Best Carpet For Cat Tree

Best Carpet For Cat Tree

Do you have an idea of building your own cat tree? Or, do you want to replace the badly damaged carpet with a new one? If you do, you are at the right place.

Here you will learn which is the best carpet for cat tree on the market today and how to use it to perfection. I’ve seen so many cat owners getting rid of their luxurious and expensive cat trees after seeing some rip in the carpet. That is the worst decision you can ever do.

See it as throwing hard earned money in the thrash bin. Instead, you should try to replace the carpet on your own. It is an extremely easy process to perform. The only problem with it is that it required some time, instructions, effort and materials.

I will help you with all those steps. After getting my carpet and faux fur ripped off of my unique looking cat trees with leaves, I was so angry at my cats.

However, after reading couple of blog posts and forum discussions, I realized that modern cat tree companies provide non-durable carpet for the trees.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the coziness of the carpet with density. That is the only way you will prevent your excessive scratching cats to destroy the cat tree. Don’t panic. You are at the right place.

All you have to do is read the instructions in this article and put them into action. You’ll be amazed how easily, quickly you can replace the carpet without breaking your wallet!

Where To Get Carpet For Cat Tree

Carpet For Cat Tree

Some cat owners say that it is best to purchase best carpet for cat trees from tailor stores. However, I don’t think that this is the best way because you’ll usually be limited to certain sizes. You’ll need to perform lot of cutting if you want to customize your own tree.

If you decide to purchase carpet from the roll, I strongly suggest you purchase the left overs (also known as straps). Also, these come at a cheaper price than the whole piece of carpet. I’ll talk about where to find cheap carpets in the text that follows.

Most of the times these left overs are completely new and untouched. They are the pieces that were used in some household installations, flats, buildings etc.

If you actually go over different tailor stores or outlets, I guarantee that you can find these straps for a very small price. You also won’t do lots of cutting and measuring. That is always a huge plus. It will greatly shorten the carpet changing process.

Another Way To Buy Cheap Carpet For Cat Tree

Other than searching the outlets and stores, I recently found another way to get cheap carpet for cat tree. So far, I am very satisfied with this process that hasn’t been talked about.

There are actually some long 10″ pieces of great carpet for cat trees that are actually cheaper than those strap left overs.

I personally order all the carpet I need on There are various sizes, shapes, designs and colorways there. Also, the prices are very low.

I recommend you do the same if you don’t have the time to search for straps in the outlets. On top of that, best carpet for cat tree purchases arrive in a very short period of time.

What Kind of Carpet for Cat Tree

Carpet for Cat Tree

Most of the times this is a completely personal decision. I’ll recommend you take certain types of consideration before you choose what kind of carpet you’ll buy.

You must decide what colorway it should be. 80% of the looks of average carpeted cat trees depend on this. My experience shows that best carpets for cat trees are black, brown and beige.

Cats think that they will use a real and natural cat tree. That is always a huge plus. However, there aren’t any strict borders here. I even had light blue cat trees work perfectly.

Next, you have to decide the texture, weight and how long the carpet fibers should be. Most of the time, more weight means a thicker piece of carpet. This depends on how comfortable you’ll want the cat tower be for your lovely furry buddy.

If your felines could speak, they would definitely go with a thicker piece! Not looped carpet texture is a best bet for any type of cats. The reason behind this is that their claws can get stuck and get damaged in the loops. If you have a cat with removed claws, looped carpet won’t be a problem.

For those who want to guarantee an easy installation process, great functionality and pretty looks, I’d advice you pick a middle weighted carpet with half-inch long fibers.

If you pick a thick piece of carpet, you’ll have difficulty putting it on the corners, edges, perches and platforms. That will require more concentration, effort and time. Who wants all of that to be honest? Also, avoid purchasing a carpet that is very slim.

That won’t provide any cushioning for your felines and could break down easily on the sharp edges of the tree.

How Much Carpet For Cat Tree

This is the most frequent question I receive when cat owners decide to change the carpet on their trees. To be brutally honest with you, I can’t answer this question for you. How much carpet you should use for a cat tree depends on the sizes of the platforms, cat condos, hammock, perches, and scratching posts.

Each and every cat tree is shaped differently and sized differently. This is a step that you should experiment on your own. Purchasing a larger piece of best carpet for cat trees from will let you replace the whole surface of even a floor to ceiling tree with skyscraper scratchers.

The first time you change, or even build your own cat tree, I strongly recommend you get a bigger piece of best cat tree carpet. This will let you freely make some mistakes while measuring and cutting that you will learn from. Those lessons will save you lots of money in the long run. It is okay to mess up on the first time.

How To Cut Carpet For Cat Tree

How To Cut Carpet For Cat Tree

For this step, you’ll need some scissors. You won’t need some extra sharp special and luxurious ones to cut some soft carpet. However, don’t ever cut the carpet using some dull scissors. That will only mess up the texture and shape of the carpet.

When I first replaced damaged carpet on my tree, I did this ugly and simple mistake. I wrote this to remind you not to do this stupid thing that will ruin your motivation and even your great carpet for cat tree that you’ve bought.

So, after you make sure you get a normal scissor you need to do couple of measurements. Measure the width and length of each platform, perch, condo, scratching post and base. Write them all on a piece of paper and keep them near you while you are cutting the best carpet for cat tree.

I personally draw how big the pieces of carpet should be on it, using a pen. After I marked my wanted sizes I’ll begin the cutting process.

I personally draw how big the pieces of carpet should be on it, using a pen. After I marked my wanted sizes I’ll begin the cutting process. Make sure that you do this on the floor, preferably on a wooden carpet.

This will most of the times create some mess, depending on the texture and material of the tree. If you use this carpet, there won’t be any mess.

After you did all the cutting, it is time to clean up the mess using a vacuum cleaner. That will take care of it. You don’t want to leave the mess for a long time because your felines can track those left pieces and dust all over your household.

Replacement Carpet For Cat Tree

If you bought a wide and big piece of carpet, there should be some left after you did all the cutting. Don’t put it into the trash bin when you’re done cutting. That is plainly stupid.

You can use this remaining material as a replacement carpet for cat tree. Sometimes your cats can get their nails deep into the carpet and take off a big piece of it. You can simply cut a small piece (depending on how big the damage on the carpet is), and glue it on the naked wood.

Don’t purchase two pieces of carpet, so the other will serve as a replacement. Instead use this method to save lots of money, time and even nerves. The secret benefit of using this is that there won’t be any noticeable differences between the surfaces.

What if the best carpet for cat tree you placed is dark red, but your freshly bought, new piece of carpet is light red. The trees would look funky, no matter how fancy, cool, decorative or stylish the designs of them are.

Faux Fur vs Carpet

This is a common argument in the cat tree forums. I personally didn’t notice any noticeable difference between cat trees with carpet and trees with faux fur. I think that they are both comfortable and your cats love them.

The only dissimilarity between faux fur vs carpet is that felines love to sleep and relax more on faux fur. That is probably the reason why modern cat tree manufacturers utilize it more than carpets. Most of the hammocks, or elevated beds are created wit faux fur.

However, there is a downside to faux fur. It is less durable than carpet. So, before purchasing a cat tree, I’d recommend you look at the dimensions and features of the tree. If there are many ladders or ramps on the tree, you should go with faux fur.

That is because the cats will use the ladders to climb up and down the tree. But, if the tower is extremely tall and doesn’t have any ladders, you should go with carpet. When the cats jump from a tier to a tier, their nails contract heavily with the surface. It can tear it in no time. That is why you’ll need carpeted trees for extra large (XL) cat trees.