Best Cat Litter Box For Small Apartment

Best Cat Litter Box For Small Apartment

This read will provide you with all of the valuable information you need to possess while you are on the journey to find the best cat litter box for small apartment. First of all you are at the right place. You will learn directly from a experienced cat owner that used to live in a small apartment.

Second of all, we are living in 2022. What this means is that litter box brands create versatile products that can satisfy any customer. There are many cat litter boxes that will fit perfectly in your place.

All you have to do is check the comparison table below, and see which litter box satisfies your taste.

If you don’t like the aesthetics of any of the top 3 greatest cat litter boxes for tiny apartment, I got you covered.

In the text below I write about which features the litter box needs to have in order for it to fit in a small apartment. But for now, let me present you the very best litter boxes for small apartments.

BrandType Of BoxDimensionsPrice
ScoopFree Self Cleaning Box Potential

Petsafe Scoop Free Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Self-Cleaning27.5 x 19 x 17 inches
Petsfit Pet House Litter Box

Petsfit Pet House Litter Box
Manual Scoop23x 21x 35inches
Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box
Manual Scoop16 x 16 x 15 inches

Top Ranked Litter Box For Tiny Apartment

The studio apartment is also known as an apartment with one room, and a rest room. As you can see the kitchen, living room and bedroom are all in the same place.

When I got my first cat, I was actually living in a rented studio apartment. The first two litter boxes I bought created absolute mess. Litter was tracked all over my apartment. The odor was strong, almost pungent.

The worst part was that there was also litter on the dining table. Could you imagine something worse than this?

This is the “beauty” of living with a cat in a studio apartment. I was desperate for a solution. I didn’t want to give up on my cat.

The following product is the best litter box for studio apartment. It was the top performer among the many others.

PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box For Little Condos Review

What I needed was a litter box that was both small and self cleaning. You don’t want your litter box to cover up the majority of your studio apartment.

After days of research and asking experienced cat owners about the best litter box for studio apartment, I came up with a solution.
Also you don’t want to clean your box every single day, as it is a boring and a time consuming task.

This is why I decided to look after boxes that satisfied both these rules.

I got multiple suggestions on automatic litter boxes. However, the customer ratings of these boxes were very poor on

I did the so called 5 minute test and came to the conclusion that those boxes wouldn’t actually satisfy my needs. While I was researching, I came across a product called ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box.

The reviews were excellent and customers were somewhat relevant to me. Numerous customers mentioned that this was the best litter box for studio apartment. And you know what? They were totally right.

This the go-to cat litter box for studio apartments if you ask me and other cat experts. It doesn’t cover a lot of space, and is also very easy to take care of.

If you are curious about the product, check out our ScoopFree electronic litter box review.

3 Fundamental Rules While Choosing Litter Box For Small Apartment

You may acknowledge that choosing the best litter box for your little apartment is not an easy thing to do. This may be the reason why you stumbled across this website.

Most of the modern litter boxes come with size option. Depending on how large or small your apartment/studio apartment/mansion is, with just a little research you will find the perfect, suitable box. A common sense would be not to choose an XL (extra large) , covered litter box for multiple cats, that is prone to scratching, right?

You are absolutely right. However, not many litter box customers pay attention to the product dimensions and shape. Overlooking these factors may hit your wallet.

Choosing a wrong sized litter box is a common problem among cat owners. Some may even only visit the local pet supply shop.

As usual, the products there are old and don’t come in many sizes. They are usually extra large, unsuitable for a studio apartment.

The clever salesmen will do his job, and convince you to invest in a litter box that will be very noticeable in your indoors, and will cover a lot of space. This is a thing that you should avoid at all costs.

There is a reason why litter box companies create various products to fit any households. If all cat owners lived in identical apartments, there would be only one size-fits-all products. However, just as you can see this isn’t the case.

Below is an easy list to follow to avoid the top 3 mistakes all cat owners make while choosing the best cat litter box for small apartment.

1. Aesthetics

You should definitely choose a cat litter box that is aesthetic. The small apartment will make the litter box more noticeable to the visitors. This doesn’t mean that it should be created by some Italian designer.

It would be nice to pick the most aesthetically pleasing box for your needs. You mustn’t choose an non-decorative, jumbo cabinet that will take all the available free space in your apartment and will catch the eyes of the visitors.

An easy solution would be to choose some cool, decorative, elegant and fancy, high sided box that will do exactly the opposite. Forget about those old, extra long and tall boxes that are offered in the pet supply stores.

You should definitely choose the perfect box that is most suitable to your needs. You should be proud enough of you for enriching your knowledge about litter boxes.

This way you can make your and your cat’s life more convenient and easy.

2. Measurements

Cat litter boxes today aren’t one size fits all like they used to be. Like I’ve said above, there are various dimensions and shapes.

Before purchasing a litter box for your little apartment, you should first do a measure. Would a particular ultra narrow litter box fit in a tiny spot in your apartment? If not, why would you even consider a bigger box?

This may be the biggest mistake cat owners make. It may be a common sense, but the power of marketing does it’s job.

Products are marketed so well that you may even neglect the reason why you decided to choose a type of a box in the first place.

To avoid this mistake, take a measurements of both the area where you want to locate the litter box, and the box on its own. We can not give you an exact dimensions for you to look after.

We do not know how much free space you have in your small apartment. What we want to say is to be aware of this. Always keep in mind to calculate the dimensions of the free space as a first thing before picking a box.

After that, it would be relatively easy to choose the best cat litter box for small apartment. Worst case scenario would be to purchase the Omega Paw’n’Roll hooded litter box.

3. Odor Control

Small apartments are easier to clog up with odor. Potential visitors don’t have to be sensitive to smell at all to smell the stink coming from the litter box.

If you aren’t the type of person to constantly clean the litter box every other day, look for a automatic box. This is the perfect way to keep your small apartment odor free.

If you have the finances, you can even invest in a self scooping box, like the Litter Robot. It will help you achieve greater peace of mind. It will also save you a lot of time. However, if you don’t have the money to purchase an self scooping box, you should look for a sifting, enclosed box.

My experience has showed that covered boxes have a tendency to keep the smell inside. But, your best bet would be to make the right investment for an self washing box.

Cat Litter Box For Small Apartment

Do This 5 Minute Check To Keep Things Safe

After you try your best to follow these 3 fundamental rules, you are pretty much good to go.

However, some of you may still doubt whether the product they chose is the best cat litter box for small apartment.

To keep all things safe, take this 5 minute check.

  1. Go to and search for the product you are looking to purchase. Then go to the customer review section and skim around the reviews.
  2. Once you found a customer that wrote a review that is somewhat relevant to your case, analyse it.
  3. See whether it was really a top cat litter box for small apartment. This way you will make sure the product that you chose will satisfy your needs to the fullest.
  4. This test takes less than 5 minutes. There is absolutely no reason why you should skip this cool and easy step, before purchasing a litter box, or absolutely any product. Options are limitless.
  5. Always choose a non-deep, round litter box. The reason behind this is that waste cannot be stuck in the corners. Scooping and cleaning this would take a lot of time.

This way you can also get multiple cat litter box ideas for small apartment.

Prevent Litter Track Across Your Apartment

The majority of cat owners who live in small apartments tend to have this problem. Their cats track smelly litter from the box, all around their house. This is one of the reasons why cat owners put their litter boxes in the bathroom. If you don’t want to put it in the bathroom, consider purchasing a large litter box mat.

If you happen to live in a small apartment, you need to find a solution for this issue. You definitely don’t want litter all over your place. One of the best things you can do in this case is to put the litter box in your bathroom or washing room. Best case scenario is to invest in the Cat Genie self-washing electronic litter box.

When the cat is spilling the litter out of the box, it will all fall in the bath tub. All you have to then is rinse it with water. It is that easy. Check this list of top litter boxes that prevent tracking.

Where Should I Put The Litter Box In My Small Apartment?

There is a major discussion about what is the best place for litter box in small apartment. Some people say the perfect place is tight to the corner in the living room. For some this may be a perfect option, depending on their situation. However, I don’t agree completely with this.

My experience told me that placing a litter box this way actually increases the litter scattering.

This usually depends on the cat, but a lot of people agree with me. If there is not enough space on the four surrounding box areas, cats are less effective covering their stuff. They also tend to be claustrophobic and kick more litter out of the box.

To prevent this from happening to you, the first thing you need to do is put a small litter mat underneath the litter box. Whatever you do, just avoid choosing litter trays created with cardboard.

The next thing you should do is purchase a cat litter box with high sides. This way litter won’t be spread around and over the box. If you want to keep things ever more safer, purchase a hooded litter box.

The Perfect Place To Put Your Box Is…

The best place for litter box in small apartment is actually to put it next to the couches in the living room.

This way you will always see what is going on around the litter box.
If you see some litter coming out of it, you will immediately clean up the mess.

This way the odor will not be present in your apartment. You should also leave some free space near the box to prevent litter scattering.