After adopting a cat, the first thing you need to do is invest in a good cat litter box. Majority of cat owners think that this is a very easy process to follow. However, this is not always the case. Getting a $20 plastic litter tray isn’t going to fix all of the waste problems your cat will cause.

Why don’t you simply do the proper research before investing in an expensive automatic cat litter box that will hurt your wallet? Even the best self cleaning litter box won’t be good enough if your cat is afraid of the loud noise it will make.

what to consider before buying litter box

Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across the proper web page that will teach you everything you need before buying a brand new compact litter box for your indoors.

Getting the right type of litter box will make all the difference in your household. If you live in a really small apartment and you don’t know whether purchasing a large litter box would be a good idea, read this proper litter box placement guide.

Litter boxes used to have a very bad reputation just because of their aesthetics. Modern litter cabinet system companies spend a lot of valuable time designing the most beautiful, cool and fancy boxes that will blend in every household. Even the cheapest cat litter boxes on the market today are decorative. There are usually multiple colorways you can choose from. Feel grateful for the time that we live in!

Let’s cut the talking, and hop directly to the 7 steps you need to follow before purchasing the best litter box for our cat.

1. Establish Your Budget

First things first. You have to identify how big your budget is. You can’t really consider purchasing the latest, extra large self cleaning electronic litter box if your budget is really tight.

While I was purchasing the first cat litter box, I thought the more expensive boxes were just a marketing scam. I really thought they all served the same purpose and did the job at the safe effectiveness. My experience told that I was totally wrong.

If you truly value the tidiness and cleanliness of your household, investing in a top litter box for odor control will be your priority. You may already know, but those type of boxes cost more than the traditional cheap boxes.

However, once you invest in that “expensive” box, you will immediately see the benefits.

You will first notice that your cat is happier and spends a lot more time in the box playing around. Next, you won’t waste your valuable time maintaining the nasty and bacteria infected litter. Not everybody has the time to go after the box each and every day. That is why identifying your budget is the first thing you need to do before purchasing a cat litter box.

2. Look For Boxes

When you are looking for the greatest cat litter box within your budget, it is always wise to check out multiple pet supply stores.

The problem with the traditional pet supply stores is that they don’t have the latest and best electric jumbo boxes in stock. In this case, it is always wise to check various e-Commerce sites like Amazon.

There, you can find various types of boxes. Usually, they come with free shipping and will arrive in front of your doorway in just a few days.

However, if your budget is pretty small, you can definitely get a nice box that will satisfy both yours and your cat’s needs. Go for a bang for your buck option.

3. Check Customer Scores and Reviews

If you decide to shop from a e-Commerce site like Walmart, Amazon etc., I’d recommend you always check the product ratings and reviews. This would be the greatest thing you can do there.

I am very thankful for every satisfied or unsatisfied customer that spends some time of their day writing about it’s experience with the product. They make the buying process easier for all of us.

The biggest problem here is that most of those reviews aren’t detailed. If you are reading this, feel lucky. I actually reviewed the majority of the most popular cat litter boxes known to mankind.

All you have to do is search across the site for a bit. I will put some links to my product review pages below.

4. Observe The Cat’s Behavior

If your cat is one of those furious diggers who broke havoc inside your house, I’d recommend you get a cat litter box with lid.

This makes sure that no litter will be spilled near the box. If your cat has a tendency to jump over the extra large litter mat you’ve purchased, I’d recommend you get the Omega Paw And Roll covered litter box.

The entrance steps have sticky mat attached to it, so no litter can be tracked across the house.

If you have a kitten, and you are willing to spend a large portion of your money on a big new cat litter box, I’d recommend you get a tall hooded box. No matter how much your cat digs the litter, no amount of litter can go out the box.

Avoid purchasing covered jumbo boxes as they will take a lot of extra space. This is why you need to observe the cat’s behavior. By doing this you will know whether you need to buy an extra deep covered or uncovered box.

5. Purchase Box With Add-on (Optional)

Some of the best automatic litter boxes like the Litter Robot III, offer some add-ons. You can get the ramp for an extra affordable price. If you have an elderly cat, it will make the entrance to the box whole lot easier. Other boxes offer replacement parts for sale. This is very practical.

If a part of your electronic box breaks apart, you can easily replace it with another one. It is very convenient for every cat owner imaginable. You won’t need to invest in a completely new expensive box just because the scooping ramp broke. Incorporating additional replacement arts is very clever.

For example, the ScoopFree electronic litter tray offers a hood as an add-on. Depending on the cat’s personality, you can fully adjust the looks and functionality of your box.

6. Do You Have The Time/Nerves?

If you won’t want the indoors to have the awful smell of poo and piss, you have to maintain the box on regular basis. Some people simply don’t have the time or nerves to do this. I think that this is simply a poor excuse.

No one is too busy to scoop the litter once a day, or clean the box every week. This is just a matter of habit. Once you force yourself yo scoop the box on daily basis, it will become a second nature.

After 21 days, cleaning and maintaining the box will be cultivated as a habit. Then you won’t have to use any of your important will power to do this process.

However, if you still aren’t willing to go after your box, it would be smart to invest in those modern, self cleaning high sided cat litter boxes. This is a very easy solution to a big problem.

If your favorite looking cat litter box isn’t automatic, you need to sacrifice the aesthetics for functionality. If you won’t, prepare to do the dreaded process of maintaining the cat litter box on daily basis.

Purchasing A Litter Box For Your Cat

By following all of these steps carefully, you are on your way to purchase the greatest litter box for your house. Box that is not only comfortable and lovely for your cat, but a box that serves it’s purpose, blends to your indoors perfectly and last but not least, in the limits of your budget.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that you have to avoid putting the covered litter box in the corner. Your cat will be at a great hazard here. It can’t see what is going on around the box. It can easily get cornered by fellow cats or dogs in your household.

Even worse, it will simply refuse to use the box, no matter how religiously you followed those steps.

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Check this out if you’re having difficulty choosing the right cat litter box for your big friend. Usually extra large (XL), or jumbo sized boxes will do the trick here.
Don’t worry whether there is a big enough cat litter box for your giant cat. Modern litter box companies create round boxes that are taller and deeper than you can imagine.
The biggest problem with the litter boxes for large cats is that there might be difficulty entering the package box inside your doorway.

Extra Large Litter Box With High Sides

If your cat has tendency to throw the litter over the height of the box, you should consider extra big boxes with high sides as an option. What is the purpose in investing in the favorite looking automatic box with low sides, when your cat is furious in it’s digging.
This is a great recipe for mess. Getting a litter box with high sides is a simple fix for this niggling problem.

Cat Genie Self-Flushing Box Review

If you want to place a cat litter box inside the bathroom, the self washing Cat Genie automatic litter box is the way to go. Not only it will perfectly blend in the bathroom or washing room, but it will also do it’s job perfectly.
Your cat will fall in love with it. It is also a good box if you have a busy daily schedule and maintaining the litter box is the last thing on your mind.

Top Entry Litter Boxes

Those litter boxes are a blend of both covered and high sided litter boxes. I won’t recommend them if your cat is fat or extra big.
Usually the entrance is 9 inches in diameter. The majority of cats have no difficulty entering the litter box through the hole.
Most of the top entry litter boxes utilize a sticky mat on the top of the box. It takes away all of the nasty and smelly litter off the cat’s paws.

Simply Clean Litter Tray Review

This is one of the top automatic self cleaning litter boxes on the market today. Due to it’s low sides, it is an ideal litter box for elderly or even cats with arthritis.
The best thing about the box is that it creates zero noise. It is an excellent solution for the sound sensitive cats. It is constantly rotating and cleaning on it’s own.
The best thing about it is that it is completely affordable for the average cat owner.

Booda Clean Step Box Review

The Booda litter box cabinet is the most unique looking box you can have in your household.
It’s igloo shaped cover will definitely receive compliments from the visitors.
It utilizes a sticky mat on the stairs that lead outside the box. It catches all of the litter to prevent tracking.

CleverCat Hooded Cat Litter Box Review

This is one of the best hooded litter boxes known to mankind. It’s entrance hole is 9″ inches in diameter. This means that it is suitable for the majority of the cats.
If you are having a cat that is overweight, you should avoid this box in consideration. The top of the lid has herringbone pattern design.
It’s purpose is to catch the litter from every cat leaving the box. It does this flawlessly.

Omega Paw Sifting Box Review

The Omega Paw’N’Roll is probably the most innovative manual-sifting cat litter box on the market today.
The only requirement you need is free space. You cannot do the scooping rolling process in tight areas.
You definitely need some free and available space to roll the box on. All of the feces and nasty litter will fall into the waste compartment integrated in the box.

ModKat Litter Box With Top Entrance Review

The ModKat is probably the most aesthetic top entry litter box available today. It comes in multiple colorways.
It is up to you to decide which of them will fit your indoors smoothly.
It’s round shape eases the cleaning process. No litter can get trapped in the box corners.
You don’t need to make extra effort to keep the box properly maintained.

ScoopFree Self-Scooping Litter Box

The innovative scooping technology is top notch. All you need to do here is pour in the blue crystals and you are ready to go.
There is absolutely no need for you to spend a large portion of your day going after the cat’s waste.
You can even purchase a cover as an add-on. It will make it one of the greatest enclosed litter cabinets out there.

Best Litter Box For Cats That Pee Standing Up

Are you having this issue? Does your cat have tendency to stand up and pee on the sides of the box, or even the surrounding walls?
If you are having the problem, you probably hate it with the bottom of your heart. Let me ease the pain.
There are special litter boxes created for cats that pee standing up. Once you invest in the proper one, you will wave goodbye to this stressful problem.

Top Litter Boxes With Sifter

If you don’t have the time of the day to scoop the litter, then the cat litter boxes with sifter are the way to go. They have integrated sifters in their design.
All you are required to do is pull or push one of those sifters. All the nasty litter along with the feces will fall in a waste compartment inside the box.
After that you need to throw the thrash bin away. This is why the best litter boxes with sifter are so popular nowadays. Not only this, but they are extremely cheap too!

Best Litter Boxes To Keep Dogs Out

Do you live in a household where there are both cats and dogs? Have you ever saw your dog eating the poop out of the cat’s litter box?
If you did, you’d agree with me that this is one of the nastiest things you’ve ever saw in your lifetime.
Not only that, but this can be a huge health damaging factor for your dog. You can stop this process by investing in litter boxes that help keeping dogs out.
If you’ve ever stumbled and was a witness to this, you better bring your dog to your vet. It may cause all kinds of serious parasite diseases.

Best Narrow Litter Box

Is your space limited? Do you have minimal space for your litter box?
Then purchasing a narrow litter box will solve this issue. The best thing about them is that they use a special cue that forces the cat to take a special position once it enters the box.
You may think that the room to maneuver is very small. But this is simply far from the truth. If the box is designed to perform a certain job, it cannot fail.

LitterMaid Self-Scooping Box Review

Just like the ScoopFree litter box, this utilizes a rake that pushes all of the feces and urine affected litter inside a waste compartment.
The only thing you need to do for the LitterMaid electronic box to function properly is to pour in the right amount and type of litter, and throw the waste into the thrash every now and then.
Some people mentioned some problems with the rake breaking up. But, the version available on is built with a stronger and more durable rake that won’t cause a problem of this kind.

How To Clean A Litter Box

For those who are having trouble maintaining the litter box on regular basis, here is a complete detailed guide. It covers the maintenance aspect from A-Z.
If you follow everything provided in the guide, you won’t miss on anything.

What Really Makes A Cat Stop Using The Litter Box?

Did your cat recently stopped using the box? Are you tired of cleaning the urination stains on the sides of the box or even the walls?
Then, this informational article is for you. It will even provide with a step-by-step process you can do to make your cat fall in love with the box all over again.

How To Pursue A Kitten To Use A Cat Litter Box

Sometimes teaching a kitten to use the litter box is a difficult process. You have to understand the kitten’s behavior and instincts before you can make it use the box.
This is not a hard thing to do. I’ve written a complete article that will make ease this process for you. Maybe you’ve chosen the wrong type of litter box. Maybe it creates a loud unbearable noise that scares the kitten.
Check the article to learn more about this.

Reasons Why Cats Scratch Litter Box Excessively

When cats scratch the litter box sides without any care, you may have trouble falling asleep. All of the noise is simply too disturbing for every family member inside your household.
You probably are familiar with how much your sleep affects the quality of your life.
If you don’t know how to take action to stop this unpleasant action, read the full guide. Your health will be very thankful.

Hagen CatIT SmartSift Box Review

If you don’t have the amount of time and nerves to scoop the litter daily, this is the cat litter box for you.
If you are curious whether you should purchase the Omega Paw’n Roll box or this, read the full article. I’ve even showed you how you can assemble this compact hooded litter box for multiple cats.
It is an elevated box with carbon filters that will minimize the bad scent across your household.

How To Stop Cat From Kicking Litter Everywhere

If you are a victim of a problem of this kind, the simplest way you can deal with it is by purchasing the right type of litter box.
Usually boxes with high sides and enclosures do the trick here. But, there is much more you can do to stop the litter kicking once and forever.
Read the full article to learn how.