The Extra Large Litter Box With High Sides

Extra Large Litter Box With High Sides

This read will give a special importance to some specific details you should look for in a extra large litter box with high sides in this modern day and age. If you follow this article in detail, then you’ll have a beautiful litter box assembled in your household.

Probably the main reason why you stumbled across this page is that you have a bigger than an average cat. If you do so, you’ve came to the right place.

This type of litter box will prevent cats to pee over it. Watching your beautiful walls get destroyed by feline urine will be a thing of the past.

All of these factors are emphasized by experienced, cat owners, who spent a large portion of their lifetime comprehending what makes a perfect litter box suitable for any cat.

In the table below, I placed the 3 greatest ultra large litter boxes with tall sides. You can easily compare their features and characteristics and choose the one that you think will blend with your indoors the most.

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Litter Box with High Sides Buying Guide

There are three things every cat owner should look at before investing in a litter box with high sides. If the litter box satisfies all of them, then it’ll be worth the price.

Homemade Litter Box with High Sides

Sides Height

Most of the litter boxes with high sides on the market today come in various dimensions. Do you have a senior cat that pees vertically?

You will be safe if you purchase jumbo tall litter box. It should also have high sides measuring around 11″. You will never again be stressed about your cat peeing over the box. It won’t ever happen.

Controlling the odor will be much easier. Urine spillage will be a thing of the past. All of this will be possible if you invest in a litter box with high sides that are near 11″ tall.


If you are looking to buy a high sided litter box, a great rule of thumb would be to ignore enclosed boxes.

Cat experts say that cats don’t usually like covered boxes. Don’t get me wrong. They are great if you can scoop them everyday easily.

However, our busy, everyday lives don’t allow us to do this. High sides will also make the cleaning job much harder than usual. You have to put your hands in extra deep to clean it.


Small covered (hooded) litter boxes that can be hidden. On the other side, extra large litter box with high sides cannot be. They usually stand out.

However, don’t get discouraged. There are many compact, modern, odorless and decorative boxes with high sides. You should pick a fancy box that will blend perfectly to your indoors.

We live in a day and age where litter box companies care about their customers more than ever. They care about aesthetics just like they care about functionality.

Huge, colorful, extra long boxes with high sides will actually be a great compliment for your interior. Each of the greatest litter box companies now have employed a designer.

How To Save Money If Your Cat Doesn’t Squat While Urinating

There are a lot of cases where the cat just doesn’t squat while peeing. You can even have a small cat that pees over the box rim.

Cat Doesn't Squat While Urinating

If your cat has a tendency of arching and heightening the rear while urinating, there is a good way to save money.

There are no universal litter box dimensions that will suit any cat. This is why choosing the right litter box is more complicated than everyone thought.

If it was, this site would never ever existed in the first place. I’ve seen a lot of cat owners who spent a lot of hard earned money on the wrong litter boxes.

A lot of people fail to educate themselves about their cat’s behavior and decide to keep their box outside! Purchasing this kind of tall and XL box will be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make for you and for your cat.

If you consider to purchase an extra large litter box with high sides, hold on.


The first and most important thing you need to do before spending your money is observing.
You need to observe the behaviors of your cat inside the litter box. Take a diary and write down what are the most common movement patterns while urinating or defecating.


After this you need to measure the size of your cat.
It should fit comfortably once in the litter box. Cats are sometimes claustrophobic. Just like us, they don’t want to be held in tight corner and dark areas


After you done those two things, decide.
Is your a non-squatter while peeing and has an above average size?


Then, you better invest in an extra large litter box with high sides.
This way you will definitely be on the safe side. This is going to save you a lot of money and nerves.

How Companies Perfected The Extra Long, Narrow Litter Boxes

Narrow Litter Boxes

As you can see, the majority of cat litter boxes aren’t square. What litter cabinet companies do nowadays is utilize the cues, that make cats do a certain thing. For example.

Some litter boxes have a central entrance, but have a narrow width. A round plastic is placed on the entrance creating a cue for the cat to turn sideways and urinate on the high sided wall.

This is one of the most amazing innovations that litter box companies have came with in recent years. Extra large (XL) litter boxes with high sides are also created with this concept.

Your can’t wont ever miss the high side of the litter box ever again. Once a habit is created, you may even want to purchase multiple cats. These may be the only negative things about this high sided boxes cue innovation.

How Litter Boxes with High Sides Caught my Eye

After I adopted my exotic short haired cat, called Garfield I stumbled across a problem. My relatively new, regular, indoor electronic litter box didn’t do what it was supposed to do. My cat had the tendency to scratch it excessively.

I was now on a search to find the top litter box possible. Garfield was peeing vertically. I didn’t have any experience with those type of cats.

I thought he was just spraying his territory. But after watching a couple of informative YouTube videos, and spying his behavior, I’ve came to the conclusion that it is the way he pees.

What Is Spraying Actually?

What spraying is, for those who don’t know is a cat’s way of marking their territory.

Most of the times it is a characteristic for male cats. When they are spraying a common movement pattern is this: They stand up, making a specific movement with their back legs. Then they lift their tail up, making a rapid shaking movement with it and blow urine to a vertical object, usually a wall.

What my cat used to do is start peeing normally, but after a short while he started lifting his back. This is what concerned me.

A traditional, low sides litter box couldn’t handle Garfield’s complicated defecation. My journey to find the top cat litter box, suitable for my exotic short hair began.

As usual I began searching vigorously through pet related forums looking for solutions. The odor spread throughout my house. I needed an answer to my needs as soon as possible.

What Experts Say About Covered Litter Box With High Sides

I didn’t want to buy an enclosed, non self cleaning, hidden cat litter box. My experience showed me that even my cats didn’t like those type of boxes either.

They usually want to see what is going on around them while they are doing their job. The reason for this was the negative neurological connections attached to a closed litter box.

Cats probably don’t know whether they will be ambushed once they leave the box. They function on instincts. They don’t have long memory spans either.

I also want to see what my cat does during defecation.

The most common signs that something is wrong with your cat can be seen during this phase. If your cat strains, you should immediately bring it to the veterinary physician.

Functionality Of Large Litter Box With Low Sides

You may question yourself, why do litter box companies build boxes with low sides. This question also came to my mind while I was searching for a modern litter box for my cat, Garfield.

Like I’ve mentioned above, litter box companies are building their products to serve anyone. Heavy, or older cats have a difficulty entering a litter box. If you happen to have an elevated litter box the problems may have increased even more.

However, this is not the only reason. Some people prefer round or even large (jumbo) litter box for multiple cats with low sides to make cleaning much easier. The majority of automatic litter boxes tend to have low sides.

Changing the tray this way is breeze.

The low sides can also help you analyze the behavior of your cats while urinating. This is sometimes constricted by the extra large sides some of the litter boxes have. There is no black and white viewing on the stuff. You should first analyse how the cat urinates, and measure the size of it.

Purchasing a large litter box with low sides before doing this observation, sometimes can be fatal to your wallet.

Choosing the perfect litter box couldn’t be any easier than this.

Pros And Cons Of Cat Litter Box With High Back

There are various types of litter boxes on the market today. Cat litter boxes with high back are one of them. All of these different shapes, dimensions and furniture actually do something.

Unfortunately, there is actually no one type – fits all box out there. All cats behave differently and like some things more than other cats. Some cats hate some shapes or colors.

The main function of sifting litter boxes with high back is this: Your cat may have a habit to constantly urinate on a wall. This is usually a territory setting habit that usually male cats do.

You should identify which is the most common place cats urinate on the wall. Once you do it is your turn to purchase a cat litter box with high back.

After this you need to place the litter box on the place where the cat does the urination, with the high back on the side of the wall.

The reason why you need to do this is because the high back will prevent urination spraying on the wall. Your cat will consciously think that it is the place that is “owned” by it. You won’t actually break this habit for the cat. This works like a band-aid solution for wall urination.

But hey, it worked perfectly for many pet owners, it may work for you. The CleverCat enclosed litter box and the Hagen CatIT box, both offer the same benefits as the jumbo high sided litter boxes.

Why Extra Large Cat Litter Box With Rim Prevents Litter Spillage

If your cat has a tendency to furiously hide it’s “stuff” while defecating or urinating, the chances of litter spillage are very high. After looking for a solution, litter box brands finally came up with a modern idea that prevented this.

The most clever way to minimize the disposable litter spillage if you have a mischievous, large cat is to purchase a non-covered extra large cat litter box with rim.

The rubbery or plastic rims will help the litter stay inside, thus making scooping and cleaning easy. Pet owners who invest in a litter box with a rim, usually don’t need to buy a litter mat.

Litter spillage percentage is usually as low as that of covered (with lid) litter boxes. But there are a lot of advantages with this type of litter box.

The carpets won’t ever be affected with the urinated litter that is inside the box. Sometimes this can help you save a lot of nerves and money for buying expensive chemicals to clean up your house.

The carpets won’t ever be affected with the urinated litter that is inside the box. Sometimes this can help you save a lot of nerves and money for buying expensive chemicals to clean up your house. You can even purchase an excellent litter mat to fix litter tracking and kicking.

You may not even know, but some home cleaning liquid chemicals negatively affect the health of your cat. Eating food sprayed with some kind of house cleaning chemicals can be very dangerous for the digestive system of the cat. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be deadly.

A famous proverb says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

What I am trying to say with this is that you should consider purchasing a big cat litter box with rim, if you don’t want bad odor to surround your house. This is the easiest and safest ways to maintain odor control.