Best Litter Box To Prevent Tracking

Best Litter Box To Prevent Tracking

If you are using a cat litter box, there is nothing more annoying than stepping on some tracked litter across your household. The cracking noise it makes on a wooden carpet is probably the reason why you’ve stumbled across this page. In this article you will find out what is the best litter box to prevent tracking.

Cats are very adorable and lovely creatures. The biggest problems cat owners face is cat elimination behavior problems and litter tracking. Those two factors were the biggest causes why cats were given up to adoption. If you truly love your cat, you should not only read the text that this article provides, but you should also put everything you’ve read in action. I bet that you love your cat. You wouldn’t even want to improve your cat owning knowledge if you didn’t.

The comparison chart is based first and foremost on the positive experience I had with the boxes. There are other elements like product dimensions, materials and type of box. I did all the testing for you. It is up to you to decide which box is your favorite and which would blend smoothly to your indoors.

So, if you are looking to stop the litter spreading issue forever, I’d gladly recommend you check out this list of best litter boxes to prevent litter tracking.

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What Consists The Best Litter Box To Prevent Tracking

There are numerous factors that make the best litter box to prevent tracking. For practical purpose I listed two elements that are found in every modern cat litter box that prevents litter spilling and tracking.

I already tested all the best boxes that will solve the tracking issue for you. But, this is not enough.

You should know that I use certain principles for my product testing. After the initial testing, I create a blend of all the common factors in those top litter boxes.

Let’s cut the talking, and let me present you those two common factors every best litter box to prevent tracking should have.

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control

Built-In Mats – All of the best non-electronic litter boxes that prevented litter tracking I tested, had built in mats. This is a great innovation that modern cat litter cabinet system companies integrate in their boxes. It is the most practical way to stop the nasty litter spreading across your house. Not only that, but you won’t have to buy an additional litter box mat.

Self cleaning, compact electric litter boxes that use granules and crystals don’t have built-in mats. There is no need to. Large granules and crystals can’t stick to the cat’s paws since they are larger in size than traditional litter found in the average boxes.

An example for this is the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra automatic litter box with disposable tray. It uses disposable blue crystals that cannot be stuck in between the cat’s paws.

Box Enclosure – This is also a very important factor that should be considered before purchasing the best litter box to stop tracking. If you don’t use large granules or blue crystals for your litter box I’d advice you to get a great covered box, preferably elevated top entry box.

The main reason behind this is that the majority of the top entry litter cabinets have sticky top, which takes the litter off of the cat paws. Just before your cat jumps off the box, all of the nasty litter that spreads nasty scent is stuck on the box top.

A great example for this is the ModKat top entry hooded litter box. All of that nasty litter will remain on the top of the high sided sticky top. This is a huge innovation that makes living with a cat more convenient. Not only this, but no litter can be spilled over a hooded cat litter box. Even if your cat is a furious digger, all of the litter will stay hidden in the extra deep box. Keep in mind that you should constantly clean the stuck litter on the covered box top. This is an great solution for the litter tracking issue.

Box Dimensions – If it is bigger, the litter box can be used for multiple cats. Do you have two or more cats? Then it would be very wise to invest in a extra large (XL) litter box that will take care of your cats. Imagine having multiple litter boxes for your furious diggers.

There would be litter all over your house! Not only your house will have nasty scent associated with that, but nasty litter is a great source of bacteria and germs. It will be very clever if you followed my advice. You will save both money and nerves!

Cleaning your only litter box will also save you a lot of time. I stated the dimensions of every single best litter box to prevent tracking in the comparison chart. The bigger the size of the box, the more capable it is to serve multiple cats. The only problem with jumbo covered boxes is that it will take more space than smaller boxes. I wouldn’t recommend getting an extra large litter box with lid for a relatively tiny apartment.

Every great litter box that stops litter tracking utilizes it’s own way of stopping the litter from spreading across your household. This is the beauty of modern litter box companies.

They are all hungry to fix the whole “cat making mess” problem.

All of the innovations that impacted the cat litter box industry was probably the best thing that happened for the typical cat owner. Not only those type of boxes are decorative, cool and fancy, but they are very functional.

Litter Boxes With Built-In Mats Cleaning Tips

Where should you not put cat litter

Most of the people who own certain type of the best litter boxes to prevent tracking, aren’t cleaning their boxes like they should.

I always advice cat owners to pay special attention cleaning these type of boxes. Like I’ve said above, each litter box company uses a different method to stop the litter tracking.

To generalize, you should always carefully clean the built-in litter box mat or sticky hood of top entry boxes. If you don’t, the litter will stack and the box functionality will go down the drain.

For example if you don’t clean the lid of the CleverCat litter box, you are set for trouble. All of the nasty litter will get stuck in cover with herringbone pattern. Once it is cluttered up with the litter, it will lose it’s purpose. There won’t be any free space for the newly trapped litter.

Or for example if you don’t clean the inside mat of the round Booda Clean Step enclosed litter box, it will stop working like it should. If the litter box that should prevent litter spreading is closed, you have to completely disassemble it and clean it in detail.

This is why the best litter boxes to stop tracking usually require the most maintenance if you want them to function up to their potential.

Not only the boxes will stop functioning like they are meant to, but trapped litter is spring for all kinds of nasty litter box bacteria that spread odor.

If you want your indoors to remain odor free, you should always pay attention to the maintenance aspect.

If you don’t have a designer automatic sifting litter box, feel free to read my detailed litter box washing guide.

Best Mat To Stop Litter Tracking

Mat To Stop Litter Tracking

To be brutally honest with you, even the best litter box to prevent tracking cannot stop the tracking problem completely. New litter box companies do their best to minimize the tracking.

Some of them guarantee that no litter will be spread across your household. Sadly, this is still not 100% achievable.

Luckily for all of us cat owners, there is something called mats for litter boxes. The main purpose of the top cat litter box mats is to stop litter tracking.

If you make the combination of getting the best litter box to prevent tracking and the best mat to stop litter tracking, I guarantee that this issue will be gone forever.

The greatest thing about this is that doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Even the greatest mats for litter boxes come at completely reasonable prices. There are many options you can choose from, depending on your litter box and needs. Here is an article of the best mats to stop litter tracking.

If you don’t have the time to read that article, I will let you know which one of those is the best mat to stop litter tracking. It is the PetFusion ToughGrip litter box mat. It is completely affordable for even the poorest cat owner. It comes in two sizes. You can choose depending on your needs.

It is built from a special type of silicone that completely takes all of the litter from the cat’s paws. I personally have one, and it is big enough for my two large boxes with lid. This is the definitely the best mat to stop litter tracking the market has to offer!

How To Stop Cat From Digging In Litter Box

Cat From Digging In Litter Box

How the hell does digging relate to litter tracking? At first glance it may seem unrelated. My experience showed that the cats who are digging litter inside the box are actually those who are tracking litter the most. There is a clear reason behind this.

When the cats use their muscles to furiously dig in the box (no matter if they are doing this just for fun, or are willing to hide the mess they created), all of that excessive force that they use makes the small litter granules get stuck between their paws.

Once they jump out of the elevated box, upon landing, their paws extend in size. All of the trapped litter that got stuck in their paws by this excessive digging, is now free to fall all around the household.

If you have felines that is excessively dig inside the box, it is time to learn how to stop cat from digging in litter box. The easiest thing you can do is invest in litter that has larger granules.

All of the sudden your cat will be surprised by the size of the unknown substance that filled it’s litter box. Once your cat will be familiar with the litter, it will begin to dig inside the box.

But, here is the thing with this method. The larger litter granules can not get stuck in between the cat’s paws. This way, no litter can get tracked across your household.

Other cat owners recommend to make your cat unlearn this digging part. The problem with that is that covering the waste that cats created is in their instinct.

It is really difficult to unlearn an instinct. That is why my method is probably the easiest out there. No matter the behavior of the cat, litter tracking can be stopped if you take the right steps!