Cat Genie Litter Box Review

Cat Genie Litter Box Review

Reading this Cat Genie Litter Box review will bring a lot of valuable knowledge and skills on how to handle the cat’s waste properly.

If you are truly serious about owning a cat, learning how to handle the feces that the cat makes is fundamental. I know you are a serious cat owner. If you weren’t you probably won’t be reading stuff like this.

I will cover absolutely anything you need to know about the modern Cat Genie litter box. It’s a product that makes living with pets at home easier than ever before. Your household won’t have that horrible scent that is extremely repulsive.

On top of that, you even won’t be in touch with any of the cat waste. The Cat Genie self flushing litter box will take care of that, on it’s own.

Continue reading through this text. Your feline family and indoors will be thankful for it.

Cat Genie Litter Box Reviews

Reasons Why The Cat Genie Litter Box Is A Great Innovation

This new and convenient concept is probably the main reason why many cats aren’t given up for adoption.

Main reason why cat owners get rid of their loved ones, is because of elimination problems. Nobody really wants their house to have a bad scent. It is really bad to receive critics by family members or even visitors about how bad your indoors smell.

Even if your household is one of the most tidy and beautiful places for you, the bad smell is simply a deal breaker.

To be honest with you, going over the cats waste is probably one of the most boring things in the world. Thankfully for all of us, top litter box companies design and produce self-cleaning boxes that make our lives easier.

The Cat Genie self-flushing litter box is probably one of the biggest innovations that happened to the Pet Supply industry.

If you ask me, spending money this way, shouldn’t read as “spending”. This is called investing. I get that some of you don’t like to spend a lot of your hard earned money on a product that your cat uses to poop on.

But, it shouldn’t be looked as this way. Investing in the right automatic, electric box will save you from a lot stressing and even health related issues.

Let’s cut the talking, and hop straight to the Cat Genie Litter Box review!

How Does Cat Genie Work?

Cat Genie Litter Box

The Cat Genie acts like a litter box, works as an appliance and flushes just like a toilet. Look it as a toilet for your cat. For this reason, it is best to install it in the bathroom, next to the human toilet.

The secret for the perfect way of operating is actually in the permanent washable granules that completely satisfy the cats need to dig and cover their business.

Those washable granules never make waste, or need replacement. How beautiful that is! This slims the maintenance level to none.

There are three different ways to start the Cat Genie. To start this top self-flushing electronic litter box all you have to do is:

  1. Auto start: The last option is “Auto Start“. You can adjust it and set it to flush 3 or 4 times a day. This is perfect if you are having a busy schedule. It is also great if you aren’t home for a certain period of time.
  2. Cat Start: The “Cat Start” button that uses motion sensors, which detect the cat leaving the box after the urination or defecation process. 10 minutes after it detects movement, the cat toilet flushes itself.
  3. Push Start: Just press the “Push Start” button for immediate flushing. Think of it as a human toilet flush.

It is that easy. On top of that the Cat Genie fully automated litter product has a “Child Lock” system that blocks accidental flushing.

How Does Cat Genie Handle Urination And Defecation

How does the Cat Genie work

When the cat urinates, the liquid goes through the washable granules to a reservoir. The reservoir contains odor control sanitizer, that completely kills the smell.

When the cat defecates, the poop is on top of the washing granules. It doesn’t go to the odor killing reservoir. But, here is where the Cat Genie’s “Hand Scoop” does the magic.

The permanent granules go through this scoop that catches all of the poo, and brings it into the hover. In there, water and sanisolution mix with the solids which get liquefied. Then they get flushed out of the Cat Genie into the sewer for proper cat elimination treatment.

Meanwhile, water and Cat-Safe Sanitizing Solution go through the base and begin the self cleaning and germ killing process. This eliminates all of the remaining waste contained on the granules.

After this process is done, the Hot Air system blows dry and hot air into the granules. This process additionally kills the remaining bacteria, and dry up the granules for further use.

All of this is done in a single cleaning cycle. The entire flushing and cleaning process takes less than 30 minutes in total. The PetSafe Simply Clean electronic litter box also cleans itself in a similar fashion.

Benefits Of Using Cat Genie Automatic System

I guarantee that you will benefit a lot from this cool, elevated and decorative cat toilet.

This is a Top 3 automatic litter box known to mankind for a reason. It is actually a lot cheaper than the best self cleaning litter box on the market today. And it does a really great job competing with it.

In this Cat Genie litter box review, I will provide you with the info on how you will benefit from this marvelous innovative product.

List of Benefits

  • Never spend a minute of your day maintaining the box – All the work you have to do is press the “Flush Button”, or set up a custom activation time.
  • The full package comes with a pack of reusable, dust-free, permanent washing granules – This serves as a litter, but does a way better job. Your cat can still dig and play with it.
  • Don’t spend any money on litter – The granules are permanent and washable.
  • Forget about bad scent occupying your household – Biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge is used on this product. It completely kills the odor. Can be used for multiple cats, thanks to the dimensions and quick cleaning cycle.
  • No litter is wasted during the flushing and scooping process – The granules provided will last you a long time
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee
  • If you are not satisfied with the purchase, there is a two year warranty – They will actually send you a completely new Cat Genie with free shipping

How To Install The Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

To be brutally honest with you, setting the Cat Genie up requires some work. Luckily for us, the Cat Genie company tried their best to make the assembling process as easy as possible. There is a clear installation manual that comes with the product package. You can simply follow that manual.

However, I will give you a more detailed insight on how to do it without any difficulty, and to which step you should bring in the most attention.

It is best to locate the Cat Genie inside a bathroom or the laundry room. It is designed to blend in perfectly for those two areas. You probably don’t want the Cat Genie in the living room.

Always, always make sure there is enough space for the Cat Genie toilet disposal system. 

You will be surprised of the size of the product as soon as it arrives in your doorway. You should measure the dimensions of the area where you want to place in the Cat Genie.

A friend of mine didn’t follow this step carefully, and realized that he didn’t have enough space in the bathroom, after he purchased the product. He installed it in his bedroom.

Cat Genie 120 Dimensions

The dimensions of the Cat Genie 120 are :

17,5″ wide in back, 19.25″ wide in front, 24.5″ deep and 21″ high.

You have 2 options. You can install it in the: Bathroom or the Laundry. Those two great locations for a litter box will blend with the Cat Genie perfectly.

How To Assemble Cat Genie Litter Box In Bathroom

Cat Genie Litter Box In Bathroom

In the bathroom simply screw on the supplied T-Adaptor to cold water supply from the sink or toilet. Then screw on Cat Genie water hose. After this, place the Cat Genie water hose over the toilet rim.

Cat Genie Laundry Room Set Up

Cat Genie Laundry Room Set Up

If you install it in the laundry room, simply attach the larger T-Adaptor to the cold water supply line. Then add the Cat Genie water hose that is provided in the product package. Place the Cat Genie drain hose into the laundry waste pipe.

After following all of the above steps, you are ready to enjoy one of the most convenient and advanced self-cleaning, self-flushing litter box known to mankind.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cat Genie

I will be honest here. This is a top 2 self cleaning litter box on the market today. It is cheaper than the Open Air Litter Robot III. If you don’t have the finances to buy the Litter Robot, the Cat Genie will serve you perfectly.

However, there are some disadvantages while using the Cat Genie. But be sure that those disadvantages are very slim in comparison to the advantages. Check it out below.


  • Doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever.
  • Keeps your and your cat’s health in check. There is a complete antibacterial system that kills all germs and bacteria, thus removing odor.
  • You don’t have to train the cats to use the product.
  • The pleasurable smell and unique product design is very attractive to the felines.
  • Cats never urinate on the side of it. This is a great box for cats that urinate standing up.
  • Perfect for two cats, thanks to the adjustable timer setting.
  • Comes with all the required installation materials. All you have to do is follow the Installation Steps. Then you are good to go.
  • There is a so much hype about this product. But you should know that it works just as it is advertised


  • You have to completely disassemble the product if it get clogged up. You should be aware that it sometimes does. The main reason is probably the grooming process that the cats love, while they are playing around the litter box. All you have to do is remove those hairs, and you are good to go.
  • Your cat may track the dust-free permanent granules across the house.
  • Some sound sensitive cats (older cats or cats under 1 year of age) might be afraid of the cleaning cycle the box makes.
  • It is not recommended for more than 2 cats.
  • Sometimes the self-flushing box doesn’t handle soft feces pretty well, thus causing bad scent
  • Pretty complicated installation process. Go with the LitterMaid self-cleaning box or the ScoopFree Ultra litter box if you prefer a easy time assembling a box.

What Type Of Cat Is Most Suitable For It?

Cat with Genie

No matter what personality trait you cat has, the Cat Genie self-flushing litter box is very versatile. It does come with multiple add-ons that I am going to talk in the text below.

The fundamental version is uncovered and elevated. This makes it a great dog-proof litter box. Cats can have a great sense of what is happening in the indoors.

If your cat has some privacy problems, or has tendency to kick litter all over the box, you can get the Cat Genie Cover. It is pretty affordable and will be worth the money.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the Cat Genie self-cleaning litter box for cats that have tendency to defecate very soft stools. Also, if your cat is very sensitive to sound, or is afraid of even the slightest noise improvement I recommend you stay away from it. This may be a reason why your cat will stop using the cabinet system.

Other than that, I would greatly recommend this automatic litter box to anyone.

I Recommend Cat Genie If

  • You want a self cleaning litter box for maximum 2 cats
  • If you don’t want to get in touch with any nasty litter
  • You don’t have the enough time to clean and maintain the box
  • You are tired of changing litter multiple times a week
  • You have the patience to install it properly, without the help of a plumber. You can do it by yourself. Don’t spend any money on a plumber
  • You have the patience to take apart the product and clean it in detail if it gets clogged up
  • If you have enough space in the bathroom or laundry room

I Don’t Recommend Cat Genie If

  • You have 2 or more cats who are looking to use the product on regular basis. Cats like to groom themselves while they are using any litter box. But, a lot of cat hair will clog up the feline toilet very frequently
  • You don’t want additional toilet in your bathroom or laundry room
  • Your cat has a tendency to have very firm stools

How To Reach The Potential Of Cat Genie Automatic Box

This Cat Genie litter box review will provide you with all you need to know about the box. If you want to maximize the potential of this modern and compact mechanical litter box, you are at the right place.

If you follow all of the tips I am about to provide you with, you won’t only maximize its potential. You’ll also learn how to take care of it, so it will last you a long, long time.

The Potential Of Cat Genie Automatic Box


If you want to keep this great automated litter box in top shape, you should clean the product with Machine Maintenance Cartridge at least four times a year.

The SaniSolution comes in two versions: Scented and Unscented. Most of the successful cat owners prefer the unscented version more than the scented. I agree with them as I had a better experience with it


I recommend you get a litter mat.

The CatGenie’s granules are known to be easily spread across the household. If you have a cat under 6 months of age, I’d recommend you get a Dome add-on.

This is used to prevent the cat to play in the litter box while it is processing the cleaning cycle. It can be very dangerous to the cats health. If your cat is furious about covering their “business”, you should invest in SideWalls

Cat Genie Replacement Parts

Cat Genie Replacement Parts

The Cat Genie replacement parts are very easy to access. The customer service of Cat Genie litter box brand is excellent. Whenever you have a problem with some part of the box, you can contact the company and they will send you the part you need as soon as possible.

However, if you want to boost the experience with the Cat Genie, you can invest in some add-ons. As you know, owning a cat litter box needs constant maintenance. You simply cannot leave the litter box on its own, no matter how companies tell that their products don’t require absolutely any maintenance.

Some people think of replacement parts as add-ons. I don’t actually completely agree with this. The dust free, biodegradable granules that Cat Genie uses is a piece of the replacement parts that you need to invest in.

Thankfully for all of you who are willing to invest in this box, be guaranteed that all of the electric parts are top notch. Chances for them to malfunction are pretty slim to none, no matter how often or not you maintain the box.

In the text below, I will present you the Cat Genie replacement parts that most likely need replacement in the long run. The best thing is that you can purchase the majority of them on the best E-Commerce website in the universe, called

Cat Genie Replacement Motor

The Cat Genie replacement motor is accessible if you contact the Cat Genie litter box brand. The support team is very friendly and will respond you in a short amount of time.

All you have to do is state what kind of problem do you have with the Cat Genie self cleaning litter box. They will send you a new Cat Genie replacement motor, or any other part that you are having difficulty with. The company has a 90-day money back guarantee plus 2 year warranty.

How can you ask for more?

This is simply a synonym for quality. I’ve read somewhere that a Cat Genie customer actually contacted the company long after the 2 year warranty time. They sent him a completely new Cat Genie replacement motor and a brand new scoop.

So, if you are looking to invest in one of the most durable and extra large litter box that will serve 2 cats flawlessly, wait no longer. Innovations like this self-flushing and self-debacterization box is what will propel human kind further.

Best automatic cat litter box companies nowadays are constantly striving to minimize the difficulty associated with owning a pet. And you know what? They do their job perfectly!

Cat Genie Refills

The best thing with this self-flushing litter box is that the dust-free, septic safe granules last a very long time.

This means that you won’t need to purchase Cat Genie refills too often. Once the granules run low, it is time to invest in some Cat Genie refills.

Litter Genie Standard Cat Litter Disposal System Refills

The second best thing is that they can be bought from at such a cheap price. They will last for 2 to 5 months, depending on how many cats use the toilet. They are created from a natural material that isn’t toxic and dangerous for your feline family.

You can know that the granules run low by the line that the Cat Genie has painted on. Once you can see that line, you should invest in Cat Genie refills as soon as possible. If you set the Cat Genie to wash up to 4 times a day, one full package of Cat Genie refills will last you about a month.

Maintaining a completely automated, self cleaning and self flushing litter box for such an affordable price is marvelous.

Those are Cat Genie Washable Granules that are made specifically for this box. Never ever think about replacing those granules with traditional litter. The Cat Genie isn’t meant to work that way.

You will only cause damage to it and your cats won’t be using it. Once the water hits the traditional litter, there would be a muddy mess you should stay away from at any cost.

Cat Genie Consumer Reports

At the time of writing this Cat Genie litter box review, I’ve came across mind-blowing 735 Cat Genie customer reports. They rated the Cat Genie 120 automatic box 3.9 out of 5.0 possible stars.

This means that they were pretty much satisfied with their purchase. However, there were some niggling points raised about the product.

Customers said: “I don’t know why, but the product has a very terrible smell. I usually clean it every month or so” and “It is painful to order the granules and the solution frequently” and “If you use multiple cats you better set it to flush 4 times a day to prevent the awful smell!”.

Those were just a few of the most critical Cat Genie consumer reports.

However, no one else seem to have problems like those customers. Maybe they shouldn’t use only one litter box for their 5 cats.

Other customers said: “This is the best automatic cat litter box by far!” and “I prefer this cheaper self cleaning box over the ultra expensive Litter Robot that actually does the same function” and “This was the best investment I’ve ever did in my lifetime”.

This concludes our Cat Genie litter box. All of these satisfied Cat Genie consumer reports make it easy for me to recommend the Cat Genie self cleaning litter box to anyone!