The Booda Clean Step Litter Box

Booda Clean Step Litter Box Review

In this Booda Clean Step litter box review you will understand why there is so much hype around this product. The unique design of the product is probably the reason. But, not just that.

It is a very decorative, cool and enclosed cabinet system that takes care of the cat’s waste.

It was the first litter box ever to utilize the use of stairs. Those aren’t just elevated stairs for aesthetics. They have little sticky mats that take the litter off of the paws of your cat. This will help you prevent litter tracking across your household.

The aesthetics of this innovative product will definitely blend perfectly to your indoors. No matter what kind of style your household has, the designer team of Booda Litter Box company took care of this product wisely. Keep in mind that this product is not simply for looks.

Petmate Booda Clean Step Cat Litter Box Dome

When I first got this hooded litter box, my cats simply couldn’t detach from it. I almost felt lonely because my feline companion didn’t even bothered me! The fun part is that my 10 year old son actually maintained the litter box.

Taking the lid off, and scooping the cat’s waste was a fun activity for my kid. I will be forever grateful to Booda brand for this! They helped me save lots of time, thanks to this. It is a dog proof device that will keep the dogs away from your cats.The modern round cover was the secret for that.

Let’s cut the talking and jump straight to the detailed Booda Clean Step litter box review!

What Comes With The Package ?

Once your package arrives, you will be surprised by it’s size.

But, this is normal for every litter box. Their package boxes are usually pretty big. If you plan to order a new litter box, be aware that the package of the boxes are bigger than you can imagine.

When my Booda Clean Step with pearl dove color arrived, I had a difficulty entering it into my front door. I had to actually cut the package box outside and take the materials inside one by one. The best place to put the Booda Clean Step litter box is in the corner of the living room.

Petmate Booda Clean Step Cat Litter Box2354

But at the time I was living in a mini studio apartment that had a narrow door. This may not happen to you, so don’t even be bothered. Once you cut the packaging box you will see these litter box parts:

  • Litter box plastic (non-sticking) bottom
  • Fancy litter catching stairs
  • Durable plastic cover for privacy
  • One pair of liners
  • Instruction manual – The manual scooping boxes like this Booda Clean Step cabinet system usually come with fewer parts than their automatic brothers.

Some of the self-cleaning boxes have a lot of additional elements that just raise the product’s price up. Some of those parts don’t have any use at all. Booda realized that some litter box companies stack the package box with accessories that you don’t really need.

How To Install The Booda Clean Step Litter Box

Assembling the product is a piece of cake. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual. But,there are some people that simply cannot understand what the manual is willing to tell them. This maybe a reason why you stumbled across this Booda Clean Step litter box review.

Once you unpack all of the parts, I recommend you place them on a flat surface. I advice you to invest in a proper litter box mat to prevent the litter tracking and overall mess caused by your cat.

As you can see there aren’t any clips that attach the cover with the base. But, don’t be bothered by this. My cat Garfield is 17 lbs (above average) cat that used this product without any problem.

All you really have to do is simply put the liner on the base and put some litter inside of it. After this take the plastic cover and place it over the base. It won’t fall of when your cat goes in and out the device. The cover has some weight to it and it holds on the base very stable.

As you can see the Booda litter box brand provided a liner with the package. It is used for the base,so that the litter doesn’t stick on the bottom of the base. To be perfectly honest with you, sometimes I didn’t even use a liner!

This was because the bottom of the base is round and cannot stick with litter. No matter how much my cats urinated and defecated inside of it, I could easily scoop and clean the waste. Here is a full cleaning litter box guide you can use for any cabinet system.

But for this to happen to you, you should at least put two inches of any litter you want inside the base. It won’t be an issue with the Booda Clean Step box with lid.

Benefits of Using The Booda Clean Step Litter Box

benefits of using booda clean step enclosed litter box

There are numerous benefits that will make your life more convenient if you choose to use this litter box.

In this review I will also state the advantages and disadvantages of using this product. It isn’t all perfect and sunshine when it comes to cat litter boxes. Sometimes the cats stop using this litter box all of the sudden. If this happens to you, read what makes a cat stop using the litter box.

Cat owners think that litter boxes are just some plastic objects that cats use to poop in. But, this is far from the truth. Just as you care about how clean, and how your bathroom and indoors look, your cat cares about the hygiene and aesthetics about the litter box.

This is why there is a website like Garfield’s Tips. I personally had a lot of difficulty with my cat litter boxes 3 years ago.

But, after I decided to take a deep approach and understand why cats prefer or hate some litter boxes, I created this website. It will definitely serve you as a guide to handling the eliminations of your lovely furry friend.

Remember that the biggest reason why cat owners decide to give their cats to adoption is because of the mess they cause. The mess and not knowing how to deal with it were the determining factors for this. For your good, read on.


  • Ensure the cat’s privacy thanks to the plastic lid
  • Saves you a lot of time and stress
  • Installing it takes less than a minute
  • Forget about cleaning the tracked litter all over your household
  • The elevated and covered design makes it dog proof
  • Can be used for multiple cats
  • Extra deep insides are very attractive for the cat
  • You don’t need additional tools and parts for the assembling process
  • Great for odor control

Pros and Cons of Using The Booda Clean Step Litter Box

Just like any other product, the Booda Clean Step litter box has advantages and disadvantages of use. This is what this Booda Clean Step litter box review is actually for.


  • Prevents spreading of litter
  • Can be used for multiple cats
  • Bad smell is contained in the dome. This is why a lot of customers put the box in the living room
  • Cool looking, decorative modern litter box
  • High sided and covered, prevents litter spillage
  • Perfect for shy cats that only do their “business behind closed curtains”
  • Extra deep 3 layer litter box that can use charcoal filters
  • Round base doesn’t let litter and waste stick to it


  • The carbon filter cannot fill the slot on top of the cover
  • The cover is very thin
  • Due to the steps, the space inside of the box is slimmed
  • Hood cannot latch to the base

How To Clean The Booda Clean Step

In this Booda Clean Step litter box review I talked about what comes with the product package, how to install it and what other cat owners are saying about the product.

Cleaning the Booda Clean Step litter box is not really much different than cleaning other manual-scooping boxes. You have to be willing to scoop the litter box daily, depending on how often your cat/cats use the box.

If your cat has regular stools, doesn’t have any elimination problems, or doesn’t pee standing up, I recommend you scoop it once every two days. It would be pretty much enough to keep the odor out of the household.

Every month I recommend you disassemble the litter box completely, and clean each part with attention.

Don’t be concerned about this being hard. The product’s base is a round plastic, which means that no waste or litter can get stuck in the corner.

If you aren’t used to scooping the box, make sure that you make this a habit. The start will always be the most difficult. You have to do it whether you feel like it or not. All it takes is 5 minutes maximum of your day. Your lovely furry friend and your indoors will be very grateful for this.

Some people think that this is a litter box with sifter. If you are looking for a enclosed litter box that does the similar function, but is somewhat easy to clean, then go for the Hagen CatIt Litter Box.

However, that box is more expensive than this one.

I Recommend It For

  • Cats weighting less than 18 lbs (8.1 kg)
  • Two or more cats (up to three)
  • Felines of any age
  • Cats who don’t defecate and urinate very often
  • Cats who have tendency for soft stools

I Don’t Recommend It For

  • Fat cats, because they wouldn’t like the narrow ramp
  • Those cat owners who don’t like scooping the litter box daily
  • If you don’t like throwing the waste bin every day

Booda Clean Step Litter Box Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this Booda Clean Step litter box review, I’ve stumbled across mind-blowing 21.401 customer reviews. This means that this extra deep, covered litter box is very popular among cat owners. The greatest part is that it has 4.3 out of 5.0 possible stars rating. Pet owners actually like this box very much.

Overall, most of the customer reviews were very positive. However, there were some niggling points raised about this product.

Some customers said, “My one and only problem with the Booda litter box is that the cover cannot be clasped to the base. It just sits on top of it!” and “The litter box liners that come with the product, don’t actually fit the base. They are pretty much useless” and “I don’t know what liners work well with this box! I have trouble with this. Also the box is slightly smaller that I thought”.

Those were one of the most critical Booda Clean Step litter box reviews. Others didn’t seem to have any issue with the product whatsoever.

Customers said, “There is no more litter everywhere around my household!”, and “This product works very well with our senior cat. It is well worth the hype!” and “This is the best litter box I’ve EVER OWNED in my lifetime. My cats enter the box just like the box is Taj Mahal!” and even “I would defecate in this box if i was a cat!”.

All of these positive customer reviews, make it easy for me to recommend the Booda Clean Step litter box to every cat owner.

Should I Buy Booda Clean Step Litter Box Charcoal Filters?

Like I’ve said above, the standard filters that come with the package don’t actually fit the top of the lid. This is why you need to purchase additional filters that will keep the odor away from the modern box.

Don’t be scared. These new Booda Clean Step litter box charcoal filters are very affordable. They also last up to 6 months. Purchasing them from the most famous and convenient E-commerce site in the world,, is much more cheaper than buying them from a local pet store.

I recommend you purchase them in bulk, so you will save more money in the long run. Also, the options at those stores is very slim. The salesman will probably convince you to purchase certain kind of filter, that won’t actually fit the Booda litter box.

If your two or more cats are using the Booda Clean Step cabinet system, it would be clever to insert two charcoal filters at the same time. This will ensure that bad scent will not be present inside of the dome. Your cats will love you even more if you do this.

After I started using these Booda Clean Step litter box charcoal filters, a friend of mine even asked me whether I gave my cats away for adoption. Our indoors seemed so cat-less and odorless. I highly recommend you purchase those filters.

What About Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box Liners ?

If you don’t the litter and waste to be in direct contact with the product’s base, I recommend you get some Booda Dome Clean Step litter box liners.

When your cat is peeing on the walls on the inside, sometimes the urine goes down through the crack that separates the lid and base. This will spread odor and bacteria like crazy. You definitely don’t want this to happen to you.

Unfortunately, this is a common situation if you have a Booda litter box. But, luckily for all of us, Booda box company recommends you use a Booda Dome Clean Step litter box liners. They are very cheap and you can order them on with free shipping.

Usually they arrive on the same day of ordering. Those a Booda Dome Clean Step litter box liners are wide enough to cover the entire box base. Some cat owners buy liners that are too narrow for the Booda litter box. This is money stupidly wasted.

Luckily for you, after reading this information you will know that there are certain liners that are suitable for the Booda litter box. I’ve personally had the best experience with the Booda Dome Clean Step litter box liners jumbo pack. Those liners are created by the Booda company exclusively for this igloo-shaped covered box.