Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out

Best Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out

Are you tired of your dog eating cat feces from the litter box? Then this article is definitely for you! I will show you the best cat litter box to keep dogs out, and achieve maximal peace of mind once you leave the house alone.

Reading and using the information in this article will keep your dog’s and your family members health in check.

Looking at your dog eating poo is not only nasty, but actually dangerous for the health of the dog and you. All of the bacteria and germs from the cat’s waste will be spread around your household.

This will cause a very bad smell and your indoors won’t be very glad for that. Below you can check the comparison table I created, consisted of the 5 best cat litter boxes to keep dogs out.

You can check which one of them you think will decorate your household the most. Also, if you are living in a tiny apartment, you can check the dimensions of the box to see whether it will fit the tight space.

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The Reason Why Your Dog Eats Poo

CleverCat Litter Box

If you ever caught your dog eating the cat’s feces, you were probably pretty much disgusted. However, this is actually a very normal thing for your dog to do. It is their natural instinct.

Back in the days, a high percentage of animals suffered from malnutrition, so they ate other animals feces. Poop may be nasty but it actually contains some nutritional value in it. When cats eat their food, their digestive system doesn’t digest all of the protein from the food.

Dogs are clever enough to recognize this free protein and eat it. They don’t care about the bad smell of it. This is called coprophagia. However, this is very unhealthy for your dog.

Feces aren’t nasty without a reason. They contain high percentage of bacteria and germs. Dogs will be very prone to deadly parasites such as whipworm, coccida, giardia and roundworm.

If not treated right, your dog can suffer a lot from this and eventually die. If you ever saw your dog eating cat feces, make sure you bring the dog to the veterinarian so your dog’s health will not be damaged.

What Consists The Best Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out

While you are looking for the best cat litter box to keep dogs out, you should focus on two factors. If the box satisfies those factors completely, you are good to go.

Your dog will unlearn that nasty habit. No matter what size your dog or cat is, these are universal factors that will be helpful for every single cat and dog owner.

best cat litter box to keep dogs out
  • Opening

There are two types of cat litter boxes. Side entry and top entry. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages.

However, in our case the top entry is far superior than side entry. This is mostly because dogs cannot reach the feces from the litter. No matter if your dog is extra large or tall, it will find putting it’s head through a tiny entrance uncomfortable. This will break the waste eating habit your dog has.

Modern top entry enclosed litter boxes offer solution for this problem. They are exclusively designed to be dog proof (dog resistant in some other articles). If you make the mistake to choose a side entry, make sure the entrance is slightly elevated, or with hinged door. It will be a lot more accessible for your dog to reach in the box.

If you fall in love with some cool, decorative and fancy litter box, but it is side entry, make sure the entrance is no more than 9″ inches in diameter.

  • Dimensions

The size of every cat litter box on the market varies. Make sure you choose a certain size just so it will keep your dogs out of reach.

This is a huge mistake fellow cat owners make. Always choose a litter box that is roomy enough for your cat to freely move once it is inside of it.

Also, never buy a XL cat litter box for your small kitty, so that it can keep the dogs away. I recommend you first measure the size of your cat. Then get a box slightly larger than what is enough for your furry friend.

If you get a bigger and elevated box, dogs will find it uncomfortable to reach in the box whenever there is a need to eat some poop. Large, hooded box is the way to go.

All of the best cat litter boxes to keep dogs out in the comparison table above are large and top entry. I highly recommend hooded, big top entry boxes that guarantee they are dog proof.

Benefits Of Using a Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out

There are numerous ways that your indoors can benefit from using a best cat litter box to keep dogs out. All of those benefits will make sure that there would be a peace and harmony among your household.

Depending on the cat owners’ needs, some of those benefits will make more impact than others. Let’s cut the talking and hop to the benefits.

  • Your dog’s health won’t be in jeopardy if you choose the best cat litter box to keep dogs out
  • You will live in overall cleaner and odor free environment
  • You will achieve a greater peace of mind when you leave the house alone for a certain period of time
  • The sight of your dog eating nasty poop will be a thing of the past
  • Your cats will love the privacy that comes with top entry, dog proof litter boxes
  • Save money on litter and veterinary care

Modkat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Away

Modkat is the best cat litter box to keep dogs out, hands down.

It satisfies all of the factors that you need to look at while purchasing a box to keep dogs away. It has a top entry design, is wide enough even for a large and tall cat.

On top of that it has round shape that helps with cleaning. It is actually possible for your dog to put it’s head through the 9″ inches diameter entrance hole. Check out the complete ModKat litter box review.

However, it will be so much uncomfortable that the habit of eating feces will be quickly forgotten. All of the 5 best cat litter boxes to keep dogs away in the comparison table above are very difficult to reach.

It comes with 1 year warranty, so no matter how damaged your box is, you can replace it with a simple text message to the support team. It is also a cool top entry box which can be placed in the living room without any problem.

It comes in 5 different colorways.

CleverCat Top Entry Box To Keep Dogs Away

This is the second best cat litter box to keep dogs away for a reason.

It also satisfies the two factors. It larger than the Modkat, so it is more suitable for larger and fat cats.

If you have a cat of that type, I’d recommend you go with this one. It is also easier on your budget. You will save some money on this. It will be almost impossible for your dogs to reach in this box.

The top entry design makes it so. There are also holes on top of the box, so that all of the litter on the cat’s paws will go through them. It has an simple and smooth design that will fit any interior. Check out the complete CleverCat litter box review.

Just make sure that your cat doesn’t have arthritis and is old. It would be a difficult task to jump on top of the box just to use it for defecating and urinating. I covered this in my best litter boxes for old cats article.

PetMate Top Entry Litter Box

This is the most affordable box on our list of 5 best cat litter boxes to keep dogs away.

It has a really simple round design that will suit any household. Assembling this product is a piece of cake. All you have to do is put the cover on top of the plastic base.

Then you have to pour in some litter, and you are good to go. It will definitely keep dogs away from reach because of the high sided, top entry design. The grating on the lid makes sure all of the litter on the cat’s paws falls back into the box.

Not only it will keep the dogs away, but your cats will love the box unconditionally. It is wide enough for cats that have enormous length and width. If you want to transport the box to another room, it cannot be easier. There are built-in handles that allow this.

All of this, for such an affordable price is pretty much hard to beat

Hagen CatIt SmartSift Box To Keep Dogs Away

The Hagen CatIT SmartSift litter box is a great choice to keep dogs away because of it’s design.

As you can see it is not a classic top entry box, it is actually side entry.

However, there is a swinging hinged door that prevents the dog from reaching it’s head inside the box. It requires very minimal maintenance because of it’s sifting mechanism.

All you have to do is pull the handle slowly, and all of the waste will go to the trash department. Then you should dispose the waste and that’s it!

Not only it will keep dogs away from reach, but it will provide a very clean environment for your lovely feline family.

It is a great litter box for odor control that will make sure that your house is bacteria and germ free. It is a great benefit for not only your cat, but your entire family!

Nature’s Miracle NM-5434 Top Entry Litter Box

Nature's Miracle NM-5434 Top Entry Litter Pan

The Nature’s Miracle NM-5434 top entry litter box will keep dogs from reaching in very effectively.

It hold our top 5 spot on our best cat litter boxes to keep dogs away list. If you ask me, the design is not very fancy and elegant. There are more aesthetic top entry boxes on the market today.

But, it is a taste thing. You may find the box looking pretty. Anyway it is a very functional box that will serve you and your household just as good as any other box.

It is pretty much affordable for the average cat owner. It is a very tall, high sided litter box that guarantees to keep dogs out of reach. It completely satisfies the two rules that you need to clear in order to get the best cat litter box to keep your dogs away.

I completely recommend this box for those who are greatly concerned about box performance. If you ask me it is not the prettiest of all boxes, but it does it’s job perfectly.

4 Tips On How To Keep Dogs From Eating Out Of Litter Box

If you follow these three steps completely, I guarantee that you will keep dogs from eating out of litter box. Don’t just skim through this text.

If the issue of your dog eating the cat’s poo really concerns you, you better take immediate action. That is how results are created. So do the following steps.

  • Get A Dog Resistant Litter Box

This is the fastest and easiest way to keep the dog from eating from the cat litter box. However, sometimes it serves as a band-aid solution. If you choose the best cat litter box to keep dogs out, it is guaranteed that it will keep your dog away from eating poop.

But sometimes eating poop is a malnutrition and behavior issue. That is why I say investing in the top litter box serves only as a habit-breaker. If you walk your dog outside and it sees some animal feces, it will still attract the dog. All of that protein will make your dog drip in saliva.

Without question, the quickest way you can prevent your dog from catching some nasty disease is investing in the best box that will keep the dogs away from reach. But, there are two other elements that you have to follow if you want your dog to forget about eating feces once and for all.

  • Discipline The Dog

If your dog is eating the cat’s feces with a great pleasure, there are high chances that your dog suffers from malnutrition. Even if you feed the dog with the best dog food, it may not be enough. It mostly depends on the dog’s breed. Some of them require more protein to function properly.

That is why they are attracted to cat’s feces.

Another factor may be boredom. If your cat is very bored and has nothing fun to do, it will be heavily attracted to cat litter boxes. That is because that is an area where your cats like to “hang out” with each other. Once your dog goes there, it may create a habit of constantly inspecting the cat litter box and sometimes eating feces.

It can really be a deadly habit that you want to prevent at all costs.
So it all really comes to choosing the best cat litter box to keep dogs away. It is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to answer the question on how to keep dogs away from eating out of litter box.

  • Add Tablespoon Of Vegetable Oil

To make cat’s feces unattractive to your dog, I recommend you include a tablespoon of vegetable oil in your cat’s diet. It will make the cat’s feces much softer. It is a complete turn-off for your dog to eat soft feces. Spoonful of canned pumpkin will also do the trick.

Litter Box Cover To Keep Dogs Out

The litter box cover to keep dogs out plays a huge role. If you can see every top entry litter box comes with a lid. It’s actually the cover that keeps the dog’s heads away from reaching in the litter box.

Any covered cat litter box can help you keep dogs away.

Dogs simply find it uncomfortable to reach into such tight spots. But, if they do, the feces contained in the hooded boxes are usually more bacteria and germ infected. Hooded boxes have a tendency to have a really bad smell inside.

Cat owners don’t clean them very often because they don’t spread as much odor as open litter boxes. You should treat hooded boxes like open boxes, which means that they need constant maintenance and cleaning. Changing litter is also a must.

No matter how big or small the box is, if it is has a lid, the chances of your reaching in the box are greatly minimized.