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CleverCat Litter Box Review

This CleverCat litter box review will provide you with value knowledge for one of the best top entry cabinets out there.

It is information like this that help you take care of your furry friend better. Your cat should be grateful to have an owner like you.

Constantly improving your knowledge about how to take care of your cat is key. In the last few years there is a big change in the pet supply industry.

This is mainly due the innovations and constant improvements to cat litter boxes. To be honest with you, the CleverCat litter box impacted the pet supply industry in a good way. It is an excellent, multiple award winner, enclosed litter box that makes your life more convenient.

The CleverCat Litter Box

Let’s cut the talking and hop straight to the CleverCat litter box review!

What Comes With The CleverCat Litter Box Package?

Once your product arrives to your doorway, don’t be scared of the box size. All litter boxes product packages are very large at first sight, especially if you didn’t have a box previously.

First of all you should take out all of the parts inside of the package box. Then you should lay them on a flat surface.

There aren’t any special parts that come with the package. Just like any other manual-scooping top entry box, there aren’t some parts that make your mind blow. For this CleverCat litter box review, I will state which parts you will receive with the package and what each of them does.

Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box
  • Plastic Litter Box Base

This is the base of the litter box. It is a round plastic box. That means that cleaning and scooping the waste won’t be any issue. There won’t be any waste stuck in the corners of the box.

It is a very durable plastic material that can handle any cat out there. It is a decorative, high sided box that will keep the litter inside of it no matter how furious your furry friend is.

Thanks to the elevated, extra deep design, it is a totally dog proof box. If you have a dog that companies your cats in your household, there won’t be any safety issue for your cats if you get this box. Even if you keep it outdoors, your cats will be perfectly safe.

  • Herringbone Pattern Plastic Lid

The lid (cover) of the box is meant to end litter tracking. And you know what? It does this thing pretty good. Once your cat hops out of the box, nasty litter usually gets “glued” to their paws.

If there isn’t any tracking preventing cover, all that litter will go to the carpet and spread across your household.

This is how bad odor still occupies the indoors, no matter how often you clean and maintain the litter box. Cats usually tend to hang out on top of it.

  • Clevercat Special Jumbo Liners

These CleverCat liners are used for easy disposal. 5 of them come with the product package. This will keep you from buying them separately every now and then.

To be perfectly honest with you, the non-sticking and round design of this elevated tall litter box, doesn’t always need liners. You will be perfectly fine if you don’t use them. However, cleaning will be more difficult and you will have to clean the box completely on regular basis.

I find disassembling and cleaning each part of the box every 3 days or so, a very boring task. You will waste a lot of valuable time. This is why the CleverCat litter box company created special liners to fit the box perfectly.

  • Installation Manual

Follow this manual, step by step to learn more about how to use the product. In this CleverCat litter box review I will help those who can not follow the installation process declared in the set-up manual.

How To Assemble The CleverCat Litter Box

Assemble The CleverCat Litter Box

Installing the CleverCat litter box with lid is a piece of cake. All of the modern manual-scooping litter boxes are actually very easy to assemble.

Some of them install with the help of plastic clips. If you are having difficulty following the steps in the installation manual don’t worry.

In this CleverCat litter box review I will provide you with a simple step-by-step process that you will follow so that you can assemble the litter box without any problem. Once you place all of the parts that come with the package on a flat surface, do the following.

Once you place all of the parts that come with the package on a flat surface, do the following.

Fit the CleverCat plastic liner across the box. Make sure you pull each corner of it to the corners of the litter base. This way it will be secure.

Pour five to ten centimeters of the litter of your choice in the box. You don’t want more than this because it will cause a havoc inside the box.

The litter will become heavy and it can break the plastic liners apart. Also scooping additional litter is a difficult task to do.

Put the plastic, herringbone pattern lid on the base. It should fit perfectly once you put it on top.

In the first days your cat will not be used to getting inside a top entry box. But don’t worry.

You can simply take the lid off, and make the cat adjust without a lid first. Then you put it back on, and you are ready to go. As you can see, setting up the box is not a very difficult task. Even a 10 year old can do this.

Benefits of Using The CleverCat Litter Box

There are numerous benefits for both you and your cat while using this box. However, in this CleverCat litter box review I will also state the disadvantages, and for which cats I don’t prefer this box. I will share with you mine and many other cat owner’s experience with the product.

But for now, let me state how you will benefit from using this box.

CleverCat Litter Box Benefits

  • High sided and tall litter box sides prevent litter spillage
  • Top, sticky lid stops litter tracking across your household
  • It is a dog proof litter box thanks to the plastic enclosure
  • If your previous box leaked urine, the high sides of this will prevent this
  • Cool designer, decorative and cool litter box that will blend perfectly to any indoors
  • It comes with a one year warranty. If it gets damaged during this period of time, CleverCat sends you a completely new product without any costs
  • Covered jumbo litter box that will keep the bad scent inside the box for a long time

How To Reach The Potential Of CleverCat Litter Box

If you are reading this CleverCat litter box review, you will learn how to maximize the potential of the box fully. But you also have to implement those tips that I am about to give to you.

If you just read them, nothing will change. So stop reading immediately if you are not planning to use them.

Invest In A Mat To Prevent Litter Spillage

Does your cat has a tendency to hop out of the litter box, without even touching the litter removing roof?

Then your best bet would be to invest in some litter mat. All you have to do is put the mat below the CleverCat litter box. This way litter tracking and mess will be greatly minimized. The mat won’t hurt your wallet.

There are many affordable mats for litter box that go perfectly with the CleverCat cabinet system, like this one.

To Prevent Bad Scent

To prevent bad odor spreading in your household and in the litter box you should put some baking soda on the bottom of the box.

The chemicals of the baking soda are ideal for odor killing. Also cats don’t have negative reactions to baking soda. It is perfectly safe to use inside the litter box.

If you don’t have the time to maintain, scoop and dispose the liners all the time, I recommend putting in baking soda every time you dispose the liners.

This will greatly minimize bad smell.

I Recommend It For

  • Two cats
  • For kitties and average sized cats
  • Cats that are scared of dogs
  • Furious cats that like to kick and break havoc inside the box
  • Cats who spread smelly litter across the house

I Don’t Recommend It For

  • Old and cats with arthritis
  • Very lazy cats that have a great difficulty adapting to new things
  • Fat cats that weight 18 lbs +
  • Cats that don’t like tight entrance holes
  • Visible scrapes if your cat is scratching mercilessly

Does Your Cat Have Difficulty Adapting To The CleverCat Litter Box?

Every cat has a difficulty adapting to a new, modern litter box.

Top entry litter boxes are widely known to need more adaption time. This can take up to two weeks. Because of this, I recommend you placing the old litter box next to the CleverCat. Avoid cleaning the old box and let waste stack up inside of it.

The bad scent will occupy that old box. Naturally your cat will avoid doing it’s business there. It will slowly, but surely start using the new box.

After it does, just throw the old smelly box away. For your cat to adapt more quickly to the CleverCat top entry box, you can remove the lid. After your cat adapts to using it, simply put the cover back on.

If nothing works, read this how to get your cat to use a litter box guide.

How To Clean The CleverCat Litter Box

CleverCat Litter Box Package

In this CleverCat litter box you will learn how to clean the litter box. Because this is a covered litter box, it will contain some of the bad scent inside of it.

This makes the illusion that you don’t need to clean the box consistently. But, this is a big mistake. If you don’t your cat will stop using the box eventually. All of that urine and feces will stack inside the box.

This is why you need to dispose the feces every 2-3 days if you use liners.

If you don’t I would recommend you disassemble the complete box and clean each part separately. Do this 2 times every week. This way no odor will come out of the box, guaranteed!

If you need more details about how to clean the CleverCat hooded littr box, read this litter box ultimate cleaning guide.

Will Your Cat Fit Into The CleverCat Litter Box?

The insides of the box are extra deep and wide. Your cat will not have any difficulty moving once it is inside of the box.

But the tricky part is the entry diameter size. It has 9″ inches width. It would be clever to measure the widest point of your cat, before investing in this box. There is no reason why you would want to get this box, if your cat cannot get inside of it!

So remember, first measure.

Second check the dimensions of the unit.

Third, decide whether the cat will find the box comfortable.

This is a standard process before investing in a top entry litter box.

Overall, most of the customer reviews were very positive. However, there were some niggling points raised about this product.


  • Can be used for 2 cats
  • The entry diameter is large enough for the fattest cat to fit in
  • Stop the nasty litter tracking across the household thanks to the sticky roof
  • Keeps the dogs away from the box. This is due the enclosed and elevated design
  • Very easy to disassemble and clean in detail
  • You don’t actually need to use liners thanks to the round shape and non sticking plastic. But, I actually recommend you use them. Liners are included in the product package however
  • Don’t worry about the durability and strength of the plastic lid. It can hold weight up to 18 lbs. This is more than enough
  • Smooth and continuous sides stops the escape of urine


  • Doesn’t come in other colors that you can choose from
  • Simple and traditional design
  • The box is not big enough for fat and above average sized cats
  • The top entry, elevated box is not suitable for elderly and cats with arthritis
  • If your cat doesn’t put it’s feet on the litter removing lid, litter can be spread across the household
  • Due to the enclosed design, cats don’t have the need to cover their feces

As I said before, there are numerous disadvantages while using the CleverCat litter box. But the advantages out weight the disadvantages.

Do I Need CleverCat Top Entry Litter Box Liners ?

To be brutally honest with you, you don’t actually need CleverCat top entry litter box liners.

The plastic is non-sticking and round. There aren’t any corners so waste cannot get stuck there. Other old and traditional square shaped boxes were very painful and boring to clean. This was the reason why I didn’t want to maintain and clean my old litter box regularly.

But back then I didn’t have any knowledge on how to own a cat like I should. After gaining some knowledge through experience, constantly watching videos and reading forums I finally knew how to choose the right litter box.

However, they make the cleaning and maintenance much more easier. All you have to do is put the liner in place and you are ready to go. After that all you have to do is lift up the liner, and all the feces and waste are in the liner. After that you need to put a new liner in place.

Maintaining the CleverCat cabinet system this way is very convenient.

The CleverCat top entry litter box liners are designed to fit perfectly in the CleverCat box. If you decide to use them, I recommend buying them in bulk. They are much cheaper that way. You will save a lot of money in the long run.

What Are The CleverCat Top Entry Litter Box Dimensions ?

CleverCat Top Entry Litter Box Dimensions

As I said above, I don’t really recommend this box for large cats.

The reason why is because they may have difficulty entering the litter box. The entry diameter is 9″ inches.

What is the purpose of owning a litter box that your cat cannot even use. They will use the box for outside peeing. You better ditch the box if your cats use it that way.

If you want to know what is the best place to put in the CleverCat top entry box, check out this ultimate litter box placement guide.

To be very precise, the CleverCat top entry litter box dimensions are:

20″ Length, 15″ x Width, 15″ x Diameter.

The CleverCat jumbo covered litter box is pretty roomy inside.

The product also weights 4 pounds. It is very light because it is shallow inside. Plus the special and durable plastic that they used for this cabinet system is pretty lightweight. That is for easy distribution. You can relocate the box whenever and wherever you actually want.

All of the modern top entry litter boxes create their entrance holes to be 9″ in width. This completely satisfies the cat standards. If the entry hole is any wider than that, then that wouldn’t be a covered litter box really. The box will act more as a high sided box. There wouldn’t be any of the hooded box benefits.

CleverCat vs Modkat

Modkat Litter Box

There is always some discussions among cat owners about what litter box is better. CleverCat vs Modkat?

What is my opinion? To be sincere with you, I really think that the CleverCat top entry litter box is an excellent alternative to Modkat.

They are both top entry boxes, which means they are somewhat similar. The price difference is also great. You can save a lot of money if you go with the CleverCat.