Modkat Litter Box- Best for cats

Modkat Litter Box Review

This detailed Modkat Litter Box Review will provide you with all the valuable information you need to know about the product.

There is a lot of hype about this product. Does the Modkat actually hold up to all the hype created about it? Well actually, I will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages you should experience if you choose to use it for your furry friend.

modern litter box modko modkat review sleek minimalist white

In my opinion it is one of the most decorative, cool and fancy cabinet system on the market today. Does it perform as well as it looks? Find out below.

What Comes With The ModKat Product Package?

In this Modkat litter box review I will lead you all the way from what products come with the package, to giving you friendly tips to maximize the potential of the box.

I like how ModCo litter box company gives a true to size packaging box for their ModKat cabinet. All of the litter box packages are extra large. This is actually one of the rarest cases that packages are true-to-size. If you already have a litter box, you know what I am talking about.

ModKat Product Package

After you take away the ModKat litter box from the package, you will be surprised by how heavy it is. This is because ModKo pet supply company created this extra deep litter box with thick, and non sticking round plastic. It means that it is very durable and will serve you and your cat for a long, long time.

No dog or the cat itself can damage this thick litter box. To actually take the lid away from the box, you should press a button that is on the high sides of the box. Once you do this, you can see that inside there is:

  • Litter Box Plastic Base – This is the main unit of the box. As I said above, this is built with high quality dense plastic that will help with durability. The design of the ModKat litter box plastic base is pretty round. This means that cleaning will be a piece of cake. No waste or feces can be stuck in the corners of it. Those who previously owned those old, square shaped, traditional smelly litter boxes know how much boring and time consuming is cleaning the waste from the corners of the box. Luckily for you ModKo pet supply company knows how to make their litter boxes as convenient as possible.
  • Litter Box Lid – You can slide up the cover from this top entry box by pressing the button on the sides. Once you do the lid slides up. After it does you can remove it pretty easily. The ModKat’s litter box cover is actually pretty have. It also has some holes in it, so no nasty litter will be present on the roof. All of it will fall inside of the box. This helps with litter tracking prevention. A lot of people have been asking about the toughness of this roof. Can it handle fat cats? Of course it can the materials are very high quality and it is very dense.
  • Modkat Litter Box Liner – For those who never owned a cat litter box before, the blue thing that comes with the box is called a liner. It contains all the waste and poop that your cats will produce. The thing about the ModKat litter box liner is that you will never get in touch with nasty litter anymore. Those liners are disposable. You can throw them away and replace them with a new one. I will talk about replacement parts below.
  • Litter Box Scoop – Once you open the lid you will see the litter box scoop. ModKo pet supply company provided this scoop, so you can get the cat’s poop and dispose it quickly. If you use liners, there is no need for you to use the scoop. In this detailed ModKat litter box review I will talk more about how to utilize the maximal potential of the litter box.

You should keep in mind that I am talking from my experience with the Modkat litter box. I still own one for 2 years already.

How To Install The ModKat Litter Box

In this ModKat litter box review I already covered what comes with the product package. Now it’s time to show you how to assemble the product. To be honest with you, there isn’t much work here. The Modkat covered litter box is assembled with the package.

For those who want to know how much of a difficulty installing the ModKat really is, I will provide you with a 5 step guide. All you have to do is follow these instructions and you are ready to go. All it takes is less than a minute.

Once you take every part of the ModKat litter box out of the package, first thing you should do is insert the blue, stretchable disposable liner in the litter box base.

After the liner first perfectly inside of the box, you should put any litter that you find useful. Remember to not overfill the box with litter. There is absolutely no need to do this.

Then you should insert the lid on top of the box. There is a hole in the litter box base that should fit in the top cover. Once you hear a click, you are ready to go.

Place the litter box scoop with added brush, on the side of the litter box. If you look carefully there is a part on the scoop that is used for attachment to the box.

This is actually all the process required for assembling the litter box. I find it crucial to write a step by step installing process for this ModKat litter box review.

As you can see, manual-scooping litter boxes (those who don’t have the word automatic in them) are actually a lot easier to assemble. You don’t have any fancy parts that only rise up the price of the product and the installation difficulty.

How Does ModKat Litter Box Work ?

Just as you can see, the ModKat isn’t an electronic self cleaning litter box. Scooping the waste should be done manually, every single day.

If you find scooping daily difficult, you should invest in an automatic litter box. So if you are curious about how does ModKat work, read on.

Once the cat jumps and enters the 9″ inch diameter entrance hole, it usually defecates and urinates inside of it.

There is a liner that fits perfectly inside the round shape of the litter box. This means all of the urination and feces will fall directly in the liner that contains cat litter.

Once the cats leaves the box, there will be some nasty litter on their paws. When they jump on the top lid with perforations, the lid will fall back in the box.

The ModKat works great. After the urination dries up and the feces are on the litter, your cat will usually feel the need to cover their stuff up. Scooping the waste will be done with using the ModKat scoop with brush that comes with the product package. It will take no more than a minute.

After you throw the waste away, put the lid back into place and you are good to go.

This answers the frequent question that I receive about how does ModKat work.

How Does ModKat Litter Box Work

I Recommend The ModKat Litter Box For

  • Average and slightly above average cats
  • Cats that don’t weigh more than 18 lbs
  • Cat owners who want the litter to stay inside the box
  • Those who want a stylish and decorative litter box that can fit anywhere

I Don’t Recommend This Box For

  • Cats with arthritis. This is due to the top entry characteristic of the box
  • Old cats who lost their spring in their step
  • Large cats that weight over 18 lbs
  • Fat cats that can’t enter the 9″ inch diameter entry hole

Benefits Of Using The ModKat Top Entry Box

There are a lot of benefits of using the Modkat covered litter box. It can make every cat owner’s life more convenient.

After reading all of this benefits that you will experience while using this box, you may feel a need to throw your old and traditional litter box in the thrash can.

But you should never do this.

If you do, your cat will have a difficulty adapting to your brand new, modern litter box for at least 2 weeks.

What you should to is put the ModKat litter box with lid next to the old box. You should avoid cleaning and maintaining the old one at all costs.

This way the cat will not have a clean and enjoyable environment and will look for an alternative box. That alternative box will be the high sided ModKat box.

Let’s cut the talking and hop directly to the benefits of using the Modko litter box.

Short List of ModKat Top Entry Litter Box Benefits

  • Doesn’t take a lot of space. You can feel free to place it in the living room
  • You won’t have a difficulty blending the litter box with the decor of your house. This is due the elegant and stylish design
  • Easy to clean because of the round shape and smooth plastic
  • You won’t even get in touch with the disgusting feces of your cats. Place the disposable liners that come along with the package and you are good to go
  • Adapts flawlessly to your taste. The unit comes in five different colors
  • Multiple cats can hang out on the top of the box. The dense, thick and perforated plastic lid cover can handle weight up to 40 lbs

How To Maximize The Potential Of ModKat Litter Box

In this ModKat litter box review I will show you some tips that the most successful cat owners used to maximize this product’s potential. You should also practice what I inform you about. There won’t be any changes for the cat’s life if you don’t actually put these tips into real life.

Only reading about them is not enough. Luckily for you, you stumbled upon this ModKat litter box review. You will now know about some fundamental and functional tips that will boost the experience of using this product.

How To Clean The ModKat Litter Box

You should follow a three step process if you want a completely clean environment for your cat or cats depending on how much cats use this high sided, round litter box.

Clean The ModKat Litter Box
  • You Need To Scoop The Litter Inside The Box Frequently – Depending on how often your cat defecates or urinates. Your goal should be to scoop it every day. Make this a habit. At first you will resent scooping it because it takes a bit of time. But, after you survive the first week of daily scooping, it should become a second nature for you. To scoop, you need to lift the plastic lid at an 90 degree angle. This makes it easier for you to put your hand inside the box to scoop the litter carefully. If the lid bothers you, you can also remove it altogether. After scooping you just have to put it back in place. Throw the feces in a thrash bin after scooping. If you can’t do this, you should invest in this great self-flushing self-cleaning litter box.
  • To Maintain a Perfectly Clean Environment For Your Cats – You should also change the ModKat top entry cabinet system litter every three weeks. All you have to do is simply remove the lid, and lift up the blue liner up. After you do, throw the nasty used litter in the thrash or the place where you throw the old litter. After you do, insert it back in the litter box and put the lid back on. It is that easy.
  • To Clean The Lid You Can Put It Into The Sink & Brush It With Mild Bleach Solution – To clean the box you should remove the lid, and clean the box down to the bottom carefully in detail. It is also possible to clean the entire litter box and liner in the bathtub. You should keep in mind that the lifespan of the elastic liner ranges up to two years! That is one of the most high quality built and durable liners, known to the pet supply industry.
  • To clean the lid you can put it into the sink and brush it with mild bleach solution – Once you open the lid you will see the litter box scoop. ModKo pet supply company provided this scoop, so you can get the cat’s poop and dispose it quickly. If you use liners, there is no need for you to use the scoop. In this detailed ModKat litter box review I will talk more about how to utilize the maximal potential of the litter box.

Remember Not To Overfill With Litter

If you overfill the litter box with your favorite litter you are set for trouble. Your cat couldn’t move freely once inside the box. It’s head will also stick out of the box. Most of the cats don’t like this. They like an extra deep hooded box in which they can maneuver without any obstacle.

I find it inconvenient that there isn’t any fill-up line on the liner. Aim for approximately 2 inches of litter in the ModKat box. You can’t go wrong. I had the best experience using the Arm & Hammer Clump litter. It is inexpensive, soft and cats love it!

Get a Litter Mat For ModKat Top Entry Box If

You should get a litter mat under the Modkat if your cat is one of those furious cats that break havoc inside the box. Even the biggest hooded litter box with high sides cannot handle litter spillage and tracking of cats of that type.

Also if your cat doesn’t have a tendency to get on the lid once they get out of the box, there may be some litter tracking.

To prevent all of this I recommend you get a good litter mat that will keep your household odor free and clean. This investment will be worth the money. You will save money, nerves and precious time that you cannot replace.


  • This high quality litter box will last you for years. Thanks to the high quality, thick and dense round plastic.
  • Can be used for multiple average sized cats.
  • It does an excellent job keeping the litter inside the box.
  • Suitable for any cats, no matter which personality trait they have.
  • High sided, top entry and elevated details makes it an excellent dog proof litter box.
  • Round and smooth plastic makes cleaning a piece of cake
  • Save money on liners. The liner is very tough and has a lifespan of 2 years.
  • The litter box scoop that comes with the package has a brush on it’s side. You can clean the perforated lid with this brush.
  • Suitable for even tall cats. Box has height of 17″. But, remember to use 2-3 inches of litter.
  • Excellent for odor control. Smell doesn’t get stuck in the box thanks to the 9″ inch diameter entry hole.


  • The price may be a problem for some of the cat owners.
  • No matter how often you clean the box, some of the bad smell stays in the box.
  • Large cats may have difficulty leaving the litter box after defecating and urinating
  • They are elevated. Some cats simply don’t like to work that hard and jump up and down.
  • Tall cats will have to do their business with their head sticking out of the entry hole
  • Lid is not wide enough. Cats have tendency to hop out of the box and not step on the lid at all. This may cause litter tracking.

Modkat Litter Box Liner ? Do I Need To Buy Additional One ?

In my experience the Modkat litter box liner is pretty durable, and great for odor control. I didn’t have any durability issues with it over a year period.

However, some of the cat owners who own a Modkat litter box complain that their cats may scratch and tear the Modkat litter box liner apart.

You really can not stop your cat from doing this. It is a common problem that affects any litter box liners. However, you don’t need to be bothered by this.

Modkat litter box liner can be purchased whenever your cat tears it. I recommend you get replacement liners just in case. It would be a problem if your cat breaks the Modkat litter box liner, and you have to wait for the new one for a 3-4 day period.

Not having a liner will create a mess inside your litter box. Odor will be spread both inside and outside of the litter box. Your household will not be any proud of this.

No matter how furious or calm your cat is inside the box, they feel the need to cover their feces after doing their business. Unluckily, their paws may catch some of that Modkat litter box liner and tear it apart.

This is the main reason why I recommend you get pair of liners just in case.

Modkat For Big Cats ? Will They Have Trouble Using This Box ?

Cats can be big on two separate ways. They can be fat, weighting more than the box recommendation is, or they can be tall.

Some cats are actually both fat and tall.

If your cat is fat weights more than 18lbs and is taller than 16″ when sitting, you should avoid purchasing this box at all costs. I’d recommend the Omega Paw and Roll litter box if your cat falls into this category. There is no reason to buy the Modkat for big cats that can’t even enter the box.

As I stated above, I don’t recommend the Modkat for big cats. But if you don’t any other choice, they can still use the box. However, they will have some degree of difficulty adapting to it. Entering the tight hole and sticking their head out of it will be somewhat weird for them.

They like to have privacy while urinating and defecating. Their head sticking out wouldn’t do any favors. If you like the looks of the Modkat litter box, but have a big cat I recommend you do the following.

The Modkat litter box dimensions are 15.9 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches. The entrance hole is 9″ inches in diameter, just like other great top entry litter boxes. It is ideal for small apartments.

Then measure the size of the cat and decide whether there will be some room left inside the box. If there is, you are on the safe side.

You can get the Modkat for big cats without any problem.