The wider and longer the base, the better it would be. The best cat tree for Maine Coons for example, has a weighted base. It will make tipping over physically impossible. No matter if it is used for two or three heavy cats, it will remain it’s sturdiness. If a particular tree’s base isn’t wide or long enough, but the tree is 9 foot or even floor to ceiling, you should avoid that at all costs.
  • More Scratching Posts Or Pads – The more scratching posts or pads a cat tree has, the happier you and your Maine Coon would be. It will stop your feline from scratching on your favorite carpets, curtains, furniture and couches. All of the great cat trees for Maine Coons I’ve put in the comparison table have two or more sisal rope scratching posts on them. The cat owners who complain the most about their cat scraping all over the house are actually Maine Coon owners. This is an easy solution for this problem.
  • Look For A Taller Tree – If the cat tree is taller, it will offer more space and more exploration possibilities for your Maine Coon. Taller trees also have more features on them, like elastic hanging toys or bands. It will keep them occupied at all times. This surely doesn’t mean you should purchase the biggest floor to ceiling cat tree with skyscraper scratchers. Go with the one that will potentially satisfy the free space you have for a cat tree.
  • You Get What You Pay For – If you really care for your felines, you should be prepared to invest in a high quality cat tree. Usually, they cost from as low as $80 up to mind blowing $700. You have the possibility to purchase an inexpensive cat tree from the local pet store. But I will ensure you that it won’t last you long. They may be good for some breeds, but they simply won’t be able to handle and serve the needs of Maine Coons.

Frontpet Apex Cat Tree Tower

This is the best cat tree for Maine Coons for number of reasons. First of all, it is a deluxe cat tree that will enhance the looks of absolutely every interior. The luxurious wooden construction can safely and perfectly handle all of the cat’s weight.

The brownish colorway is universal and it will blend to any type of interior flawlessly. Also, it is not finished so you can freely customize it depending on your needs. There is a room for you to show your creative talents on display.

Frontpet Apex cat tree is actually constructed with the Maine Coon’s needs in mind. It is a 4 tier cat tree that has four huge platforms that are carpeted. They feel so natural for the cat’s paws and are optimal for scraping and scratching. Your Maine Coons think that this is a very natural and realistic tree, no different from a real one, even though it doesn’t look like.

The Frontpet Apex luxurious cat tree is also a great solution for small apartments. You can replace some shelves with this cool cat tree. The platforms are so big that you can even place your favorite vase or your books on it.

Maine Coons are extremely delicate and careful creatures that won’t push those objects to the ground.

This product can even be used for three adult cats or more. It offers enough space for all of them at the same time. My two Maine Coons loved jumping and climbing up the Frontpex Apex cat tree. However, they were leaving so much fur on the carpets, so I had to vacuum clean them at least once a week. Even better, you can actually remove the carpeted perches to make the cleaning a breeze.

  • Cat Approved Material – Both the natural and durable wood, and the carpeted platforms provide excellent surface for your cat’s paws. Your Maine Coons will forget about scratching on areas where it is strictly prohibited by you. At the end of the day, you don’t want your cats to cause you more trouble than good. All of this can be solved by purchasing the greatest cat tree for Maine Coons constructed with cat-friendly materials.
  • Stable And Weighted Base – The base unit on the Frontpex Apex cat tree is cleverly created. It’s strange design actually balances the weight placed upon the tree greatly. After some research, I actually found out that it is a weighted base. That is the secret behind the optimal sturdiness and toughness. You don’t even have to support the tree on a wall. It does great on it’s own.

Features And Specifications

  • Solid all-wood construction provides a balanced play area for your Maine Coons
  • Carpeted platforms are excellent place for sleeping and relaxing
  • The wooden construction isn’t painted, so it leaves space for you to paint it however you want
  • Extremely sturdy and weighted base guarantees that the tree won’t tip over
  • You can assemble the product easily, and in minutes
  • Each and every installation tool and hardware come with the package

Frontpet Apex Cat Tree Tower Dimensions

Frontpet Apex Cat Tree Tower Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this best cat tree for Maine Coon review, I’ve came across 31 customer reviews. They rated the product 4.9 out of 5 stars.

That means that almost every single customer was totally satisfied with what they bought, except for 3 customers.

The first customer said, “This is an almost perfect cat tree. The only thing that bothered me was the top support bar. It should be placed slightly higher, or leaned on the side. It bothers my cat while it jumps from the top platform to the third one. The second unsatisfied customer said, “It is a great tree. However, it is slightly wobbly when my big cat jumps on the fourth platform”. The final unpleased customer said, “One of my felines has made this tree it’s home base. The only flaw about the tree is the slightly high price”.

Those were the only customers that weren’t perfectly satisfied with the Frontpet Apex Cat Tree Tower. No other customer stated some issues of this kind.

Customers said, “It looks great, and my pets at home fell in LOVE with it! This cat tower is everything that we expected, and even more! Assembled in 30 minutes in total. I can’t say a negative thing about the product!” and “This is one of the best designs that hit the pet supply industry. It’s design is a thoughtfully engineered accomplishment. Product’s worth every penny!” and “Perfect construction able to hold multiple cats. I use it for my two kitties and my 17 pound Maine Coon!” and “This is a modern substitute to a normal cat tree. I also painted it in dark color. It matches our interior and looks PERFECT!”.

This concludes our Frontpet Apex Cat Tree Tower Review. All of the satisfied customers, along with my perfect experience with the product, makes it a breeze to recommend this product to fellow cat owners. After a long discussion with fellow pet owners, we’ve all came to the conclusion that this is the best cat tree for Maine Coon known to mankind!