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Top Entry Litter Box Reviews

In the text below I will increase your pet owning knowledge with top entry litter box reviews. The main functions of top entry litter boxes is to prevent litter spillage.

Also, they can prevent litter tracking, which will contain the odor inside the covered box and keep dogs away from reach.

Who wouldn’t want all of these benefits?

However you mustn’t just read this article. I need you to use these information and techniques in your own household. That’s the only way that you will make a lasting change.

One thing is for sure. If you do everything like I say, then your cats should be extremely grateful to have a caring and loving owner like you!

There are many reasons why pet owners consider top entry litter boxes as they go-to product. I will talk about this in the text that follows.

In the comparison table below, I provided you the 3 greatest top entry litter box reviews for you. If for whatever reason you don’t like any of them, then I wrote a complete buying guide for you. So, let’s cut the talking and hop directly to the stuff that you really need!

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What To Look For In A Top Entry Litter Box

In the following content you are about the learn the most important elements pet owners should be looking at when purchasing a top entry litter box in this day and age.

What To Look For In A Top Entry Litter Box


No cat would like to do their “business” in some claustrophobic box.
It is a great rule of thumb to choose a top entry litter box that has enough room all around.

This way you will definitely be on the safe side. There would be no harm if you choose a roomy box. This is a very important element to consider. This doesn’t only apply to top entry litter boxes. It applies to any litter box.

However, it doesn’t always mean that cats hate tight boxes. There are also different factors to consider.

Luckily for you, almost all of the top entry litter box reviews I am about to present to you, are big enough for the average sized cat.

This aspect shouldn’t bother you at all.


Usually, pet owners who invest in a top entry litter box care about aesthetics.

The most important reason for this is that they place the box in the living room. The cover itself is more than enough to stop the odor for spreading.

It would be a nice idea to invest in a pleasant looking box that will decor your indoors.

Just because of the tall walls, be sure that visitors will definitely notice it when they arrive at your house. Make sure to invest in a top entry litter box that will enhance your household.

Type Of Cat

Statistics show that people who own a furious cat that is determined to cover their “stuff”, are looking for a top entry litter box the most.

Like I said above, the main purpose of a top entry box is to prevent litter tracking and spillage. It is because of the high walls and the cover.

If you have the “furious” type of cat that causes a lot of mess, it would be a great idea to invest in a top entry litter box.

Because it is enclosed, there even won’t be urine spillage. No matter if your cat has frequent soft stools, the box will control the odor.

Modkat Litter Box, Top-Entry, Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner

There are numerous reasons why the Modkat Litter Box is the best top entry litter box known to mankind.

The Modkat Litter Box is a modern and elegant top entry litter box that will enhance any household, especially small apartments.

Thanks to its shape it does an excellent job keeping the litter inside the box. You would no longer suffer from the bad scent coming out of the box.

Visitors will no longer hold their nose when they enter in your household.

The compact design lets cats to do their stuff privately, without anyone noticing. This is a huge reason why cats will fall in love with this box.

The roof of the box serves as a litter mat. It hold up every single piece of litter that is on your cats’ paw. All of the litter is stuck to the roof, thus preventing litter tracking.

Your interior and family members will be thankful for this masterpiece.

The reusable liner uses a rip-resistant material that is created from tough tarpaulin. What it does is, it saves you money and nerves. You will no longer buy disposable liners all the time.

Benefits Of Using ModKat Cat Litter Box

  • Sleek design compliments any type of interior. It will definitely be an eye catcher. Prepare to receive a large number of compliments.
  • Prevents odor spread thanks to the special roof that sticks any litter the cat has on its paws. All you have to do is just swipe the detachable plastic roof, and you are good to go.
  • The plastic cover allows your cat to do his business to himself. It will be easily attracted to it. You would no longer have problems with it.
  • Round cabinet system doesn’t let poop stick to the corners.
  • Detachable roof makes cleaning a piece of cake. You don’t have to stick your hand through the upper opening to scoop the waste.
  • Don’t waste money on liner. The liner used here is tough and is reusable.
  • Cool color options to refresh your indoors. Choose from 3 different colors.

Can Larger Cats Use This Litter Box?

Thanks to the dimensions, it is possible for large cats to fit in and use this product.
Dimensions are 16 inches W x 16 inches D x 15 inches H.

Many cat owners say that large cats can use the Modkat top entrance litter box.

Cats that weight 11 pounds up to 15 pounds can comfortably use this box. Even if the box is small for them, Modkat litter box company has found a solution.

The cats head will stand out of the top entrance. 9 times out of 10 this won’t bother the cats while doing their business.

Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded litter box company designed this cool top entry box with a purpose.

The main purpose about it was to keep it dog proof. Dogs cannot enter, or even reach the insides of the box. It is a huge box that obligates cats to jump with a great force to enter it.

The tall design of the lid ensures free space inside of it. It adds in comfort. Your cat, no matter which size it is, can enter, do its stuff and leave the box without any limitation.

The entry diameter is 9 inches. It is more than enough. I run a test where both of my cats could enter through the opening at the same time. This shouldn’t be an issue.

This “elevated” hooded box is great because it has a transparent hood. You can actually observe the behavior of your cat once it is inside of it.

If you notice some strange movements or hesitation before urinating or defecating, it is a clear sign that you should observe even more. If the cat continues to do that, check the veterinarian as fast as possible.

Another thing I love about this box is its round shape. It is far easier to clean around pan and lid, than a square one.

There is a lot of waste and bacteria trapped in the corners. The requirements to clean those corners is far more demanding than cleaning round ones.

It is an easy solution to look for a round box. In the following text you will read about top entry litter box reviews benefits.

Advantages Of Using Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Litter Box

  • The odor is contained inside of the box thanks to the enclosed design
  • Decorative and fancy box that allows you to place it freely outside the bathroom
  • No more litter scattering. No matter how much your cat breaks havoc inside the box,no litter will be spread around it.
  • Thanks to the enclosed compact design, you won’t need to buy additional litter boxmat
  • If your household contains any dogs, it won’t be an issue for the safety of your cat. The top entry design is all it matters.
  • Ditch your hidden and old box that is placed in the washing room. Replace it with the Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Top Entry Enclosed and do everyone a favor

Can Bigger Felines Use This Hooded Box?

The sizing of this top entry litter box is adequate for even the biggest cats out there. If you want more specific info, here you go.

Exterior Sizing: 23.62 x 17.32 x 16.93 inches

Inside Dimensions: Bottom: 18″ Length x 12.5″ Width;Waist: 25″ Length x 19.5″ Width;

Top: 18″ Length x 12.5″ Width

Roof Entry Size: 9 inches diameter

It would be safe to measure the size of your cat before ordering this box. This way you will ensure that the box will fit your cat perfectly.

The worst that can happen to you and your wallet is not to measure the size of your cat, and buy a box that is too small. I did this mistake when I bought my first top entry box.

The roof entry size was too small for my cat. My cat could enter, but it was so uncomfortable that he avoided it and urinated on its lid.

Do the measurements right, and you are ready to go!

Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

Out of all my top entry litter box reviews, this was the most attractive box for my cats.

They couldn’t simply de-attach from it. It was the perfect hangout place for my multiple cats. It was so cool to watch my cats’ emotional connection to this box.

If you ask me, aesthetically wise there are better looking top entry boxes out there. But who cares?

Why do you want to take away your cats joy, and buy something that you like, but your cats hate? Isn’t that selfish? That is not the best way to treat your feline family.

As you can see, the best modern litter box companies made an agreement to use 9″ inches diameter for the top entry hole. It would be perfect suite for your cats.

If you happen to have a giant cat, do your favor and avoid top entry boxes all together. It is a common thing in the pet supply industry for older cats to be completely unable to use the top entry litter boxes. I personally don’t own any old cats.

However, other cat owners said that their older and almost overweight cats had absolutely no issue using this product. They adapted to it as soon as the product was placed.

Setting the product up is a piece of cake. All you have to do is attack the plastic lid to the litter pan. For cleaning, you have to de-attach it, and clean each part separately. This way the bad scent will be minimized to non-existent.

I definitely recommend the CleverCat top entry high sided litter box for those who are looking for a simple, effective, affordable yet durable box. The top entrance on the cover is probably the main reason why litter tracking and scattering is non-existent.

Top Entry Litter Box Pros & Cons

There are numerous types of cat litter boxes. All of them actually do a certain function.

If you are reading this, you are probably looking to increase your knowledge about the top entry boxes. To be honest with you, all of them have disadvantages and advantages.

It all comes to personal preference at the end of the day. But, it isn’t this simple. There is certain demographic of cats that are recommended to use top entry litter boxes.

If you don’t know how capable your cat is of doing certain activities there would be a lot of disadvantages if you purchase a top entry box.

There are two types of observations you can do for your cat.

  • Observing Physical Abilities – If your cat is old, it probably means that the “athleticism” is falling off. Sometimes the lid of the XL litter boxes can be pretty tall. Do you really think that your old, non-athletic cat will love the top entry litter box? you think it will leap on top of it and would enter a pretty slim opening? And then after doing its business leap again and continue with its day? I would say no. What this means is that if you have an old cat, it would be safe to avoid an top entry litter box.
  • Observing Behavior – For this, you have to actually spend a week or more. If your cat is somewhat shy or has a traumatic experience (tendency to fight with other cats and getting beat up), they will find top entry boxes pretty uncomfortable. They have limited sight and they cannot actually see what is happening around the box after they leave it. They will be very hesitant leaving the box and this will create negative neurological associates. This is the same with covered boxes like the Hagen CatIT, Omega Paw and Booda Clean Step litter box.

If choosing a best cat litter box was that easy, we wouldn’t even bother to start an informational website like this. To sum up, the top entry litter box pros and cons are the following:


  • They are dog proof. The top cover entrance makes it so
  • The enclosure prevents litter scattering and litter tracking, no matter how furious your cats are
  • Attractive to cats. They like to “hang out” on the flat plastic cover
  • Fancy and decorative. The unique look usually receives more compliments by visitors than other types of boxes
  • Perfectly fitting in corners
  • Most of them are extra large (XL) and are suitable for multiple cats


  • If your cat is old and non-athletic, they will have trouble leaping and using the top entry box
  • Some plastic lids aren’t firm enough and break as soon as two or more cats hang on the top
  • Traditional and old top entry boxes have square corners. They are usually harder to clean than round ones
  • They are elevated. Some cats simply don’t like to work that hard and jump up and down.
  • Some cats simply cannot be taught to use the box. They just pee on the side of it

Will Cats Use a Top Entry Litter Box?

will cats use a top entry litter box

This is a common question that comes from fellow cat owners. Will cats use a top entry litter box?

This usually depends. If you read thus far, you probably know the nuts and bolts of top entry boxes. Usually cats find top entry boxes no different than others. If your cat is non-athletic, overweight or old, it would be best to avoid them at all costs.

However, if your cat doesn’t fit this group, it will probably use the box regularly.

Cat owners always think that it is the shape, color or material used on the litter box that attracts the cats. This is relatively true, but to an extent.

What really matters is how often do you clean the box with the proper deodorizers and how often do you change and scoop the litter. They are actually afraid of the work associated with taking care of the box. This is where automatic litter boxes come into play. But, as you can see there are not many top entry mechanical litter boxes.

However, modern top entry boxes are convenient to use. They are usually extra long and large and have a round shape. All you have to do is remove the lid and clean at least every week. Whatever you do, never ever force a cat to use a litter box. This will only cause you trouble.

How To Properly Train a Cat To Use Top Entry Litter Box

If you are looking to train cat to use top entry litter box you shouldn’t do something really fancy and comprehensive. It all comes down to choosing the suitable litter box for your cat.

I will cover the fundamentals you need to know to train cat to use top entry litter box. Some cat owners think that cats don’t like top entry litter boxes. This isn’t true.

First things first.

  • Don’t Train Cat Like You Housebreak Dogs – Cats have a natural tendency to use a litter box. If you take care of the fundamentals I am about to present you, there would be no reason for your cat to not use the top entry litter box.
  • Location – Avoid to put the litter box in dead-ends. If you have more than one cat in your household, or even a dog, your cats will probably expect to be “cornered” by another cat. The best place you can put the top entry litter box is in some quiet and private place, where the cats can feel safe and undisturbed. Cats don’t like their top entry box to be placed next to their food dish. This is because a lot of cats like to hang near other cats’ food dishes.
  • Litter Type – Choosing the wrong type of litter can be a great reason why your cats avoid the litter box. What they prefer is a litter with a texture of a beach sand or garden soil. You have to change the litter once a week. Scoop it daily.
  • Size – If you have a huge cat, it would be nice to check the dimensions of the box first. Cats hate claustrophobic places where they cannot move freely. Avoid narrow boxes as much as you possibly can. How would you expect your cat to use a small box? It would probably resent it and avoid it at all costs.