Cat Trees For Heavy Cats

Cat Trees For Heavy Cats

Is your fat cat mercilessly breaking all the expensive cat trees you buy? Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on some low quality products that can’t handle the cat’s weight? Specially designed, cat trees for heavy cats will be the solution for your overweight felines once and for all.

All you have to do is read this article, and choose the particular cat tree that fits your environment and needs the most. Don’t be a brand loyaler here. There are some not so popular cat tree brands out here that build some of the top products the cat owner could purchase.

The number one quality that cat trees for heavy cats differ from standard trees is the material reinforcement on the parts that need the most toughness and rigidity. What caused me to write this detailed article on cat trees for fat cats, was the small number of information you could get for this topic.

I personally owned a 19 lbs adult cat that helped me understand what are the exact things you should consider before purchasing a tree for your chubby friend. I will talk about these things later in the text. For now, you should know that this article will cover everything you need to know before purchasing a tree for your obese cat.

Check the comparison chart about the top 7 cat trees for heavy cats I provided you with, in the text below.

*Our Top Picks

EliteField Cat Tree

EliteField Cat Tree

This is hands down the best cat tree for heavy cats that is available on the market today. It completely satisfies all the 5 rules I’ve mentioned above.

It is constructed by premium compressed wood material, enhanced with faux fur for greater comfort and natural feel. It’s porches and platforms are wide enough for a fat cat to be able to comfortably sleep relax on the tree.

Beige colorway is stylish and fancy enough to blend smoothly with the indoors of your household. Even if you don’t have a fat cat, it is ideal for 3 cats. At the same time, it won’t take giant amount of space.

The assembly process was fairly easy. I did it in under 10 minutes. All of the parts and tools required for installation come with the product package. Just follow the installation manual and you are good to go.

  • Perfect Dimensions – The square dimension of the tree’s base is perfect for optimal balance and weight distribution. It is 22″ inches wide, 22″ inches long and 40″ inches high. The top perch is not so high in the air, so it will become wobbly once a heavy cat jumps on top of it. All the platforms are strategically placed in order. The lowest platform is just 7″ inches off the floor. Your chubby cat doesn’t need to jump very high to reach it. It is ideal for heavy cats.
  • Comes With Four Scraping Posts – The EliteField cat tree comes with 4 sisal rope covered scratching posts optimal for scraping. You don’t have to spend additional money for other scratching posts. All of these features are included in this awesome cat tree for heavy cats. They will totally satisfy the cat’s needs. The constant scraping will help your cat lose some of it’s weight. That is due to the attractive design of the scratching posts.

Features And Specifications

  • 3 sisal scratching places on the elevated platforms
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes, no tools required
  • High quality sturdy wood can handle large amounts of weight
  • Excellent customer service
  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty, plus 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Stays sturdy even when a heavy cat jumps on the top perch
  • Highest perch comes with a back to prevent the cat from falling once it falls asleep
  • Metal fillings inside the posts
  • Perfect for any pets at home

Investing In The Right Cat Tree For Heavy Cats Is Important

If you have a large cat breed like the Maine Coon or Ragdoll breed, the average cat tree won’t cut it. Looking just a the price tag and brand name, won’t be enough. In the short run, it may be fine.

But, at, we aren’t satisfied with short terms only. We are giving you information about cat related products, in this case cat trees that will last you for a long, long time. We will show you how to do the proper investment and have something that your cat will love.

You probably spend a lot of money for cat’s food, toys, litter boxes and scratching poles. Why won’t you spend some of that portion on an entertaining cat tree for your heavy cat? Not only the constant climbing, jumping and exercising will help your cat lose some of it’s excess weight, but it will also serve for amusement purposes.

Ideal Materials For Cat Tree For Heavy Cats

Ideal Materials For Cat Tree For Heavy Cats

Probably the main thing you should look for in a cat tree for heavy cats is the materials. As you know, some materials are denser and tougher than others. But, the density is not enough. You want material that will feel natural and realistic for your cats. Something that will resemble an actual tree. That is why the most popular material among cat trees is:

  • Wood

This is a relative term. There are multiple types of wood. I highly recommend you purchase a tree that is made from pressed wood, plywood or E1 grade wood. Those are widely known to offer durability, sturdiness in the right areas and a sweet natural sound that cats love. Usually, wooden cat trees are fancy and more stylish than plastic trees.

At the same time however, they are heavier and harder to clean than those. You may need to use some of your strong muscles to change the location of the wooden cat’s tree, depending on it’s size. This is not a deal breaker though. Also, the other downside of wood is the assembly process. Usually wooden, realistic trees arrive not assembled.

All of it’s parts like the scratching posts, perches, platforms and toy mice come with the package box. You need to follow certain types of instructions, just so you can put the tree to work. On the other hand, plastic cat trees come fully assembled and you won’t need to waste time here.

Nonetheless, this is not a reason why plastic trees are better than wooden ones. Wood beats the unnatural plastic feel any time of the day.

  • Plastic

Usually plastic cat trees are cheap. You can find them in local pet supply stores. They are fully assembled from start and you won’t need to waste any of your precious time installing those.

They are an excellent solution for small spaces, for your kitten and small breed cats. However, you are looking for the best cat trees for heavy cats here. The plastic won’t do the trick here.

If your budget is limited, check out these wooden trees under $30. Most of the owners who have fat cats do this mistake. Don’t be fooled by the tough tree feel and inexpensive price.

The plastic material is simply not natural for your cat’s paws. Also, they don’t come in huge and wide sizes. They are usually too small for your heavy cat.

Key Attributes Of Cat Trees For Fat Cats

Cat Trees For Fat Cat

Heavy cats require certain specifications in the cat tree that they use. Otherwise, the particular tree won’t satisfy the cat’s needs. It doesn’t really matter how expensive, popular, big or luxury the tree is, if it doesn’t satisfy the 5 rules I am going to show you.

Don’t worry about these factors though. All of the 7 best cat trees for chubby cats in the comparison chart satisfy these rules. I just want to show you that there are factors that certain cat tree brands provide their products with.

  • Perches Width – All of the perches on the cat tree for heavy cats should be wide. Just because your cat is giant, it means that it will need some extra space in order for the cat to be able to comfortably relax or nap on the tree. Even the most sturdy wooden tree won’t feel right for your cat if the perches aren’t broad enough.
  • Don’t Get A Very Tall Tree – This is a critical blunder cat owners do when purchasing a tree for their chubby cat. If you previously owned a cat tree with high perches, you may already know that the top perch is usually not very stable, no matter how sturdy the tree claims to be. When you add an average fat cat (Maine coon can be 20+ lbs and still not be considered fat) on top of the floor to ceiling tree, it is at danger of collapsing. I’d still recommend you purchase a tall tree, but not an exaggeratedly tall one.
  • Metal Inserts In Posts – Some of the most popular modern cat tree companies like BestPet, Furhaven Pet, Go Pet Club, ArmarKat etc. like to utilize metal fillings inside the posts. They usually build their scratching posts or cat tree platforms with three layers: The outer part is usually sisal rope – for scratching posts or carpet – for aesthetics and comfort. The middle layer is high quality wood, and the insides are metal fillings. Rigidity and stability won’t be an issue here. No matter how fat your cat is, choosing the right cat tree (ideally with metal fillings inside the posts) for heavy cats is the way to go.
  • Base Platform Width – No matter how sturdy the tree’s parts actually are, the tree won’t be able to withstand the weight of the heavy cat if the base platform is not wide and sturdy enough. I’ve seen so many cat trees consistently fall over once a fat cats jumps or climbs on it. It’s not that the tree’s materials are weak, it’s the product’s base. Ideally, for a cat tree for heavy cats, the tree’s base should be wide and long enough to distribute the weight evenly. Modern, top quality cat tree brands totally understand this natural law. They take the cat’s weight in consideration. Lately, the top cat trees can handle unbelievable amounts of weight.
  • Avoid Cat Trees With Hammock – There is no place for hammocks in cat trees for heavy cats. I hate to say this, but that is the reality. As much as cats love sleeping and relaxing on the comfortable hammock’s material, it can’t withstand the large amount of weight. Usually hammocks are secured in place by few sisal ropes or a single bolt. You don’t want to see your cat break the hammock and fall all the way down on the ground with it. It can severely affect the well being of your cat. The trauma of falling badly, can make your cat avoid climbing on a cat tree forever. After that, no matter what you do, the traumatic effects will be too much for your cat to handle.