Kitten To Use a Litter Box

How To Get a Kitten To Use a Litter Box

The first question that comes in mind for cat owners that plan to purchase a new litter box for their cat is the following. How to get a kitten to use a litter box?

It is something that occupies the mind of the owner. Some of them are afraid that their kitty won’t even use the freshly bought expensive automatic litter box.

Recently, there is a lot of information about how to perfectly take care of your cat. All of this information overload is neutral. It is neither good or bad. It is up to the reader that decides whether he will use the information for good.

I truly believe that this information overload is the reason why many cat owners who are looking for a simple litter box for their cat, are overflowed with unnecessary information. This also causes them to ask questions of the type; How to get a kitten to use a litter box.

How To Get a Kitten To Use a Litter Box

Back in the time, there was a high demand for pet related information. I can recall that in 2005 there was one popular cat related informational forum, where cat owners across the world shared their experiences and tips with fellow owners.

I was a vicious reader mainly because stuff like that didn’t exist back in my days. I used all of that knowledge as a guide to improve the life experience for my cats.

At first, most of that information was basic, but it definitely did it’s job. I was surprised that even in 2016, there was lack of cat litter box knowledge.

As an experienced cat owner, I decided to share all of my knowledge with the world. You may have some difficulties with your cat using the litter box. In this read I will cover everything you need to know about this topic, and how to fix this issue once and for all.

4 Factors That Show If Your Cat Will Use a Litter Box

Cat litter boxes are one of the most underrated elements that are a must in every household with cats in it. If there is absence of litter boxes, cats will pee and defecate everywhere.

Not only will it spread a bad scent, it will also spread a lot of germs and bacteria across the indoors. You wan’t to avoid this at all costs…

Factors That Show If Your Cat Will Use a Litter Box

Luckily for all of us, modern pet supply companies created special litter boxes for odor control.

Once you get a new kitten, you should keep in mind that it is their natural instinct to use a litter box. You don’t need to train your cat to use the box, like you do with dogs. Cats are widely known to use a liter box 3-4 weeks after being born. They like to do their “business” on sand or soil.

Best cat litters provide exactly that. You want to use litters that have beach sand-like texture and thickness. Cats also learn from their mother’s behavior. After they see their mother use a cat litter box, they will want to try the exact same thing. They will get used to using a litter box in no time! If your cat doesn’t have the habit of using a cat litter box, you should gently put it inside the box after specific time periods.

Those periods are: The very first thing in the morning, after napping, after sleeping and after having a heavy meal. If you miss this specific periods, you will cause a greater damage than good. I will talk about this in detail in the text that follows.

For now, let me talk about the famous 4 factors that determine whether your kitty will use a litter box.

1.Particular Place – The location of where you will put your cat litter box is very important.

Always put the litter box in location that is very quiet and safe. Cats like privacy when they are urinating or defecating. That is the reason why most cats prefer hooded cabinet systems. It mostly depends of the cat’s personality, but it is a rule of thumb that will keep you on the safe side.

Avoid putting your litter box in frequent areas like the living room. Your family members will probably be loud while talking. It is more than enough to disturb your furry friend. Also avoid putting the cat litter box in areas where your cat can be cornered by another cats. If you have an elderly cat, you must choose a litter box for older cats. An example for this area is the dead-end of the hallway.

There is a general rule of thumb to always put the box where there is an escape and entrance route. Cats also hate their litter boxes to be very next to their food dishes. If your household has a dog member in it, you should choose from these best cat litter boxes to keep dogs out.

2.Box Size and Type – Probably the number one factor why cats avoid using a litter box is the box size.

Getting a small litter box for the cat’s needs is probably the worst decision you can make. Not only you will waste a lot of hard earned money, but your cats will resent the box. Back in the days there were only plastic jumbo boxes that could fit in any type of cat. But, modern cat litter box companies now are constantly evolving and they are creating various types of boxes.

Now there are small, giant, self-cleaning electronic, self-sifting, self-scooping and the list goes on and on. The only flaw here is that the cat owners who don’t read litter box related information on websites like this one, have increased chances of investing in the improper box.

Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across a modern info site like this one that will not only save you a lot of money, but also help you choose the perfect option for your cat.

Before choosing a box you must observe the cat’s personality trait and behavior. If you have a kitty that is less than 6 months old, you can actually determine it’s character by choosing a box that you recommend. This was actually proven by the latest Ross U Veterinary School study. Getting the best litter box with lid will provide optimal privacy and safety for your cat. It will also contain much of the bad smell inside the box. That is very good for indoor odor control.

If you don’t have the time of the day to scoop and clean the litter box on constant basis, you should get an electric self-cleaning box. The choices are limitless.

3. Litter Type – Like I’ve said before, cats have natural tendency to urinate and defecate in sand.

Cat litters provide just that. You must choose the proper litter that has the thickness of sand or soil. There are many types of litter that you can get, ranging from scented to unscented, from traditional litter to blue litter crystals.

It is recommended to pour around 2 inches of litter inside the box. It is more than enough. Also, it is recommended to change the litter regularly. If you still don’t know what type of litter your cat prefers, I’d advise you to try various types of litter.

Try clumping and non-clumping litter, and see what type is your cat’s cup of tee. There isn’t an universal litter that 100% of the cats worldwide like. This is why I can’t recommend you a litter of certain brand. You must experiment for just a little bit and see how your cat responds.

4. Keep It Clean – There is nothing worse than leaving the cat litter box completely dirty.

Not only it is bad for your feline family, but also for the human family. It will be a source of infections and bad smell. Cats are widely known as ultra clean creatures that hate mess just like humans. If you leave the box dirty for a week, they will stop using it.

That is why it is recommended to change litter often and to scoop it at least once a day. For some this is a difficult, time consuming task. Luckily for all of us, now there are completely automatic self-cleaning boxes for multiple cats.

All you have to do is assemble them, pour in some litter, and you are good to go. For those who don’t have the adequate budget to invest in those more expensive electric self-scooping boxes, I’d recommend you create the habit of scooping the box, no matter what happens in the day.

After a week of constant, everyday scooping, the habit will be set. At first it requires some willpower, but after 7 days of hell, you will figure out that it isn’t such a big of a deal. By adopting this habit, your indoors will be very thankful.

If you are having difficulty maintaining your cat’s litter box, I’d recommend you read my complete how to clean the litter box guide.

If you follow each of these 4 steps religiously, I guarantee that your cat will use the litter box. You will stop asking about how to get a kitten to use a litter box. A lot of cat owners don’t know about those 4 factors that will change their life.

Now my final advice is to take action. Don’t be a part of those 95% of people who only read about what concerns them, but never ever take action. Don’t be another victim of the 21 century information overload. Take these 4 factors into action, and see immediate results!

Avoid Doing This At All Costs

avoid this cat litter box mistake

One of the most critical mistakes that cat owners make is that they forcefully put the kitten inside the litter box. Once the cat refuses to use the box, they immediately take and put the kitty inside the box once again.

They repeat this process mercilessly.

What they don’t understand is that the cat can create negative neurotic associates with the box which will prevent the cat from using it.

This is a huge no no. If the kitty is under 6 months of age, all you have to do is satisfy the above mentioned 4 rules and you are good to go.

The cat will start using the box naturally after a week or two. There is a better and healthier way to make your cat use a new litter box. It isn’t complicated at all, and requires minimal investment and time. It worked every time I tried it. Let me present it to you.

Persuasive Cat Litter Box Method No One Is Talking About

If you really want your cat to start using the freshly bought, expensive litter box, you should avoid cleaning the old box for a certain period of time.

Like I’ve said before, cats are extremely clean creatures. They hate mess and bad smell. Once they notice that the litter box that they are used to is very smelly, they will look for an alternative.

That alternative should always be the new cat litter cabinet system. Once your cat creates this habit in a week time, you should throw the old box away.

This is the safest method that will be an answer for the famous how to get a kitten to use a litter box question. But, keep in mind that you should avoid the forceful method at all costs possible.

How To Get a Cat To Use a Litter Box In a New Location

If you plan to move the litter box that your cat is used to another location, don’t be afraid that your cat will resent using the box. However, you should always be careful with this. It pretty much depends on the location.

How To Get a Cat To Use a Litter Box

If you put the box in a room that is hard to reach, be prepared for a mess. First of all, you must make the location where you are about to put the litter box in, accessible. Second of all, you must show your cat that the box is actually replaced, but not gone.

If your cat made using that particular litter box that you are going to put in a new location a habit, then the replacement won’t be such a big of a deal. If the cat doesn’t naturally use the box once you showed it that it is replaced, then you should consider a third option.

You have to put the food plate next to the box, until the cat uses the litter box once again. When the cat creates the habit of using the litter box that is put in a new location, you should then keep the food plate far from the litter box.

This is everything you need to do if you asked the how to get a cat to use a litter box in a new location question. It isn’t complicated at all.

All you have to do is put those tips into action. I guarantee that it is going to work. Feel lucky that you stumbled across a cat informational website like this one. If you put all of the text into action, you and your cat will live a beautiful life together.

How To Make An Outdoor Cat Use a Litter Box

How to make an outdoor cat use a litter box. This is a fairly common question that I always get. First of all, I will express gratitude to those people who decide to adopt a cat from the streets. This is one important way to make the life on this planet better.

When I was a kid, I personally adopted many cats from the streets that I saw needed care and love. Even though I didn’t know much about owning a cat back then, I at least provided the cats with the most important thing, and that is love. Cats aren’t emotionless creatures. They can feel genuine love. I salute to all of you who adopt cats with free will.

Now let’s get back to the question. Using a litter box is cat’s natural instinct. They prefer to defecate and urinate on sand. The cat’s litter actually provides this type of environment. If you choose the right litter, the outdoor cat should naturally start using the litter box. But, if a litter box is a completely new thing for the outdoor cat, you should be very patient.

Don’t ever scream or throw things at the outdoor cat if it has difficulty adapting to the new environment.

I’d recommend you use the 4 factors that were the answer to the how to get a kitten to use a litter box question. Those are universal factors that work for every type of cat. The cat’s genes and instincts are all the same for cats of all types.

It requires millions of years of evolution for a specific thing in the cats to change, so they will grow differently. For now, no matter if the cat lived indoors or outdoors, they function and have the same instincts. If the outdoor cat still has difficulty using the new box, I’d recommend you try the “food plate technique”.

Cat Doesn’t Use Litter Box Anymore

Cat Stop Using The Litter Box

If your cat doesn’t use litter box anymore it is probably because the 4 rules aren’t satisfied completely. If you are having an issue of any kind that regards the litter box, you should always take a look at the 4 rules. Even if just one rule isn’t satisfied, it can lead to this.

However, even though the rules are satisfied, sometimes the cat still doesn’t use the litter box. This is a stressful thing that makes cat owners give their cats to adoption. It is that serious. Elimination problems are the main reason why they give their cats to the adoption centers.

If you truly love your furry friend, and plan to spend a part of your lifetime with it, you will do all the research necessary to improve the condition, and at the same time remain your cool.

When your cat doesn’t use litter box anymore, search for places where your cat pees and urinates outside of it. If you notice a specific spot that your cat uses for pee-ing, make sure you clean that spot with deodorizers and sprays.

Make sure that there aren’t any urination or defecation stains in that spot. Cats are somewhat attracted to urination stains and find using the same urination spot very attractive and comfortable. Once that spot is outside the litter box, there comes this problem.

As I said, all you have to do to fix this “problem” is to do a little observation. After cleaning that spot, keep in mind that the cat probably peed in some other spot. Observe and clean every urination spot that your cat uses. After that make sure you clean the litter box completely, so the cat will find using it comfortable once again.

Effective Tips To Make a Grown Cat Use a Litter Box

Some cat owners are actually very concerned about this. How to make a grown cat use a litter box is a fairly common question nowadays. I completely understand why.

Younger kittens will start using a litter box completely naturally if the box satisfies the 4 rules. But, what about grown cats? Will they start using a litter box naturally?

Those questions cannot be answered with a clear answer. I’d say it depends on the cat. Some grown cats (mostly adopted), will have the most difficulty adapting to the litter box.

I recommend you satisfy the 4 litter box rules and put the food plate next to the litter box. Never ever give your cat food far from the cat litter box.

Grown Cat Use a Litter Box

The reason why is because whenever your cat is hungry, it will instinctively go near the cat litter box to expect some food. When the cat does this, you should reward it with some food. Do this process over and over again, and the grown cat will start using the litter box in no time.

Cats are known to defecate and urinate after eating some food. So after giving your cat some food, expect it to use the litter box. Even after you stop giving your cat lovely food near the box, the cat will already possess the habit of using the box.

That is how to make a grown cat use a liter box the safest and easiest way.