Best Place For Cat Litter Box

Best Place For Litter Box

First and foremost, you should always put your cat’s perspective in mind. We already said that they don’t need privacy as much as you think. However, they also don’t like very frequent and noisy areas like the kitchen. They will be slightly hesitant using their favorite litter box in front of many people.

Let me present you the best place for litter box available in every single household.

There is a major discussion about what is the best place for litter box. Every cat owner’s view point differs. There is no universal rule about where you should put your new, compact litter box. However, there are certainly some spots that work better than others.

There are multiple factors that play a huge factor here. For example, the size of your house/apartment or the indoor decor. You certainly wouldn’t want a modern, extra large, hooded self cleaning box in the middle of your traditional apartment. It simply wouldn’t make any sense. That is why some cat owners decide to hide their big litter boxes in rooms such as the bathroom or the washing room.

Best location for Cat Litter Box

Not only will this save you a lot of space, but it also would be pretty clever to do so because it will minimize litter tracking across the household. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of placing the litter cabinet system for each room. Just like every living creatures on the Earth, cats need to eliminate their waste. Otherwise, they would be flawlessly perfect animals.

The best thing about cats is that they don’t have to be brought outside just to finish their business. They are urinating and defecating in the comfort of the carefully selected fancy and decorative litter box. This is where location comes into play.

The location of the box plays a major part of it’s success. You are probably very familiar with this fact. You wouldn’t have stumbled across a page called “Best Place For Litter Box” if you didn’t know the location was that important.

You certainly wouldn’t want to put the litter box of your frequent urinating cat, three rooms away from it’s normal hang out area. This is a great recipe for disaster.

Even if you purchase the latest automatic, electric and jumbo litter box with the best litter option, it won’t be any good if you failed the location.

Avoid This When Choosing The Perfect Location For Litter Box

There are fundamental rules that you should avoid while searching for the top place for your litter box. If you simply avoid making this mistakes, you will enjoy a greater peace of mind.

Your cat litter box will work up to it’s potential and your cats will be happy. I know that you care about your cats. You are on the way to become the greatest cat owner of all time reading this.

Perfect Location For Litter Box
  • Stop Putting Your Needs First

The litter box is your cat’s property. You bought it for your cat, not you. What is the point of placing it in some hidden room away from reach. Do you really think your cat will hold up their urgent need to poo or pee and go to a distant room just to make you happy?

Absolutely not, unless your cat is relatively old and well trained. If you are living in a huge house/mansion, what is the point of putting two or more litter box together, in the same room? This is plainly stupid.

Cats will see those litter boxes as a single one. It is best to sacrifice a certain spot in your lovely home, and put the decorative sifting litter box in that place. At first, it will feel weird, but you will definitely adapt to the new looks.

  • Cats Don’t Prefer Privacy As Much As You Think

You may think that the only way the cats will eliminate the waste comfortably is when they are underneath the comfort of the jumbo, extra deep litter box with lid. This is very far from the truth.

How many times have you saw your cat pooping just in front of you? They don’t always need privacy. Just because you need privacy when defecating, it doesn’t automatically mean that cats need it too. So, why would you think putting the litter box in the bathtub is a good idea?

  • Stop Putting The Litter Box In Furniture

This is probably the biggest mistake cat owners make. They think that this is the best place for litter box. Wrong! Just because it can save you a few inches of space, doesn’t instantly mean that this is a good location for your litter box. All of the odor will have difficulty escaping the furniture.

Even worse, some people put their large hooded boxes, like the Omega Paw’N’Roll inside it. The bad scent that will form in the litter cabinet system will be simply too much for your cat. Cat’s are very delicate to strong scent as they have a highly sophisticated smell senses.

If you have an older or even arthristic cat, this would be a fatal mistake. Almost all of the litter box furniture is elevated. Your cat will have major pain and discomfort entering and doing the business in the litter box. At first it may seem like a good idea. But, after a certain period the time will be too high, and your cat will urinate and defecate all over your indoors.

If you avoid these critical mistakes, you are on your way to find the best place for litter box. This was the first fundamental step that all of the experienced cat owners agree on. Now it is time to choose the perfect location for your box depending on your circumstances.

Top Spots For Your Cat’s Litter Box Depending On Your Situation

First and foremost, you should always put your cat’s perspective in mind. We already said that they don’t need privacy as much as you think. However, they also don’t like very frequent and noisy areas like the kitchen. They will be slightly hesitant using their favorite litter box in front of many people.

Let me present you the best place for litter box available in every single household.

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box228

Low Frequent Area In The Living Room

It doesn’t automatically mean that the living room is the most frequent and noisy room in your household. Depending on the size of this room, there are a lot of places that your cats prefer their litter box to be put in.

Although cat owner’s don’t like the smelly litter boxes to be located in the room, it is funny how cats prefer this room more than all others. You probably don’t want unexpected visitors to come in the room and hold their noses by the awful scent coming from the box.

Some people simply think that placing the box in the living room will lead your cat to scratch on the litter box excessively.

However, putting it in this room is actually a blessing for both you and your feline friends. You will be more anxious about the smell and odor, which will lead you to clean and scoop it every single, whether you feel like it or not.

The discipline problem you may have for cleaning the box will probably be gone just by placing the litter box in the living room.

Best case scenario would be if the litter box has uninterrupted view of the entire room. Cat’s are fearful of getting ambushed by other cats, so eye sight is their greatest defensive mechanism.

A great box that will allow perfect sight is the low sided Simply Clean self cleaning litter box. Don’t put it in the corner of the living room. Allow your cat to have an alternate escape route in case it is attacked by other cats or people.

Put Several Litter Boxes Across Your Household

Put Several Litter Boxes Across Your Household

There is a good rule that surfs across the cat owner community. It says that you should purchase as many litter boxes as you have cats, plus one. For example if you have only one cat, your household should have two litter boxes to keep things safe.

If you have 3 cats, then you need 4 litter boxes. I think you get the point. Never ever put the litter boxes next to each other. You should put them all across your house in all rooms that are accessible to your cat.

If you live in a house that has several floors, you should put a litter box in every floor. Your cat won’t be hesitant to urinate or defecate if there is no litter box nearby.

If your cat senses danger in certain litter box, it should always have the instinct to go to the alternative box. This is why I recommend this awesome simple rule.

When you are placing a litter box, always crouch down and see from cat’s eye level. This way you can see what your cat can see and hear. Utilizing this tip made all the difference in my household. You should always experiment and put the litter box in those areas that you think your cats will have ease going to.

I cannot exactly tell you where you should put your box, just because I don’t know the structure of your indoors. But, this crouching tip is very helpful and universal. Every cat owner can do this. No excuses please.

Can I Put Litter Box In Bathroom?

Putting the litter box in the bathroom or washing room has several advantages and disadvantages. If you only have only one litter box for your whole household, I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the bathroom.

Can I Put Litter Box In Bathroom?

The biggest disadvantage would be the noise coming from the toilet, shower or sink. Some cats are very sensitive to sound and would be afraid of those noises.

This is the main reason why I wouldn’t put it in this room. I’ve noticed some people putting their litter boxes in the bathtub. At first glance it is a clever idea, you turn the water on and all the spilled litter and smell is gone.

However, your cat’s wet paws plus the spilled nasty litter will create a mess across your household. Spreading muddy litter everywhere is a great set for disaster. The bad odor will be unbearable.

So, if you decide to put your litter box in bathroom, avoid putting it into the bathtub. Instead, place it next to the toilet. Best case scenario would be if you invest in the CatGenie self flushing box. I think people like to put their litter box in the bathroom is because they consider it normal for the room to have a bad smell.

Also, you won’t feel the need to clean and scoop the litter box daily like you do if you put it in the living room. Nonetheless, I think putting an alternate litter box in the bathroom is actually a great idea. I hope this answers the famous “Can I put litter box in bathroom” question once and for all.

Should I Place The Litter Box In The Basement?

If your cat spends a large portion of it’s time inside the basement, then my answer would be yes. But don’t think that putting your main litter box in the basement simply to hide it from sight is a good idea.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of placing your litter box in a visible area like the living room at all. If you are skeptical about the aesthetics of the box, invest in some that will blend smoothly in your household. Modern litter box companies now are aware that litter boxes are more frequently placed in the living room, so they do their best to design cool, fancy and decorative boxes.

Don’t get me wrong, putting an alternative litter box in the basement is a good idea. If your cat lives with you for longer period of time, it won’t defecate or urinate in inappropriate place, when it feels the urge to.

This usually happens when there is some threat around the main litter box. When the cat sees the danger, it will finish it’s business in the litter box placed in the basement.

Keeping Litter Box In Bedroom

Keeping Litter Box In Bedroom

I actually greatly recommend you place a litter box inside the bedroom, if you love to sleep with your cat. Just like humans, cats feel the urge to urinate late at night, while they are sleeping. They would find it very convenient to have a litter box placed that close to them while they are sleeping.

Some cats who are usually overweight wake up feeling groggy and lazy. They won’t want to go all the way to the litter box placed in the bathroom to finish the simple peeing process.

If this is the case with you, I highly recommend you get a simple litter tray for the bedroom. You don’t have to invest in an extra large (XL) and extra long litter box for the bedroom.

However, putting your main litter box in the bedroom is actually a blessing in disguise, only if the bedroom is easily accessible for your cat. The bedroom is quiet and low frequent area that your cats prefer.

But, I bet you wouldn’t want a smelly box near you while you are sleeping. Also, you wouldn’t like your cat to be kicking litter out of the box. Finding nasty litter on your pillow is absolutely disgusting.

Just like the feeling you have of constantly cleaning the litter box placed in the living room, you would also feel the same if you put it in the bedroom. You won’t even fall asleep by the scent of the nasty non-maintained litter box. However, I still prefer the living room over keeping litter box in bedroom.

Can I Put Litter Box Outside?

The purpose of litter boxes is to serve as a location where your cat will comfortable to do their elimination process indoors. That is why litter boxes use litter that serves as sand. This gives cats the feeling that they are actually urinating and defecating outdoors. This was a great innovation by the Pet Supply industry.

Can I Put Litter Box Outside?

So, what would be the purpose if putting the litter box outside? It makes no sense. If the cat lives outdoor, it will usually pee on some bushes, not in a hooded, enclosed huge and tall object.

Can I put litter box outside? My plain answer is actually yes. You can travel and put your box wherever you want to. But, why would you do it? Even if you do, your cat won’t use it when it is outdoors.

All of the money for the box will be plainly and stupidly wasted.