Cat Tree Brands On The Market

Best Cat Tree Brands

Buying from a best cat tree brand is always a good idea. In this article I will state the top 10 cat tree brands you should buy from.

There are lots of factors that play a huge role about that. For sure, there is a reason why I favour those over the others.

When I started adopting cats, there were rarely any known and appreciated cat tree brands on the market. I purchased my products from the local wood craftsman and the local pet supply store.

However, those products weren’t top notch quality wise, but at the time I thought that I had a big edge over any cat owner.

If you ask me, I really did back then. Cat tree was an unique cat furniture that was fancy, decorative, simple and luxurious.

In recent years, the pet supply industry, especially the “cat trees” sector is constantly evolving. The types of products that are constructed by the best cat tree brands are top notch quality and come at a very reasonable price.

These two factors are the crucial among customers. If companies happen to blend those two, the sky will be the limit.

Why Top Cat Tree Brands Dust The Competition

Top Cat Tree Brands

It is a fact that the pet supply industry is booming. Every day there are new products of absolutely any kind. On e-Commerce sites like, there is constantly a new list of fresh cat trees that will improve the lives of your felines to another level.

These times that we live in are the ultimate. Modern great cat tree companies are experimenting on daily basis, designing and creating the most distinctive cat trees that are sturdier and better than ever.

Also, the experimentation with materials like plastic, cardboard, carbon fibers will lead to a next generation of cat trees that will be even more affordable by the average customer.

For now, we should focus on what is available to us. Don’t get me wrong. Today’s cat trees from proven brands are better than ever before! The main reasons why the best cat tree brands are ten steps ahead of their competition is backed up by facts.

Let me state a couple of those facts to make sure you understand what is the difference between a cat tree brand that is trusted, and one that isn’t.

1. High Quality Construction

The built quality is the determining factor here. Best cat tree brands design and construct cat trees that couldn’t even be imagined by other poor brands.

Those brands are creating weak replicas of the product’s coming from the top cat tree companies. Usually, they are cheaper than them, look almost the same as them, but the quality is much worse.

A dear friend of mine, who happens to also be a cat owner decided to purchase a cat tree from those non popular cat tree companies for very cheap price. The product lasted for only a week before it toppled over his Maine Coon.

Luckily, there was no serious injury to the cat, probably because they’re huge and strong cat breeds and You should stay away from them at all costs. Usually those types of brands don’t have any customer reviews or rating on That is the best way you can recognize them!

2. Reasonable Price

There is a simple rule in any industry. You get what you give. However, my experience and the experience of many other long time cat owners shows that this isn’t the case with the pet supply industry.

If you look for and purchase a cat tree from the best cat tree brands, you will notice that there is big truth in this. The amount of top notch quality that comes at such a cheap price is simply a steal.

I really don’t know why there are some trees constructed from such a solid wood, ultra cozy faux fur, carpeted platforms with large perches that are priced this low. Maybe it is a competition thing.

Nowadays, there are more cat tree manufacturers than ever. Big portion of them are constructing top quality products. The only way they can get one over the another is if they lower the price of the products.

For a cat owner, this is always welcomed! That is why having cat furniture from a leading cat tree brand is now more available than ever!

3. More Trustworthy

Prime cat tree companies usually have a long history. Most of them didn’t even start as tree manufacturers. They all have developed customer support that will gladly help you whenever you have any issue regarding your product.

Sometimes, a small part could be missing in the packaging box. Maybe that small part will be the difference between a sturdy, tough 4 tier cat tree for 3 cats, or a wobbly tree that you will have unpleasant experience with.

All of the best cat tree brands that I will talk about in the text below, have extremely helpful customer services. They will send you a new part for free, and in no time! The purchasing process of a cat tree from a trusted brand will make you feel more confident.

You won’t have to worry whether the price you payed is worth it.

4. Customer Reviews & Scores

All products coming from proven cat tree brands have lots of positive scores and reviews. This can really show the average brand new cat owner who is looking for a tree for his felines, which brands are popular and which aren’t.

All the cat owner has to do is visit and read the reviews, and the given ratings by the customers. If the majority of the reviews are positive and there are great ratings about the cat tree, then the purchasing process would be smoother and you won’t have to worry whether your money will be stupidly wasted.

Most of the times, the greatest cat tree brands on the market are the most popular on e-Commerce websites. You surely can’t miss them!

Top 5 Cat Tree Brands On The Market

Cat Tree Brands

Below, is a list of the greatest 5 cat tree manufacturers in the whole universe. Keep in mind that they aren’t listed by any order. There isn’t any perfect cat tree manufacturer.

Each of them is great and has it’s own style and uniqueness. Also, each brand has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Whenever you are curious whether some product should be purchased, quickly check this list. If that particular product appears to be a brand from this list, then go for it! You won’t regret it!

To make things easier for you, I will place the best cat tree from each brand in the list below.

Go Pet Club Brand

Go Pet Club 62 Inch Cat Tree

This company was found in 2003 and has been one of the best cat tree manufacturers since then. It doesn’t just create cat trees. There are many other pet supply products you can find that were designed and built by this brand.

The wide spectrum of unique looking cat trees that are coming at an exclusive price you can buy, was probably the biggest reason why Go Pet Club brand is on this list. For example, there are lots of cat trees with skyscraper scratchers, with cardboard scratchers, with banana leaves, with real leaves, carpeted and many more.

No matter if your cat is short, tall, fat or whatever, there are lots of different trees with various dimensions. You don’t have to worry about that.

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Furhaven Pet Products

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

This is a well known company located in USA that is creating products to make the lives of pets at home more convenient. Because of their fearless experimentation and innovation, we have some of the greatest cat trees today.

Actually, this company is more dog-related, however that doesn’t take the quality of the cat trees that they produce. Even though there isn’t wide spectrum of Furhaven cat tree models, you can probably find one that will blend into your indoors greatly.

Even if you have a giant cat, there are 3 tier and 4 tier cat trees with wide platforms that area meant for big cats. Sometimes, having less, but extremely high quality products is better than having lots and lots of non carefully created ones.

Quality over quantity is the motto of one of the best cat tree brands called Furhaven Pet Products.

Exceptionally Good Furhaven Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Cat Tree Manufacturing Company

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

It is a cat tree brand started by fellow cat owners who had difficulty purchasing a stable and suitable tree for their felines. They offer a list of cat trees, cat furniture, beds, condos, couches at a great price. Their determination to even sell their cars to finance their start up, paid off very well both for them and for us.

When they started, they put their manufacturing and designing skills into work, in their parent’s basement. After they sold out all their firstly built cat trees, and after receiving all kinds of positive reviews, they continued their journey with added dose of confidence.

Since 2007 Kitty Mansions products were available on huge e-Commerce sites like I personally purchase all my cat trees from there, because the prices are the lowest and they arrive at a short time period. I greatly appreciate Kitty Mansions’s effort of creating affordable cat trees, without sacrificing the quality at the same time.

The love for felines and serving them to the fullest was the motivation to start one of the best cat tree brands today.

Best Pet ​Supplies

BestPet Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratching Post Pet Cat Kitten House

It was a company founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, who is also known to be the creator of pet insurance in America. He is the man who cured deadly stage IV cancer with the help of deep connection with pets at home. It motivated him to build one of the best cat tree brands on Earth.

The company’s main goal is to provide a secure shelter for felines, and an environment where they can freely scratch, jump, climb and sleep on. The designer and manufacturing team of BestPet are long time cat owners who understand the needs of the cats.

One of the main goals of the company is to eliminate the financial worry about owning a cat. That is why their products come at very low prices, affordable for the average cat owners. They clearly understand and appreciate the deep connection that exists between cat owners and the pets.

That is why BestPet cat trees come in numerous sizes from 4ft, 5 foot, 6 foot, 7ft, 8foot extending up to floor to ceiling sized ones. Numerous features like hammocks, toy mice, scraping posts, elevated beds, windows, shelves and platforms are common in almost every BestPet cat tree.

It is hard to beat, especially for such an affordable price tags. Their spot in the top 5 best cat tree brands list is well deserved.

ArmarKat Cat Tree Company

ArmarKat Cat Tree Company

This was actually the first cat tree manufacturing company in the world. It was started and led by only women. It is now a multi million dollar business that is combining the art of design and art of craftsmanship to perfection.

The results are one of the leading cat trees on the market that are extremely well built and have stylish looks. On top of all that, ArmarKat company only uses environment pleasant materials that aren’t dangerous to felines and their owners. This was the reason why this great cat tree brand was given the TUV Environment Quality Standard Test Certificate.

This cat tree manufacturer company is a part of AeroMark International successful business established in 1994. Ever since then, ArmarKat has been blessing the households of the fellow cat owners.

All of it’s products are being tested by experts after construction to see whether they are built flawlessly. This gives the customers a great feeling of a satisfaction and deluxe feel. Nowadays, there are around hundred different ArmarKat top notch cat tree models on the market. This makes Armarkat a part of the best cat tree brands in the world.

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