Cat Tree For Kitten

Best Cat Tree For Kittens

Purchasing the best cat tree for kitten will do wonders for your young fellas. Some cat owners cannot simply understand the importance of cat trees, especially for small kitties. If you get the right tree, your cats will learn their primal movement patterns as soon as possible.

They will learn to scratch properly without hurting their nails on the rigid walls. Also, they will learn how to climb and jump up and down the tree. The great cat tree will attract them enough so they won’t create the habit of scraping your favorite furniture, jump on the fridge or destroying the wooden carpet.

All of those potentially serious behavioral problems will be solved easily. That will be easier as your kitten are very young. If the small kitten live with their mother, they will copy what she does. The problem here is that your kitten cannot climb a cat tree if it’s too large.

Worst case scenario would be if your kitten falls badly from the tree. It will create a negative neurotic association with a tree, and they will avoid using it at all costs.

That is another reason why I highly recommend you purchase the best cat tree for kittens. Usually they are smaller in size and won’t have as many complicated features like those modern branched cat trees for three cats or more.

The great thing here is that cat trees for kitten are perfect for small spaces. Both you and your pussycats will be happy with the purchase!

Cat Trees For Kitten Ultimate Buying Guide

If you somewhat don’t like the best cat tree for kittens, the Favorite 57″ cat activity tree for whatever reason, I’d recommend you follow this buying guide.

  • Forget About Floor To Ceiling Trees – Don’t get me wrong. Floor to ceiling cat trees are excellent choice if you have a giant or an extra large cat. They offer enough space even for multiple cats at once. Sadly, they won’t work very well for small kitten. What would be the point of investing in such a huge tree, when you kitten will have trouble climbing even the first level platform. Your young kitten will get discouraged after failing to climb up the tree on numerous occasions. You must avoid this at all costs necessary.
  • Purchase Trees With Ramps Or Ladders – Your kitten will welcome the entrance ladder or ramps with grace. The ramps will lead the cat’s way directly on a tree’s height. It will make the cat comfortable climbing up a certain height. That will speed up the adapting process like nothing else. Some great cat trees for kitten don’t utilize ladders in the trees, but have their platforms greatly elevated from the ground. That way your kitten can comfortably leap slightly and get on the surface of the tree. They are even excellent trees for older cats.
  • Have Some Kind Of Cat Condo – The greatest cat trees for kitten tend to have a place where the furry friends can be housed. Kitten love to sleep inside a dark cat condo on a tree. They will see climbing and jumping on the tree as a huge challenge that offers a huge reward at the end. If the condo has a carpeted cushioning inside, that means that the reward will be worth the work.

S.Y.57″ Cat Activity Tree Condo

This is the best cat tree for kittens that has been ever created. Luckily for all of us, the product comes in such a reasonable price. No matter how tight your budget is, there shouldn’t be any complaining about the product’s price.

It’s an unique, stylish and cool looking 6 tier tree that will be a great addition to absolutely any household. There are many options that your kitten will find helpful and beneficial.

Ladder which points directly to the cat condo is an excellent way for your cat to learn how to climb on an incline. The condo isn’t recommended for adult huge cats. The assembly process was slightly complicated.

However, you shouldn’t stress about it. Take all of the parts and installation tools out of the package, and follow the assembly manual step by step until you’ve assembled the product.

  • Stronger Base – Best cat trees for kittens should be as stable as possible. This was the case with the S.Y. 57″ cat activity tree condo. It’s baseboard is built up with dense, high quality material that makes sure the tree stays stable and sturdy. The board is enhanced with plush faux fur which increases the comfort aspect of the base. That was a great feature because kitten will spend big portion of their time laying on this base.
  • Reachable Top Perch – Unlike other 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or even those floor to ceiling cat trees with skyscraper scratchers, the top perch of this 57 inch cat tree is reachable by your kitten. The reason why is because each level of the cat tree isn’t distant from each other. Even if your kitten has a great difficulty climbing or jumping, it can still reach the highest level of the tree. I wish other great cat trees for kitten were built this way.

Features And Specifications

  • Cat tree comes with an extremely soft hammock
  • Small cat tree can accommodate large cats
  • All of the perches and platforms are shaped differently to boost the kitten curiosity
  • There is a sisal rope hanging from the top semi-cylinder
  • 9 scratching posts from which 4 are covered with sisal rope
  • Top perch is built with safety rim on the backside
  • Small cat condo offers an ultra cozy accommodation for young kitten

S.Y. 57″ Cat Activity Tree Condo Dimensions:

S.Y Cat Activity Tree Condo Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing this best cat tree for kitten review, I’ve stumbled across 30 customer reviews. They gave the product 4.2 out of 5.0 stars. That means that the major part of the customers were satisfied with what they bought.

However, there were some negative points raised about the product.

One customer said, “This is probably one of the greatest cat trees for kitten out there, but it is simply impossible to install! Even though I assembled it after having a stressful period, I believe I didn’t do it right”. Another customer said, “Product is not meant for those who are impatient. The installation manual isn’t clear and the pieces that connect aren’t marked properly”. Other customer said, “This is a cat tree that isn’t designed for large cats. The perches couldn’t handle my 18 pound cat”.

Those were the most critical reviews about the S.Y. 57″ Cat Activity tree. Other customers didn’t seem to have those same problems as these customers. Maybe those problems aren’t widespread.

Others said, “This is a versatile cat tree that is suitable for both big cats and kitten” and “It is the 2nd time I purchase this product. The new one is meant for my new feline addition. I recommend you vacuum it once a week after the cats are scraping the posts” and “I use this cat tree for three cats. They all look cute at the semi-cylinder playing with the hanging sisal rope. The only flaw is that they fight for which cat should sleep on the cylinders” and “I couldn’t be more happier with the tree! This is by far the best cat tree for kitten ever made! I assembled it in 15 minutes without any difficulty. My cats are now obsessed with the tree”.

This concludes the S.Y. 57″ cat activity tree review. It is the greatest cat tree for kitten ever made. It also comes at such a reasonable price that every can owner can afford. The only negative points raised about the product were the installation complications customers faced. In the text below, I decided to help you with the assembly instructions if you are having difficulty doing that.

Other than that, I completely recommend this product to absolutely any kitten owner.

How To Assemble The S.Y. 57″ Cat Tree For Kitten

If you’ve read the review this far, you probably know that the assembly process wasn’t the customers cup of tea. For me personally, I didn’t have any issue doing that because assembling cat trees is my second nature. I’ve set up so many trees that I don’t even need an assembly manual anymore. I know where each and every part should be put in to.

I want you to make sure you follow the assembly manual for all the directions for the set up. Also, make sure that you follow them religiously. The biggest problem here is that you actually assemble the S.Y.57″ cat activity tree from the top, going down. If you don’t follow the instructions you will have to take it apart and restart the process again.

I recommend you actually start setting it up from the bottom and work your way up. Your installation tutorial should be near you. Just follow it step by step and you will assemble the tree in less than thirty minutes.

Choosing The Right Cat Tree For Kitten Is Extremely Important

The Right Cat Tree For Kitten

Sometimes kitten can be choosy creatures. They don’t like certain foods, don’t urinate inside the litter box and tend to meow heavily when something isn’t their way. Some people think of that as behavioral problems that will cause serious problems in the long run.

However, that is not always the case. If you previously owned young kitties, you probably know that that is very common among them. Purchasing the best cat tree for kitten should always satisfy your needs first, but at the same time don’t ignore the cat’s needs.

The best thing about getting a brand new cat tree for your pussycats is that they will get adapted to the tree, not the way around. If you choose the wrong type of tree, your kitten may resent using it even in the long run. You’d like to avoid this from happening at all costs. Luckily for you, you are at the right place. I will write a complete cat tree for kitten buying guide for you.

In a matter of fact, you won’t even have to read this. All of the great cat trees for kitten I’ll review in this article reflect on this buying guide. Every single feature of the tree is stated in those reviews. Everything you have to do is choose which one of those trees for kitten serve your needs the most.