ArmarKat Cat Tree

ArmarKat Cat Tree Reviews

The ArmarKat cat trees are one of the most popular ones among cat owners. They offer quality, good prices, durability and most importantly, cats love them!In this article, I will write about ArmarKat cat tree reviews.

There are numerous sturdy trees the company offers. They differ by the size of the product, materials used, number of perches and scratching posts etc.

The ArmarKat cat trees are very versatile. They are ideal for elderly cats to relax and spend large portion of their day on the comfortable carpeted perches.

Also, they are recommended even for the youngest kittens. Some of the ArmarKat cat trees come with built-in cat toys that are used for amusement. Once you purchase this brand’s cat trees, you definitely can’t go wrong.

That is why I wrote this ArmarKat cat tree review article for you. Choose the one cat tree that meets your needs and requirements. You should keep in mind that ArmarKat trees are tough and greatly balanced. They can’t fall over like the cheap cat trees from some other brands.

Let’s cut the talking, and hop directly to the ArmarKat cat tree reviews.

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ArmarKat Cat Tree Assembly Instructions

ArmarKat Cat Tree Assembly Instructions

The ArmarKat cat tree assembly instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Installation manuals on were even translated on multiple languages. The ArmarKat cat tree customer support was also very decent.

Some customers stated that couple of the ArmarKat cat tree assembly parts were missing from the package box. After contacting the company, they sent it to them in less than two day period.

I like to spend more quality time while I am assembling any cat tree. This is because I don’t want the tree parts to shake constantly when a large cat jumps on top of it. I prefer to tighten all the screws and bolts as much as you can.

Some people complain that their expensive cat tree isn’t sturdy enough. Modern cat tree companies do their best to build tough trees that can hold even the most overweight cats.

Some customers stated that the ArmarKat cat litter trees were very unstable and shaky. I didn’t came across this issue because I follow the ArmarKat cat tree assembly instructions religiously. I advice you to do the same thing.

You won’t need any extra installation materials. All you have to do is follow the manual and invest your time doing so. I also recommend you re-tighten the bolts each month. This will keep the cat tower tough and in place.

ArmarKat Cat Tree A7401 Review

The ArmarKat cat tree model A7401 is probably one of the greatest out there. It comes with all the installation materials required, in a big box. The installation process is fairly easy. It took me about 30 minutes.

You don’t need any extra tools. That is always an extra plus. You must tighten all the screws and bolts, if you don’t want the ArmarKat cat tree A7401 to stay sturdy.

The cat’s favorite location is on the three perches that are located on the top. The highest perch is at more than 6 feet tall. There is a skyscraper scratcher that cat’s love to climb on, which leads to one of the three top perches. They see it as an original tree.

Cleaning is a piece of cake. All you have to do is run the vacuum cleaner every 3 weeks, depending on how many cats use this 74′ inch tree. You can even collect all of the fallen fur with your own bare hands. All of the fur gets stuck on the perches’ corners.

  • 2 Ladders For Older Cats And Kittens – It comes with 2 cat ladders. The first goes from the ground to the 1st floor, where there is a cat house with two windows. The second ladder goes to the 3rd floor. The ArmarKat cat tree company created the ladders to ease the cat’s entry to the house. This is why the A7401 cat tree is ideal for older cats or even cats with arthritis. They also deserve some fun activities too!
  • Sturdy Base With Scratching Stands – The base platform is wide enough to properly stabilize the 7ft tall modern tree. The carpet material used on the base is probably one of the most smooth I’ve ever felt. There are 4 scratching posts that your cats will fall in love with! You won’t have to additionally invest in some expensive cat scratching posts. The ArmarKat cat tree model A7401 is everything your cat needs!

Features And Specifications

  • Excellent 7 feet cat scratching post used for exercise, scraping and relaxing
  • Great amusement product that comes with 2 toys that hang on elastic band
  • Two cat houses for huge cats
  • 2 entrance ladders for easy entrance in the condos
  • Created with premium plywood decorated with faux fur covering
  • Comes with an assembling manual in the package box
  • Extra tall skyscraper scratching post that leads to the top
  • Recommended for 3 cats or less

ArmarKat A7401 Cat Tree Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 50″(L) x 26″(W) x 74″(H)
  • Base Dimensions: 28″ x 24″
  • Playhouse1 Dimensions: 20″(L) x 14″(W) x 12″(H)
  • Playhouse2 Dimensions: 14″(L) x 14″(W) x 12″(H)
  • Perch Dimensions: 14″ x 14″
  • Pressed wood Thickness: 15mm
  • Net Weight: 61 lbs.

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing the ArmarKat Cat Tree A7401 review, I stumbled across stunning 3,172 customer reviews. They rated this product 4.7 out of 5.0 possible stars. This means that everyone likes this product.

However, this is not the case. There are some unsatisfied customers that wrote some critical reviews about this product.

One customer said, “My cats destroyed the hanging toys on this beautiful cat tree as soon as I put it in place”. Another customer said, “No matter how religiously I follow the instruction manual, the cat tree is still shaky”. Another one said, “After a year of use, my cats didn’t broke the cat tree. But, there are some very visible scrapes that make this decorative tree ugly.”.

Those were some of the most critical ArmarKat cat tree A7401 customer reviews. Other customers were totally satisfied with what they bought.

Customers said, “This is definitely a cat heaven!” and “My two 16 lbs cats absolutely love this cat tree. It is very strong and affordable!” and “I am so grateful that I bought this awesome A7401 climbing cat tree. It serves as an amusement park for my felines!”.

All of the positive customer reviews along with my great times with the product, makes it totally easy for me to recommend the product to other cat owners.

ArmarKat Cat Tree Model A7802 Review

The ArmarKat Cat Tree Model A7802 is definitely one of the most feature stacked trees that Armarkat has yet to offer. This is a durable and affordable tree that is build with pressed wood material, covered with comfortable faux fur on top.

The posts of the tree act as scratching posts. Cats will definitely leave the wall alone, and will begin their scratching process directly to the tree. You will also save some money investing in this popular cat tree.

The maximal holding weight is 70 lbs. This means that it can handle three or more big cats. There are two unique looking cat houses that will serve as a great lounge spot for your feline family.

There is a perch that is placed at 78″ inch height. Sisal rope hangs from that height and is seen as a great challenge for your cats. They will always try to jump and play with it.

All of these great features come at such an affordable price. It’s the perfect cat tree for Bengals.

  • Perch With Nest-Like Shape – The perch that is placed near the top of the cat tree will be a great hang out, and observing spot for your cats. My cats always wrestled with each other in order to conquer this “nest”. If you have multiple cats in your household, the great innovation of putting this nest-like perch will serve as a great amusement spot for your pets at home.
  • Comfortable Hammock – The comfortable hammock of the ArmarKat Cat Tree A7802 is slightly elevated. But not so much, because it is meant for small kittens and older cats. If it is placed high above, they couldn’t even reach it. It hangs on 4 ropes, so no matter how heavy your cat is, the comfortable elevated bed will stay intact.

Features And Specifications

  • Comes with 2 decorative and stylish houses for relaxation
  • Durable product built with pressed wood material
  • Two cat houses for huge cats
  • The wooden material is enhanced with faux fur for more natural feel
  • Sisal rope hangs from the top perch for optimal entertainment
  • Scratching posts coming from the base go all the way to the top

ArmarKat A7802 Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 34″(L) x 28″(W) x 64″(H)
  • Base Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
  • Playhouse Dimensions: 14″(W) x 12″(H)
  • Perch Dimension: 14″(L) x 12″(W)x 2″(H)
  • Scratching Post Diameter: 3.5″
  • Pressed wood Thickness: 15mm
  • Net Weight: 49.1 lbs.

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was testing the ArmarKat cat tree model A7802, I came across 2,022 customer reviews that rated the product 4.7 out of 5.0 possible stars. This means that most of the customers are pleased using this product. There were couple of negative reviews about the product.

Let me list a few for you.

One customer said, “This was an awfully designed tree. I did a lot of research beforehand, and after I received it, I was unsatisfied with it. My kitten couldn’t even use the hammock”. Another one said, “I couldn’t install the ramp properly”. Another one noted “After installing, the product was kinda wobbly”.

Those were the most critical reviews about the product. Others were satisfied with the purchase.

Customers said, “My kittens LOVE this product!” and “My cat can’t find a better place to lounge, other than the ArmarKat floor to ceiling A7802 cat tree!” and “This is probably the greatest cat furniture known to mankind!”.

This concludes our ArmarKat A7802 cat tree model review. I recommend this product to other cat owners!

ArmarKat Cat Tree Model B7701 Review

The ArmarKat Model B7701 cat tree is excellent for small places. It is a very tall tree that 6’4 feet in height. I’d recommend you place it in the corner. I purchased the ivory colorway, as it blends perfectly with the white walls inside my household.

There are 5 other colorways you can choose from. This makes it a completely decorative, fancy and luxury tree for your indoors. It doesn’t require any installation tools. Every assembling part comes with the package box.

I personally installed the ArmarKat cat tree model B7701 in less than 20 minutes. The installation manual was very simple and clear. Even my 10 year old could install it without any difficulty!

There are 4 sisal scratching posts that come out of the product base and go all the way to the top. Cats love to climb it and scrape on it. It is generally an awesome product for your cats to exercise on!

  • 2 Hanging Cat Toys – Those toys serve as an awesome target for your cat to climb and reach. The toys are strategically placed on the top perch, so your cats will need extra climbing effort to reach them. After you purchase the ArmarKat B7701 cat tree, your cat will be in excellent shape. Not only that, but reaching and playing with the toys is a great entertainment for your lovely cats.
  • Narrow Base – The product’s base is very narrow so it is perfect for small and tight places. Placing it in the living room won’t take a lot of extra space. Also, the pretty looks of it will definitely receive some pleasant compliments by your visitors. Placing the cat tree in a frequent area like the living room is probably the best things you can do for the chemistry between you and the cats.

Features And Specifications

  • The structure of the cat tree is created with pressed wood material
  • Comfortable and durable faux wool covers the wood for smooth touch
  • Comes with a perfectly clear set-up manual
  • Installs in less than 20 minutes, without any tools required
  • Offers great looks as it comes in 5 different colorways
  • Two cat condos are connected to each other with a ladder
  • Excellent for declawed felines

ArmarKat B7701 Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 36″(L) x 31″(W) x 77″(H)
  • Base Dimensions: 26″ x 24″
  • Playhouse1 Dimensions: 20″(L) x 14″(W) x 13″(H)
  • Playhouse2 Dimensions: 14″(L) x 14″(W) x 13″(H)
  • Perch Dimensions: 14″ x 14″
  • Pressed wood Thickness: 15mm
  • Net Weight: 58 lbs.

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was writing the ArmarKat Cat Tree Model B7701 review, I came across 1,467 customer reviews that rated this product 4.5 out of 5.0 possible stars. It clearly means that the bigger part of the customers were satisfied with their purchase.

However, this is not the case. There are couple of unsatisfied customers that wrote a negative review on the product.

One customer said, “I had hard time putting the cat castle together. I spent 90 minutes assembling it. Not only that, but after this it was very shaky and unstable”. Another one said, “The faux wool serves as a magnet for dust and fur”. Another customer said, “When the product package arrived, the product was dirty!”.

Those were the most critical ArmarKat Cat Tree Model B7701 reviews. Other customers were pleased with their purchase.

Customers said, “This cat tree was worth every single penny!” and “Our 15lbs cat is greatly pleased with this awesome ArmarKat cat tree” and “The assembly process was quick, plain and straight forward!” and “The production quality is awesome. The platforms and houses offer plenty of space for two cats”.

Those positive customer product reviews, along with my great times with the product, makes it easy for me to suggest this cat tree to other customers.

ArmarKat Cat Tree With Hammock

There are multiple ArmarKat cat trees with hammock. I will do a review for the best one out there. That is the ArmarKat Cat Tree A7202 with hammock.

The reason why those are popular among cat owners is because the ArmarKat cat trees with hammock are one of the best on the market. The hammock that comes with the A7202 cat tree is the most comfortable and durable out there.

Let’s hop directly to the product review!

ArmarKat Cat Tree A7202 Review

The quality of this cat tree is undeniable. This is why I decided to write this detailed ArmarKat cat tree A7202 review. You may think that this is the same tree as the A7401 model, but that is simply not true.

This is 2 inches shorter than that and is built differently. I’d recommend this more to cats that aren’t old or arthristic. The 4 tall scratching posts that come out of the base is great for climbing and scratching.

There is one large high cat house with two entrances. My cat Garfield spent a majority of his time sleeping and relaxing inside that comfortable house.

The hammock (hanging bed) is also a great relaxing spot for the felines. Sisal rope is hanging just above the hammock. Your cat will find jumping from the hammock and touching the rope as a very fun activity.

Once you purchase the ArmarKat A7202 cat tree, your cat will forget what boredom is. Also, there are three cat toys that hang on elastic ropes. For cleaning, I’d recommend you vacuum all of the furs that fall on the perches.

  • Hammock Perfect For Kitten – The hanging bed stays secure in place thanks to the 4 top quality, durable ropes. No matter how furiously your cat is scratching the ropes or the hammock, it cannot damage it’s structure. The comfortable clothing material that is used for the hammock, will be the number one go-to spot for your kitten. It also adds up to the aesthetic side of the cat tree.
  • Created With Durable Pressed Wood – The ArmarKat A7202 cat tree is built with engineered wood, called pressed wood. It is a common and ultra durable material that is used mainly for indoor furniture. On top of that, there is a faux fur covering that adds up to the comfort aspect. All of the cat tree’s platforms are sturdy, and comfortable enough thanks to the heavenly combination of pressed wood and faux fur cover. No matter how much your cat is scraping it, it will stay intact.

Features And Specifications

  • 6 comfortable perches placed at different height level
  • Sturdy and tough platform base holds the whole cat tree in place
  • Sisal rope scratching posts perfect for climbing and scratching on every single level
  • Giant cat house perfect for two cats
  • Elevated, comfortable hammock with clothing material is perfect for sleeping
  • 3 hanging cat toys are excellent for amusement

ArmarKat Cat Tree Model A7202 Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions: 53″(L) x 22″(W) x 72″(H)
  • Base Dimensions: 24″ x 22″
  • Playhouse Dimensions: 19″(L) x 14″(W) x 12″(H)
  • Perch Dimensions: 14″ x 14″
  • Post diameter: 3.5″
  • Pressed wood Thickness: 15mm
  • Net Weight: 55 lbs.

Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of writing this ArmarKat cat tree A7202 review, I’ve came across stunning 3,172 customer reviews, that gave this product 4.6 out of 5.0 possible stars. It surely means that the majority of the customers were totally pleased with their investment.

But, this is not the case. There were couple of critical ArmarKat model A7202 reviews.

One customer said, “They said to toughen the screws when assembling the product, and re-toughen them a week later. I don’t have the time to do this all the time!”. Another one said, “The faux fur material is very slippery. My cats love to roll and play around the tall platforms. One of my cats fell very bad off the tallest perch.”. Another customer said, “The 3 toys that come with the product were destroyed very quickly. The sisal rope that hangs above the hammock wan’t interesting for my cats. They didn’t even play with it!”.

Others were perfectly satisfied with the ArmarKat cat tree A7202. They couldn’t understand why some cat owners had some issues with the product. Let me state a couple of the many positive product reviews.

Customers said, “This was surprisingly the only cat tree that I didn’t have to secure next to the wall!” and “This was the Taj Mahal of cat trees” and “After I purchased the product I expected much from it. And you know what? I received even more!” and “Tough and sturdy enough to handle my three big cats”.

Those positive product customer reviews, plus the small number of critics about the ArmarKat cat tree with hammock makes it a breeze for me to recommend it to other cat owners!